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Super Mario Run is a wonderfully simplified take on the classic Mario game. Unlike other games, Mario automatically runs forward. This means you can concentrate on timing your jumps perfectly to avoid obstacles, jump on enemies, and hit special blocks to complete the level.

Super Mario Run is a mobile game that's available on both iOS and Android. In Super Mario Run, you control Mario or one of his friends on a journey to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. 

Super Mario Run is very similar in both presentation, themes, and gameplay to classic (and more recent) Mario games. The goal of Super Mario Run is to get to the end of the level, where a big flag awaits you. In between you and the flag are enemies, obstacles, and gaps in the terrain. In order to get past these obstacles, you have to carefully make Mario jump at the right times. Too early, and you'll fall short of the other end of gaps and miss your destination. Too late, and you'll run straight into the Goomba or fall off the edge of a cliff.

In Super Mario Run, Mario runs forward automatically. This means you can play easily with one hand, tapping the screen to jump. Jumping isn't all you can do, though. Not only can you jump in a couple of different ways, but you can also drag the screen to slow Mario down and cause him to drift backward. This can make a big difference on several levels where fine control is important.

There's also an additional mechanic involving the death bubble. When Mario dies, he uses a bubble to go back a little bit in the level before proceeding. You can actually use these bubbles whenever you want, even if Mario stays perfectly safe. They're a great way to backtrack slightly in a game that won't let you run backward.

The bubbles start coming in handy when you start trying to complete the secondary objective of the game: collecting coins. As you complete levels multiple times, colorful, rare coins will spawn in difficult-to-reach locations. Collect them all and the next time you play the level, a rarer and more difficult to collect set of coins will spawn in new locations. This continues until you have to collect a black coin, which is usually very awkward to reach. If you miss it, though, you can use the bubble to zoom back a little bit and try again without having to restart the level.

Super Mario Run has several playable characters, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, Toadette, Yoshi, and Pink Yoshi. Each character has their own set of properties and characteristics. Luigi jumps higher, Peach can float, Daisy has a double jump, Toad runs faster, and Toadette earns bonus toads in a special challenge mode. These characters can be unlocked by completing in-game challenges and accumulating resources gained by playing levels.

Super Mario Run requires an internet connection to play. It doesn't require any in-game purchases, but you will have to purchase the game if you want to enjoy this classic Mario experience on your smartphone.


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Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

How to play

Super Mario Run is a somewhat simplified Mario experience. It's not the hardest game by a long shot, even if you're trying to collect all of the black coins or beat other players in Toad Rally. It's quite fun, however, and the limited control scheme creates situations that are more akin to puzzles than reflex tests.

The first thing to realize when you're playing Super Mario Run is that you can do more than just jump. Experiment with different tap timings to master short hopping, which involves a very gentle tap. Once you've got that down, play with mega jumps, which involve tapping jump again while you're airborne. You get more height out of these jumps, which can be maximized by timing your second tap with the apex of your jump. Finally, mess with tapping jump right as you collide with an enemy's head. If timed correctly, you should go significantly higher than with a standard jump.

The next technique to master is air stalling. By swiping backward and holding down your finger while Mario is in the air, you can make Mario slow down and lose momentum. This technique is vital to clearing some of the game's later challenges on the first try, as it allows you to adjust jumps after you've made them.

The final technique you'll want to master is using bubbles to go backward. Mario is stuck running in one direction in Super Mario Run, and you can't always turn him around easily. If you miss something or want to adjust the placement of enemies on the screen, using the bubble can let you go backward. This can let you backtrack for a star, move a goomba or koopa so they're not in the way of something, or just let you look behind you to see if you missed a special coin. This technique is a massive timesaver for special coin collecting runs, as it gives you multiple chances to grab tricky coins without restarting the level.

Super Mario Run features a number of playable characters. Because they all have different modes of jumping, they're all very different to play. Don't worry about unlocking all of them immediately, as they can take a while, but do try out all of your options if you're having trouble with a level. Luigi's high jumps are especially good for both challenge runs and Toad Rally.

While Super Mario Run seems like a frantic and high-paced game, the key to success is often to relax and think. Take advantage of stop blocks to figure out a plan to advance. If things aren't working as you go through a level, try to visualize the level and plan out a different route through the obstacles. Sometimes, the way you're attempting to solve things is more difficult than it needs to be. If you take a moment to think about your plans, you'll find that your jumps are a lot more successful at getting Mario through the level unscathed.

Have you beaten Super Mario Run? Let us know what your favorite characters, strategies, and levels are in the comments below! We'd love to hear your top tips for Toad Run, collecting black coins, and unlocking characters quickly.




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