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GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals

GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals
GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals
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Grand Theft Auto has been giving players action-packed missions and game structures. GTA Vice City was released a year after its previous version became available. Compared to the other one, the minor changes made the gamers interested in the game. 

Another improvement of this new version is games are longer and improved gameplay. As a player, you can now enter and buy the buildings for new missions. New vehicles and weapons are also up for grabs. However, the game design is not as compelling as the previous version. 

Vice City is set in the 1980s setting where you will play a gangster released from 15 years of imprisonment. Your character, Tommy Vercetti, plays the game narratively. 

Situated in Miami, Florida, Vice City is known to be a center of cocaine shipment during these times. In the game, you can respawn at the locations of the hospital which are distributed throughout the entire city. Unlike other games, Vice City has no transit systems. All locations are connected by roads.

Being known as a violent and mature game, Vice City also features humor and pop-culture styles. Other characters from the game are also themed in the 1980s. 

On this version of GTA, failing a mission means you have to start the mission again, doing everything until you successfully finish the mission. As a taxi appears at your starting point, it will drive you to the last mission briefing area at a minimal cost. 

As for the difficulty, it varies differently from mission to mission. On average, playing Vice City is easier than on GTA3. The structure of the missions also changed where you have to do the missions for others. But once you have acquired the town, you will be doing the missions for yourself as you establish your character being the new boss of the town.

Earning money is also a part of the gameplay. Your character needs to purchase properties in order to have a source of income. To collect money from the bought properties, you need to drive around and collect money from those properties. 

Driving controls on Vice City also seemed different from the last versions. Driving speeds are more dangerous and give more adventure. Due to its 1980s setting, cars on the game are looser and easy to get knocked down. Due to this, there are car flipping actions and explosions are experienced in the game. When you shoot a car tire or yours got shot, it would be difficult to control because of the flat tires. Aside from cars, motorcycles become useless once their tires get flat. You will also be doing a mission driving a flat bicycle tire while you are being chased by the town's gangsters. 

The melee weapons department is now available on the new version. Baseball bats, screwdrivers, and machetes are available at the hardware store. Other sets of weapons include explosives, snipers, pistols, and shotguns.

Compared to GTA3, the graphics are cleaner. Plus, the characters in Vice City look better than in the previous versions.


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GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals
GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals
GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals
GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals
GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals
GTA Vice City: Fast Cars and Criminals

How to play

Narratively, your character's first game mission is to have a large amount of cocaine. However, things went out of hand and you have to make up for the lost cocaine without having any money. 

Most of the playing hours are done by driving to unlock missions. If you played previous versions of GTA, Vice City has simpler gameplay and less complex works. 

Empires and gangs are built by drug dealing, carnapping, and a lot of murder and money laundering. As you play the game, you will be earning money which you will be used to spending on hideouts and upgrading gears and weapons. 

Cameras are adjusted by sliding on the screen. Other controls are also done on the touchscreen itself and can be difficult when controlling vehicles and aiming with guns. An auto-aim system makes the shootouts easy. However, it locks on the first human it detects which can be a civilian.

The floating joystick on the left side of the screen can be used for accurate driving controls.

A handful of items can be picked up on respawn locations which may be helpful to your character's health. To pick up these items, just walk into the icons to collect them. Heart icons are used to restore health. The armors are used to protect your body from bullets. The damage will be on the site first before it deducts from your health level. Before heading out to major missions, it is recommended to equip a bodysuit first to keep your health in good condition. Adrenaline icons allow your character to do actions with extreme strength.

Avoiding wanted levels will help you maintain your character's behavior. As soon as you enter this level, law enforcement catches you doing crimes will increase your star level which may lead you to a trip to the police station. 

Another way of avoiding gaining stars is changing clothes. It is important to remember the areas where you can change clothes so you can do it anytime your character needs. 

One star is still acceptable since it means that only one cop can be on the lookout which is easy to avoid. As soon as your behavior level reaches four to six stars, this will mean that things and circumstances are getting tough and most likely not going to end successfully. 

To avoid being caught by the cops, all you have to do is move from a different location that is out of their sight. You can run to somewhere hidden or drive in a quiet area until your wanted level comes down. 

Since doing crimes is the highlight of the game, carjacking comes as part of the exciting gameplay. As soon as you see a car slowing down its speed, you may drag the driver to take over the driving seat. If there is another passenger, you can get rid of them while on the ride.

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  • it is niec to play

    Alfredo Cuenca

  • Good, I love this game


  • Its cool I'm actually friends wit Kevin Edward Jr on it e probably doesn't know though so yeah !!!! I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amelia ( cute kitty on GTA )

  • It is a good game

    Antalina pitts


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