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Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III
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Dark Souls 3 presents a journey that will hook you up for many, many hours, with a quicker combat mechanism than ever before, greater visuals, and the same hard and challenging gameplay as before.

If the previous Dark Souls games presented a world elegantly floating towards the apocalypse, Dark Souls 3 portrays one spinning, feverishly approaching it. It's a ferocious and unforgiving game that challenges you to make progress before repeatedly knocking you back.

With a dismal, yet beautiful world to wander and mysteries to discover, you will constantly be tempted to return, eager for the familiar rush of mastering even the most difficult challenges and bosses.

Dark Souls III is a From Software action-adventure role-playing video game. On June 15, 2015, it was formally revealed at E3. To battle the enemies and bosses, you have access to a variety of weapons, armor, spells, and consumables. Checkpoints are provided by bonfires.

In Dark Souls III, the Estus Flask is a healing consumable. Focus points (FP), which can be utilized for magic or weapon arts, are restored by Ashen Estus Flasks. 

Your focus points are depleted when casting spells or using weapon arts. Estus Flasks are divided into two sorts throughout the game, each of which may be assigned to a player's preferred way of playing. One replenishes health points, like in previous entries, while the other replenishes focus points, which is a new element in the game.

In comparison to Dark Souls II, combat and mobility have been improved to be quicker and more fluid. Several of your character moves are faster, enabling greater damage to be done in a shorter amount of time.

Bows, projectiles, and swords are among the weapons available to you in order to fight enemies. Shields can be used as secondary weapons, but their primary function is to deflect enemy strikes and protect you from damage. Staff is used mainly to cast sorceries, while Chime will allow you to use miracles.

Similar to FromSoftware's previous game, each weapon has two basic forms of attack, one that is a normal attack and the other that is considerably stronger and can even be charged up. In addition, dodge-rolling must be used to avoid attacks and it will save you so many times, especially during boss fights.

In addition, the game has a Co-op password system that you may use by going to the network tab in the settings menu and entering one. To play with your friends, this password disables all cooperative gaming aspects and restrictions. For example, weapons from more strong players are scaled down to meet the weapon upgrade of the lower level cooperator throughout this session. This is done to keep and ensure cooperative play is in check and balanced.

New Game Plus is making a comeback. After completing the game, you have the option of starting a new one right away or later through the bonfire at Firelink Shrine. It's up to you whether you want to play New Game Plus or not.

With the exception of key items, you will be able to keep all of your equipment, stats, and consumables. Each new game plus playthrough increases the game's difficulty until it reaches NG+7.

Overall, there are fewer maps in Dark Souls III than in Dark Souls II, but they are bigger and much more detailed and varied, encouraging more exploration.


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Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III

How to play

A bell has rung in the Kingdom of Lothric, signaling that the First Flame, which is essential for keeping the Age of Fire, is fading. The arrival of the Age of Dark brings in the undead, cursed creatures that arise after death, as has occurred countless times before. The linking of the fire, a process in which great lords and warriors give their lives to reignite the First Flame, can extend the Age of Fire.

The Ashen One, an Undead who attempted to become a Lord of Cinder and failed, and is known as an Unkindled now, awakens and is tasked with restoring the fire by bringing back Prince Lothric and the recalcitrant Lords of Cinder to their thrones at Firelink Shrine.

In the world of Dark Souls 3, nothing is simple or easy, and even though exploration and experimentation will help you figure out the numerous mechanisms that form the game, it will also lead to many untimely deaths.

Whether you're a seasoned Dark Souls player or a beginner to the series, these tips will make the process easier in the latest entry.

Do not get greedy. The most essential thing is not to overextend.  It's all too tempting to attempt to sneak in one more swing during a fight, only to run out of stamina or not have enough time to evade or dodge the next oncoming attack and die from it. So practice patience.

Rolling is better than blocking. Blocking isn't always a terrible thing; it's simply a lot more situational than it was in earlier games. If you don't have a greatshield, blocking strikes will take a lot of stamina, and when you get guard-broken, you'll most certainly die. Rolling, on the other hand, costs a certain amount of stamina, provides I-frames, and gets you out of harm's reach.

Examine everything and explore everywhere. The world of Dark Souls III is full of secret locations and items, some of which are easy to overlook.  When you're out exploring, you must take every available route and turn until you reach a dead end.  There might be powerful equipment and consumables along some of the possible pathways — or perhaps a secret boss or NPC that grants valuable loot.

Take it easy. Don't overdo it and don't rage. Dark Souls is a difficult game even with all the aid in the world! It will always punish you if you make a mistake. Just take a deep breath whenever you die, no matter how unfairly. Take it as a learning opportunity and don't repeat the mistake. In Dark Souls, everyone dies even Veterans! So keep your cool and play safely.

That concludes today's article. You are free to share your gaming experience in the comments section below so that more people may read it and learn from it so that they can enjoy the game as well.




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