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"Become the club manager and experiment with your decision-making skills in the real-like field."

FIFA Soccer gives you a fresh opportunity to get to the top of the current leagues and game modes.

The best part of this game is that it allows you to put together your team of personal favorites and develop them to be the best. Unlike in real life, players in FIFA Mobile are not constrained by their physical bodies; their stats are simply numbers that can be boosted to their maximum potential.

Millions of people worldwide play FIFA Mobile because it incorporates events from leagues and real-life events into the game, giving you the impression that you're managing a team in a world where your actions have consequences and important decisions must be made daily.


In the live part, you'll be able to play against AI-controlled teams of other people. Before the time restriction expires, take turns scoring as many goals as possible. Then it'll be their turn to score as many points as possible within the 48-hour time restriction.


The Market Place functions as an auction house where players can buy and sell player cards. Set low criteria, such as under 3000 coins, to check whether any Gold or Elite tier players can be found. This will usually help you identify players with overall ratings of 70 or higher, which is a best way to add depth to your team. Just make sure you get the right athletes for the right roles.

Completing missions and quests, which you can access by selecting their appropriate button on the lower left of the main home screen, is a good way to gain upgrade resources. These quests include basic assignments that you can perform daily and more advanced milestones that you'll gradually reach as you travel through the game. Regardless of the assignment, they all provide good prizes, such as skill boosts, gems, and money, which can be quite beneficial for upgrading your roster.

When playing FIFA Soccer, one of your top priorities is to complete the daily quests as soon as they are available.

The Kick-Off challenges are a good source of incentives that can assist your team in enhancing its quality. Overall, they're a good place to start, and you should pay close attention to what they teach you in the first few stages.

The daily warm-up is a mission that may be completed multiple times and rewards you with cash, XP, and a training token. Not only will it teach you a specific move, but it is also farmable, allowing you to unlock additional objectives on the daily map.

The drills part is similar to a mini-game; it teaches you some key abilities to help you play the game better, and it is repeating, just like the daily warm-up. To avoid wasting your energy, you should choose which one to farm for tokens based on how much energy is left and how easy the daily warm-up or drill is.


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FIFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer
FIFA Soccer

How to play

You may click on each player in your formation on the "My Team" tab to see a thorough analysis of their attributes, which will help you fine-tune their specific strengths for your current formation and decide on your current set pieces.

Individual players can be trained by selecting them from the "My Team" menu. This is accomplished by sacrificing other player cards in the same position to gain XP, which will help your players level up. And as a player progresses through the game, their stats will improve, enhancing their powers. Their OVR will eventually rise as well, increasing your chances of winning.

Purchasing new players and replacing the mediocre ones in your formation is the very best and most straightforward approach to enhance your team's OVR, at least at first. However, because the best player cards can cost a lot of money, this can be too expensive. Fortunately, while completing the Kick-Off challenges can help you earn a few nice cards early on, there is another option to improve your OVR: teaching your teammates.

When playing against specific teams, your formation, while not as crucial, might make a major difference. We say it's not as significant because most different formations are unlocked gradually as you continue through the game, so you don't have to worry about it too much at first.

To set up team plays and score goals, your players can pass, center, cross and shoot the ball in various ways throughout games. You don't have much say in how your players carry out their tasks; however, they will always try their best to do what you ask. Of course, their success is contingent on a variety of circumstances, including their numbers—expecting too much of a player with poor stats might lead to missed passes or shots, as well as being completely blocked by opposing defenders.

All activities in FIFA Soccer have distinct buttons that alter dynamically based on the scenario. If you're defending, for example, you'll have buttons for defending and tackling. On the other hand, if you're on offense, the same buttons will change to pass, pass, shoot, and sprint. 

Alternatively, most offensive actions in FIFA Soccer can be controlled by gestures, such as swiping or touching the screen. When you're going to shoot, for example, instead of pressing the button, you can swipe towards the enemy goal to direct your player's shot in the appropriate direction. You can also tap on a fe to pass the ball to them or tap ahead of them to make a cross or through the pass, with your player automatically deciding which option is best based on the situation.

Because of how awful the controls are with turning, it can be difficult to go around defenders; I recommend using auto-play until you have better players. To get by opponents, use wide passing methods and wait for the goalie to move up before shooting at the net.

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