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Being in a “Limbo” state where you appear in a singular place that you cannot leave, is always frightening and overwhelming. In a video game like this one, through gameplay, you will notice this phenomenon as soon as you try to “escape” and look for a nameless exit.

This time around, you’re in control of a unique little guy; looking for answers as you move through a maze of dangerous passageways. Along the way, you can come across gigantic spiders and a tribe formed with pesky children. Overall, you’ll have to figure out the right path and move towards the light.

Above all, since the video game Limbo comes with easy controls, anyone has the capabilities to try it at least once. Moreover, as you progress through the stages, you’ll find unique gaming mechanics with challenging puzzles.

Getting Stuck in Limbo

When you begin your experience in this video game, you’ll soon discover that the developers follow the “old gaming” formula. Hence, when you start your adventure, you’ll soon discover that the “tutorial” is missing. Moreover, there’s no pop-up dialogue that occasionally appears when something new invades your screen.

This particular trend, without a doubt, became famous in the original “NES” or Nintendo console. Back in the day, no technology could change text messages in different languages. As a result, they had to demonstrate their unusual gaming mechanics to the audience by “trial and error.”

Following that same principle, you’ll find that nothing explains the story of the boy, and how he appears to be missing in the woods. Therefore, as you make some progress in the video game, you’ll find lots of symbolism that might or might not mean something.

Lastly, since Limbo comes with an unorthodox art style, you’ll soon realize an important gameplay mechanic. At the start of the video game, you’ll find that almost the entire screen is pitch black. Indeed, as you move along, you unconsciously follow the light and discover what is hidden beneath.

Beginning Your Journey

If you want to experience the game, you can buy and download the game right now. At the moment, you can find Limbo in the main consoles, PC, and mobile stores. Moreover, since the video game doesn’t require a lot of hard drive space, it might take minutes to complete the download.

Additionally, depending on the console that you’re using, you’ll need that specific controller. Explore through the Main Menu’s “Settings” to find what buttons are necessary to play the game.

Thanks to the presentation and the easy-to-learn gaming mechanics, almost every gamer had a little experience with Limbo. Still, even though you’re “late” to the party, you’ll soon discover that it has potential. Therefore, each member of the gaming community might need to experience this type of entertainment.

Depending on your experience with video games, it could take a little while to complete the game. Some players might reach the last part in a couple of hours, others could need more gaming sessions. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much time you’ll need; but what you gained in this gaming experience of playing Limbo.


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How to play

Moving One Step At A Time

Video Games like Limbo it’s always a great introduction to a learner or casual player. First, you do not need to read or go through multiple tutorials to control the game. Instead, you’ll need to hit “New Game,” and you’re good to go.

Secondly, even though almost all of the gaming controllers have more than 10 buttons, you’ll need two to play Limbo. Besides the directional pad/stick to move around, you only need to press another button to jump or complete an action.

Lastly, there aren’t any dialogues between the main character and multiple NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). As a result, you’ll find yourself adding the pieces of the puzzle and coming up with a unique conclusion. Moreover, is always fun to compare versions with peers and debate about the “truth” in Limbo.

At first, through the game’s art style, you’ll learn that following the light always gives you a positive outcome. Indeed, to avoid any mishappenings, you’ll need a source of white light that will help you see where you need to move. 

In other words, keep pressing the “right directional” key until you discover an obstacle. The more you play, the sooner you’ll discover how the developers give you little hints. Therefore, when you get “stuck,” try to remember your previous experiences.

Lastly, you’ll find that Limbo gives you lots of “respawn” points. At the same time, it will save your progress and keep you there when you return shortly. When you feel overwhelmed or stuck, you can take a break and do something else.

Gaming Comparison

The easiest way to give you hints on how the game works is to make key associations with other elements that play somewhat similar. In Limbo, you’ll find something like:

Action-Platformer: One of the classical games that follow this path is the first game of Super Mario Bros. Like Limbo, you press the right directional button continuously. Furthermore, when you find an obstacle, you’ll need to think about how to move around, until you find the answer. Video games that share this genre rely on execution. In other words, the more you play, the easier it becomes.

Puzzle-Type Game: Sometimes pulling down a lever isn’t enough to move forward. In games like these, you’ll need to think twice before making a mistake. If you have some experience with the “Trine” franchise, you’ll know how difficult might turn out. Still, though, once you know all the answers, the rest is easy.

Playing Limbo until you complete it is a unique and powerful experience. Sometimes, you’ll get stuck in the same place for a long while, but turns remarkable once you figure it out. Hence, you’ll find future obstacles welcoming, and with your eyes wide open.

Most noteworthy, learning about the different lore bits is always intriguing. Therefore, you might start all over and see if you miss something important that will help you understand everything. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy every single second that you share with Limbo.




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