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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
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Brain Test: tricky Puzzle, your latest brain puzzle game that can be your new favorite pastime.

Do you want to sit back, relax and exercise your brain at the same time? Let's shake your brain a little bit because the Brain Test: tricky Puzzle is one tap away from your game stores.

Brain Test: tricky Puzzle is a free challenging puzzle mobile game that features a range of challenging tests and quizzes. The game consists of almost 300 fun and exciting levels to test your logical thinking and imagination. Brain Test: tricky Puzzle can serve you a fresh and surprising riddle that will push your brain to work to its fullest capacity. Also, the simple and pleasing illustrations add flavor to your gaming experience. Gather your family and friends! Stretch out, take a deep breath. It's time to put your brain into some action!

Brain Test: tricky Puzzle is a fun and straightforward brain test game. Players will have to answer the Puzzle per level. Each level varies with different types of puzzles, and it could be logic, simple math, finding the object, moving the object, etc. Over 300 brain-teasing stages are crafted to deceive the gamer and put their intellect to a challenge. To answer those puzzles, squeeze your brain and think outside the box.

To give you an overview of the puzzles you will encounter, here's an example:

On level 1, the game will show you five cute animals (elephant, lion, mouse, zebra, and a sloth), then the stage level will ask you a question (located at the upper middle of your screen) "which one is the biggest?". If we're going to analyze it literally and accurately, the elephant is the answer, but imagination is your limit in this game. Try to think outside the box and tweak your brain a little bit. The answer to the Puzzle is the lion because the lion has the biggest illustration among the five animals. Pretty cool, right?

Once you accomplish 1 level, you can go to the next one right away, but remember that you can't play the next level until you haven't completed the current Puzzle. (unless you have lightbulb points which you can use to give you a clue or skip the level)

Lightbulb points can use to provide you with additional clues if you are struggling to answer the Puzzle. Your

light bulb points are located at the top right of your screen, and the light bulb clue is at the left side bottom of your screen. Clues cost 25 light bulb points. At the beginning of the game, you have only a free 50 lightbulb points you can use, so better to use your natural thinking rather than relying on clues, but if you think you are hopeless, why not give yourself a little boost? To skip one mind-twisting Puzzle.

Surprise! The gift icon can provide you with additional 25 lightbulb points! If you run out of clues and have difficulty answering a puzzle, click the gift icon to receive 25 light bulb points. Remember that the gift can only give you 25 lightbulbs per day, so better start not expending it too much because a hundred puzzle lies ahead.

Do you still need a clue, and you don't have lightbulb points anymore? Watching ads is your solution. Watching the video icon can give you 25 additional lightbulb points and what's more incredible is that it's unlimited! You only need to watch a 3 to 15 seconds video to receive extra lightbulb points! So, if you are stuck in one level and you don't have clue points anymore, you can use watch video /ads to survive the current level.

Lastly, if you are stuck on a certain level and you think it is too hard enough for your brain to comprehend the Puzzle (especially once you've reached a higher level), you have the freedom to use the skip button. Remember, the skip button costs 50 lightbulb points, but there is no limit on using it. Just skip and skip until you're confident enough to answer one Puzzle.


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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles
Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

How to play

Most of us play puzzle and brain tester games to kill some time, and most of us underestimate brain test and treat it as children's games that we can accomplish even if both eyes are closed. Not in this game!

Brain Test: tricky Puzzle is simple and easy to use yet will force the gears inside your brain to start operating. At first, the game will provide you with simple and easy puzzles that you can answer within a second, but as you go through a long, as your level climbs up, you are going to start scratching your head and do a befuddled expression. You'll be surprised at how much the game deceives and challenges your intellect.

As of today, Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles consists of 300+ levels, and each level ascends from easy to challenging puzzles. It has a simple yet highlight addictive gameplay that is perfect for playing solo or with friends to help you solve the puzzles. It is the best brain test game on the market today to kill your time or relax and enjoy while exercising your brain, and you know what is more exciting? It is free! You don't have to worry about subscriptions and payments. You can access and play Brain Test: tricky Puzzle anytime, even if you don't have internet connectivity! This unique Puzzle, brain exercise game may defy logic and provide every player with a fresh brain-pushing thrill!

If you have enjoyed brain and mind puzzles games before, then you will surely enjoy the Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles game. This game is a great time killer and can be used to sharpen your intelligence and imagination.

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles has almost a hundred million downloads in your playstore today. Friends or family members can enjoy this fantastic game.

Please feel free to share your gaming experience in the comments section below so that other users may experience this action!



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