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Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's
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Do you want to make your summer vacation fun and entertaining? Are you looking for a thrilling job? If yes, you are welcome to the mysterious Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and work as the security guard. Most parents and their kids come here to have fun and enjoy pizza. However, the main attraction of this place is Freddy and his friends. All of them are animatronic and please the crowd. But the behavior of these robots is erratic at night, and the owner does not want to hire a mechanic since he will have to pay more. He will hire you to work as the security guard and monitor animatronics at night. You will have limited resources, and you need to manage for five days to become a winner. 

Is it achievable to guard robots and come out as a winner? Yes, you can become the winner with a proven game strategy. You will have to work from your small office with a security camera. You will have to be vigilant while watching the security camera, and your intelligence will make you a winner. More importantly, you will have limited electricity that you can use for nights. If you use more electricity per night, there will be no power and no security doors. In the absence of light, it will be tough to monitor animatronics.

Initially, you might find Five Nights at Freddy's frightening. You can lose control and cannot access the security camera. The concept will make you plan intelligently and save energy for future use. The objective is to monitor the robots for five days, and you will have to ensure that you have electricity throughout. It is possible if you are extremely careful. The doors can make you waste more energy, but you cannot keep them closed at all times. Instead, you will have to open doors most of the time, and whenever you see any character approaching, you can close the door and wait until the character returns to its place.

Most things will depend on clues, and you will have to observe them. You cannot see Freddy on the camera, but you can notice his presence through his glowing eyes. All the robots move differently, and you will have to understand the movement of each. Freddy is recognizable through his eyes, and he moves slowly. Bonnie is a purple rabbit and moves randomly and comes to the lefthand doorway, and Chica is a yellow bird and moves quickly, and you will see it on the right side. Foxy is a fox and does not appear often, but you can find him on the left side. You will have to monitor all for five days without losing your electricity.

You will not be alone, and you will get some support during the game. Hence, you do not need to worry much except for keeping a vigilant eye on those robots. You cannot predict their behaviors, and you will have to prepare yourself for challenges. You will find the game super exciting, and you can become a winner with open eyes and ears.


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Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's

How to play

After going through the game description, you might have an overall idea about the game. You will have to work as a watchman with limited electricity, and you need to do this duty for five days and monitor all the robots. You might find this challenge a bit scary since all of them will behave differently, and you need to keep them inside. Here, your weapon is a security camera, and if you lose the electricity with excessive use, you cannot use the security camera. Do you find it challenging? No, it will be easy if you consider the following how to play tips.

Step One: Watchful for Phone Information

You will have to listen to the phone guy carefully to avoid anything unpredictable. The phone guy is the same person working as the security guard before you, and you can expect the best help. The previous guard will guide you about when to check the camera, close doors, and turn on the lights. Also, you might get some background information and be more careful. You will have to be watchful and follow the instructions. You will get more help on the first night, but it will be infrequent on the following nights. On the fourth night, you will receive the last message.

Step Two: Use Electricity Sparingly

You will not have enough electric supply per night, and if you run out of power, you will experience problems, and Freddy might catch you. Your shift is for six hours, from midnight to six am, and if you run out of power within this period, robots will not be in control.

Step Three: Be Careful in the Last Night

The first two nights will be scary since you will be doing the job for the first time. But the robots will be more active on the third day, and you will have to save power for the third, four, and five nights. Understand the behavior of five animatronics to ensure easy monitoring.

Step Four: Expect More Challenges in the Fifth Night

You will be alone on the fifth night since you will not receive any message from the phone guy. The robots will be more active in the last night, and you will need the most power to monitor them. Also, you will receive a phone call from Freddy, and he will call you after killing your phone guy. The objective is to divert your attention and make you scared. But you will have to be confident to continue until the end, and your strength is electricity. If you can save electricity, you can manage robots and monitor them through a security camera.

Five Nights at Freddy's is an action-packed game, and the animatronic robots will be doing their actions. You will have to understand the different behaviors of robots and plan intelligently to stay in the game and register a win. You might find this game challenging, but it will be fun. Share your experience and cover some actions for beginners.



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