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The Baby In Yellow
The Baby In Yellow
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The Baby In Yellow is a thrilling horror game that will keep you guessing about what is the deal with the strange baby you're babysitting.

If you are a babysitter or you have experienced being one in the past, you should know that there are children that can get terribly hard to take care of. The Baby In Yellow, however, deals with more than just a regular unruly child. Uncover the secrets of this strange child and solve the mystery you got caught up in throughout the night.

The game at hand is a horror simulation game that is developed by Team Terrible. As per the official description, you will be playing as a babysitter whose current task is to care for a baby in a bright yellow suit.

Note that if you base solely on the graphics and preview images, you may not think that this is a horror game.

You may even think that the baby looks somewhat funny at first because of its ragdoll-like mechanics that seem to just flow wherever you bring it. Some users also said that it seemed like a simple choice-based game at first. However, this seemingly ordinary game turns out to be very unsettling.

You aren't given a name, and you won't be required to bond with the baby (but you will be forced to by some unknown entities anyway). There is no goal explicitly stated apart from keeping the baby well taken care of, which is a normal thing for a babysitter but is still a strange thing nonetheless.

You will find the later events of the game even stranger, which will all end in one fixed conclusion: you're definitely not paid enough for this job.

The game starts with simple tasks like feeding the baby, changing its diapers, and other things required in caring for a regular infant. All of the things that you need are just placed around the house. From diapers to milk bottles, you won't need to buy anything.

However, soon enough, you will see eerie happenings like the baby disappearing from where you put it down. Sometimes, you may even notice it levitating from a far distance and eventually flashing its blinding eyes. The baby's naturally red eyes and extremely creepy smile also don't help in keeping things in check.

What makes The Baby In Yellow distinct from other horror games is it doesn't drag on. It transitions from one turn of events to another throughout the five nights that you will babysit. Each night corresponds to one chapter, one more intense and creepy than the other. Similarly, every night will offer answers regarding what you are really dealing with in your babysitting gig.

That said, you can expect that it's not too short or too long, and all the loose ends definitely tie up once you successfully play through all the parts. Is the baby a devil? Is it possessed? Play through to find out. The whole gameplay will only take around 10 minutes in general.

The Baby In Yellow is purely a choice-based game. There are no coins or any currency to collect just to pass a game. You can, however, opt for an ad-free game in exchange for in-app purchases.

All in all, this is rated 12+. Its theme can be unsuitable for kids, so make sure to look out for them if you allow them to play anyway.


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The Baby In Yellow
The Baby In Yellow
The Baby In Yellow
The Baby In Yellow
The Baby In Yellow

How to play

Just like other simulation games, the game works through a touch joystick and one button designated especially for crouching. Buttons for certain tasks like putting the baby down, feeding it, putting it to sleep, and likes, will also appear throughout the course of the game. There is no need to install or connect a separate controller.

For the gameplay, you will be provided a set of tasks to complete for each night or chapter. The scary theme still applies to it because some creepy events may change your checklist. Some may repeat because of the baby's tendency to just randomly disappear and change its position while untouched. The thrill of caring for the strange baby also becomes more intense every time you complete one task.

Despite this, expect that you won't find it overwhelming to the point that you won't know where to start in progressing through the game. Your dialogs with yourself in the game will guide you regarding what's currently happening and what you need to survive seemingly life-threatening instances.

Now, let's go more in-depth about the tasks. The very first thing that you will have to do is to feed the baby. You will need to move around from the refrigerator, where the feeding bottle is, to the dining room, where the baby is sitting on its highchair.

After feeding, you will be responsible for changing the baby's diaper. You need to go to the bathroom and bring the baby with you. This is also where the very first scary event will happen - the disappearing baby.

More often than not, the night will end with putting the baby to sleep. There is a bespoke bedroom where the baby's crib is placed.

You don't really have to "defeat" anything since you basically have to go through all chapters. You don't have to kill anything or come up with a plan to get rid of the baby. We don't want to give you a spoiler, but it's actually the other way around - save the baby and find out the mystery that it's hiding behind its slightly innocent-looking face.

If things get too scary and anxious for you, you can always pause the game for a while. There is no time limit to complete the game, and the next chapter comes right after the one you played. You can also save your current progress and continue playing the remaining ones at another time.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you want to share your experiences, tips, and feedback for the other players of The Baby In Yellow!



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