The "Pou" app was first introduced in a public way all the way back in 2012. It was created by a developer called Zakeh. Since it was released, it climbed immediately to its success and engraved itself as a household name in the children's category. Until now, our little friendly neighborhood Pou is still in his house, smiling with those gigantic eyes.

Pou is ideal for children from the age of four upwards, and it is astonishing how successful it was with adult players as well. The aesthetics and gameplay itself may be basic, but the underlying premise remains constant and timeless.

In this article, we will take a look at our all-time favorite "Pou" and have a little visit to his house to see how he's holding everything up in 2022. This review can be a massive help to newbie players who will first engage with the world of "Pou" and the parents if they want to evaluate the game first before letting their kids play it.

Do you think you've got the skills to look after your own extraterrestrial companion? Can you Nourish it, bathe it, engage with it, and make it grow older while upgrading and discovering new backgrounds and clothes to suit your style and fashion sense?

The game revolves around an endless cycle of upgrading and customizing. The moment you enter the game, he will appear to you as a little child, but eventually, like the human race, he evolves and develops as you take care of him over time. And the more you take care of him and perform chores, the more clothing, unique items, and fancy accessories you will be able to acquire for him, and this covers anything from haircuts and beards to sunglasses and watches. It may sound like an effortless task and responsibility, but it's not! Many millennial Pou owners strive their way out. Others lead to frustrations to provide all necessities and demands of that little creature.

The game concept was fresh when it first launched on mobile devices because it resembles a lot to the process of taking care of a child in the real world. Parenting Pou is like raising a kid. You will discover bliss that a grownup cannot provide. Pou is usually easy to please. It's so fulfilling to see him progress.

You could be frustrated from giving up a tremendous amount of time to monitor him. But he will repay your delight with his own method. So, concentrate on your work and gather as many coins as you can every day.


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How to play

The game itself is pretty straightforward. When Pou has been installed on your device, you will be requested to care for him in the same manner that you would care for a new cat, bunny, or any other lovely fuzzy pet you may have obtained. The game does not require you to register or provide any personal details; you can get right into the action of being a parent.

Pou's health and wellbeing scores are shown at the top edge of your device screen, allowing you to know anytime he needs to be fed, cleaned, interacted with, or cuddled. In times of distress, he emits a whimpering sound to draw your attention to solve the problem.

As soon as you become aware of the situation, you might transfer to a different room to resolve it.


There is a washroom filled with soap, bubbles, and showers to bathe him down every time he looks soiled and smudges or requests it.


A kitchen room, where you can access a wide range of food items to him and observe his reaction to see whether he approves the taste of it or not, you see now the resemblance of him to a kid?


And then, the backyard, which is a whole new place for you and Pou to explore. The backyard is full of new and exciting game modes such as volleyball, driving, match games, etc. With these multiple game modes, you can play anytime to increase Pou's happiness points, experience and earn coins and acquire items.

There are indeed 32 game activities in the games area, and after you have accumulated some money, you will be able to level up and unlock a variety of fantastic gifts.

One of the most well-liked elements of the game would be the large selection of outfits, accessories, and decorations that you can purchase for Pou. So besides following orders and requests, you can enjoy customizing and dressing up Pou and his shelter. Another fun experience you can have in this game is once you upgrade Pou to a high level, you can brag your Pou around to your friends and other players. That is probably one of the main objectives of most players, to showcase their parenting skills.

Game Features

Here are some of the new and latest features developed in the game.

show love and care for Pou, and then sit back and watch him evolve

Access multiple game modes in the Playroom and earn Coins as you go!

The Lab room is a great place to experiment with potions!

Showcase your fashion sense using a vast collection of Outfits, glasses, and more.

Decorate your room using cute wallpapers

Earn milestones and exclusive items by completing tasks!

Have some fun with your pals by visiting their place

Communicate to Pou and listen to what he says!


Wouldn't you want to meet and take care of the cute little alien? Do you have the skills to look after your very own extraterrestrial companion? Would you also want to take good care of him 24/7 and provide all his needs? Do you want to let him grow older while discovering and upgrading new clothes and backgrounds that suits your sense of fashion and style? If you aim for these things, then this game is right and perfect for you.

Your feedback on playing this game would be highly appreciated in the comment section below. It would also be a great help to spread words about the game and give idea to others on how you 100% enjoyed the game.

Your feedback on the game is appreciated in the comment section below, and it will help spread the word about how much you enjoyed it.



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