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Say, if you were in a race, how quickly could you construct a bridge for yourself? 

Bridge Race is a fun yet nerve-wracking game in which you must collect all of your bricks of a given color and use them to construct a bridge. Once you realize that you have opponents, everything becomes enjoyable but challenging. In fact, nearly 250 million Bridge Race players may be as fast as if you aren't careful. It's a race against the clock, against strategy, and with brains. In addition, almost a thousand levels are waiting for you to explore!

This game was developed by Nebih Basaran, the CEO of Garawell Games, who is based in Istanbul, Turkey. After collaborating with Supersonic to create innovative solutions, the Bridge Race has gained widespread recognition in the description. After all, who wouldn't enjoy playing this game? Aside from thinking about how to outwit your adversaries, you need also be on the lookout for prospective looters at all times.

Main Features 


Bridge Race is a beautiful game to play since, in addition to all of the stages, you have the given choice of customizing the color of your character. Take your pick from over 80 character variations, and you'll be sure to find a personalized match for yourself. More than 30 colors are free to choose from for your skin and block, ensuring that you will never come across a lookalike.

You have the option of taking your time and customizing your character to reflect all of your tastes before entering the game. As you develop a more personal relationship with your character, you will feel more connected to and invested in the game. Eventually, it will allow you to become a better player and progress.

Surprises: Mechanisms and Bundles 

Throughout the game, there are numerous bundles where you can meet and win with a variety of rare characters. It may have some uncommon types of blocks and animations that can be used in conjunction with the game. This bundle allows you to have more fun and creative gaming experience.

Just keep in mind that there are a variety of mechanisms that are currently available. For instance, you might come across things like trampolines, zip-lines, sliders, elevators, and ladders, which may or may not be helpful in your bridge-building endeavors. In any case, use your good judgment when choosing.

Road Map 

The Road Map feature has been proven to be beneficial in almost every game because it allows you to replay previous stages without reloading the game. The road map will enable you to keep track of, evaluate, and evaluate your progress in the game. It contains information about the stages you have finished and your total grade at a certain level.

When you select it, you'll be given the option of choosing whether or not you want to play it again and try to earn greater points. This is also a terrific approach for players who have already reached the highest level of competition to get back into the games in which they have not performed well. It is possible to replay your gameplay and improve by using Road Maps in Bridge Race.


Leaderboards are developed for various reasons, most of which are self-explanatory. First and foremost, it recognizes individuals who have demonstrated dedication and passion while engaging in the game. Those who have progressed to advanced levels and achieved high scores will naturally be placed in higher positions. Obtaining and collecting stars from different levels is the only way to go through the ranks.

Because there are more than 250 million Bridge Race players worldwide, you should expect it to be more challenging to make it onto the scoreboard. There have been players from all over the world who have worked hard to get to this point, and you still have a chance to follow in their footsteps. What could be more thrilling than that?


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Bridge Race
Bridge Race
Bridge Race
Bridge Race
Bridge Race
Bridge Race

How to play

The goal of the Bridge Race is to construct a bridge in the quickest time possible. You must collect bricks. You can also push over your opponents and try to be the first person to reach the stage in order to win. The game itself is pretty entertaining, but it's also extremely difficult, specifically when you're just starting up.

We don't want you to quit in a couple of attempts, so we've put together this "How to Play" guide to provide you with all of the tips, ideas, and tactics you'll need to forge forwards in the Bridge Race competition. After all, it's kind of the idea of the game to accomplish this.

1. Make an effort to get a head start.

When you've accumulated a substantial amount of bricks, you can take one of the routes as your own. Since there are fewer routes than constructors, getting a jump on the competition is critical; otherwise, you'll be playing endless catch-up for the foreseeable future. It will also put at least one among your enemies on the defensive, which in itself is what you are looking for in this situation.

2. Acquire more than you require.

This one is particularly true once you're nearing the end of the long bridge's span. Becoming a few blocks short and then having to go down eventually to get them is extremely inconvenient. Hence, make sure that you always have a huge stockpile of bricks on your back - whatever bricks that are left over after you complete one bridge can be used to begin another one.

3. Try to knock and push your opponents. 

This is a very crucial component of the game's progression. If the builders have a lesser load on their character's back than yours, you can easily knock them over. These bricks will be dropped by the other players, so you can use them to build your personal pile of bricks. It provides you with a considerable advantage because you will know if you have ever been pushed over personally.

4. Make use of your attacks to seize control of a bridge.

If you haven't done this in the previous set, it is an excellent strategy to knock an enemy over and take over their bridge. Crush them to the ground, gather as many blocks as needed, and race to their structure to complete the mission. Get several steps ahead of their tint, and you'll be in a situation where you have an advantageous chance of making it to the side of the bridge first.

5. Take part in the bonus stages.

Your bonus stages are indeed a fantastic method to amass large sums of gold quickly. Whatever you acquire, there award you with a large pile of cash, which you may use to purchase new colors, skins, and other items. You should definitely grab the the opportunity to view a video in addition to playing one of the bonus stages if you are presented with it.



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