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My Town Home - Family games

My Town Home - Family games
My Town Home - Family games
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My Town Home - Family games is an intuitive doll game that allows players to make stories and create family life virtually the way they want. There is no denying that kids develop themselves by doing things they love. And, the only they love doing is playing. The purpose of this game is to create different ways through which kids can combine play and fun in a safe environment. That way, it encourages and stimulates them to learn things through imagination and creativity. This is exactly what the creators of this game have in their minds while developing the game. 

Besides, the game won many recognitions and awards over the years. No wonder, why this game is popular among people worldwide. Now that you have got an idea about the game, it is important to know its description so that you can learn what the game has to offer. My Town Home - Family games is a fun-filled game for both boys and girls where they can create their own family life stories and enjoy playing games all day. All you have to do is explore the six rooms in this beautiful Dream House while playing family games the way you want. The game offers several characters and great animations. 

As said, it is more like a family game and great for people who like playing house when they were kids. In addition, the game has easy controls and every character has to complete tasks assigned to them as a part of home responsibilities. As such, you can cook delicious food, prepare the table, or let the young ones brush their teeth. In short, the game looks more like playing with your friends. When your role is of a mother, you have to oversee everything in the house and that includes tiny details as well. 

The interactive and digital doll house fosters creativity for young girls and boys. Because the game is open-ended, it becomes interesting every time you play. For example, tucking the kids properly to bed is an important task that you have to do for the family. Moreover, parties would happen in the kitchen and you have to be enough creative to manage it effectively. It's a simple dollhouse game that is fun to play and you can explore interesting things with the family. Everyone grows up playing dollhouse games when they were kids. Therefore, it entices them to play and remember their old days.

Apart from that, the fun is limitless when you can create your stories that circle the dolls in the house. That way, you can role play as a dad, a mom, or any character of your choice. You can even allow your kids to play the game all day long so that they can set their own rules. Check out the features of the game.

● Experience the fun-filled dollhouse inside the game

● Create a family life of your choice by using the customizations

● Educational stories where kids can take part and improve their creativity 

● 6 rooms for you to explore

● An interactive display with great sound effects 


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My Town Home - Family games
My Town Home - Family games
My Town Home - Family games
My Town Home - Family games
My Town Home - Family games

How to play

While knowing what the game is all about, it is equally important to know how to play it. By now, you have understood that My Town Home - Family games are a family simulator that serves educational values to kids. Because of the fun interaction that the game provides, it allows kids to indulge in a series of content that makes them happy. So, let them enjoy the game in the same way as you did when you were a kid. Here are some easy ways to play the game.

Step # 1:

It is a straightforward approach that you need to take while playing the game. Because the game is designed for kids, the gameplay is easy. In addition, the game is kid-friendly and there is no reason for the parents to worry. The game is all about sharing responsibilities that every member has to take. Just like an ordinary family, you need to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When you need to shower your kids, select the washroom. All the items that the game includes benefit the player. Therefore, it is worthy to check their functionality. All you have to do is choose from the characters and create your family house story. 

Step # 2:

Another important thing that you should keep in your mind is that one game session differs from the other one because they never remain the same. Hence, it depends on you how the game should be played. Players have the chance to make their imaginations come true. And, all these things are made possible because of the tools that the game provides. 

Step # 3:

The game features a customization tool that allows you to establish characters and their homes. That way, you can choose from a variety of options when it comes to character creation. Also, you can customize other aspects of the game such as clothing styles and how to build your house. Besides, you can interact with other family members that you have created in the game. Play games with them, bathe them, take them on vacation, plan for a family feast, or help the kids to study. Everything depends on your choice. 

Step # 4:

Don't forget that you are confined to your home only. The game allows you can bring your family members to the playground where they can meet new people. Also, you can throw a small get-together at a specific venue. The essence of the game lies in its ability to make the overall experience an exciting one. As such, you can play with toys in your room, brush your teeth, take a shower, or even go outside and slide or swing on the playground. It's an amazing dollhouse game where kids can have as much fun as they want.

My Town Home - Family games are for kids who love to use their creativity and imagination to create a world of their own. Overall, the game lets you manage house life by creating family life stories. If you have played the game, share your experience via comments with other players who are yet to play the game. 




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