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My Talking Angela 2
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Do you want to know what it's like to be a virtual fur-parent?

All of us, especially girls, probably remember having a solid ambition to dress up as a child. Most girls love to play with dolls and play as the mom of a cute pet. This is natural, but due to the constraints of reality, we can't simply dress up the way we fantasize about ourselves. My Talking Angela 2 is a virtual reality game that turns your dreams into reality, where the main character is an intelligent cat named Angela.

This is a game made by Outfit 7, the company that created My Talking Tom, a popular game that has received hundreds of millions of downloads. In this game, you will be in charge of Angela, a charming cat who needs your attention. You need to feed her, give her a bath and put her to sleep. If you want, you can even pat her head. Just be careful not to accidentally tap the screen, as this could result in her getting hurt.

The first version of My Talking Angela may seem familiar and appealing to you, but this version has many features.

1. For fashion choices, Angela's clothing choices received a lot of attention from the game developers. A large closet offers a large selection of new and diverse clothing to suit your interests and needs. The collection includes unique shirts, gorgeous skirts, shiny shorts, stylish shoes and more. There is also a large selection of new hairstyles to choose from, with the possibility of finding one similar to your own. Also included is the ability to give your character a luxurious makeover through the use of cosmetics and accessories.

2. Outfit 7 adds several delicious snacks and appetizers to the game's menu, which makes the game quite interesting. You can earn money to buy food by completing simple daily tasks and participating in mini-games. Angela benefits from earning money because it allows her to eat more delicious dishes. This is also a viable feature for game developers, especially considering the high quality of the animations shown. 3.

3. As an alternative to participating in minigames, My Talking Angela 2 developed additional activities for you to enjoy. For example, some activities such as baking pastries, practicing martial arts and dancing. It just instills a positive attitude towards the game and is quite successful in increasing excitement. You will almost certainly find yourself having more fun in side activities than you should.

4. I Love Talking Angela 2 will never be considered complete without the standard mini-games that can make money. If you compare this latest version with the previous one, there is no doubt that the available mini-games are more challenging and exciting because they have been improved. In addition to this, there are other skill tests and puzzles where you can assess your reactions and abilities in various activities.

5. The ambition of every My Angela 2 player is to accumulate a large number of stickers as a souvenir and reminder of the time they spent playing the game. For the game developers, the sticker collection is a great tool to showcase the great potential that this game has. There are many stickers to choose from, so take your time and collect them.


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My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2

How to play

To play My Talking Angela 2 well, health is a top priority. The most crucial goal in this game is to ensure Angela's health and comfort at all costs. You need to take care of her most basic needs to achieve this goal. This involves taking care of her cleanliness, making sure she has enough food when she is hungry, and providing the proper medication when she is feeling sick, among other things. You must also make sure that Angela gets enough sleep or she will not be able to perform any other tasks effectively.

After completing Angela's basic requirements, how will you enjoy the rest of your day? There are plenty of other mini-games you can take part in that will bring you gems and gold, as well as compensation for other things. To do this, go into her room and press the button for the console game that is placed on the chair paired with the bed. There will be four mini-games to play, as follows.

Sleeping Bugs

Donut Spin

Snack Basket

Sliding Pets

My "Angela" is crammed with ads. You can't get much done without one showing up. Therefore, if you really want to participate in this game, you need to be prepared to accept the fact that you will be blocked a lot. Considering the situation, you must realize that you can benefit from these ads to get more variety and higher rewards. To get it, you need to check the ads first. If you want to enjoy your gaming experience, there is always something new that you can get by just viewing the ads.

Like other content creators these days, Angela is an active white kitten who, like all of them, loves to travel around the world and shop. Remember to take her on international trips to unlock attractive gift packs. To travel on vacation, you must first obtain a certain number of flight coupons that will allow you to purchase a ticket to your target location.

My Talking Angela 2 is a great game right now, although if you start a game it takes longer and will become tedious for a while. In fact, you can give Angela a new look to add some excitement to the process. By touching the brush symbol at the bottom of the screen, you will be sent to the closet. You will be sent to Angela's dressing room, where you can do all sorts of things, such as change your hair, apply your makeup,put on a new outfit and so on.

If you're already in the game, we'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas and first-hand experiences. Please feel free to post in the comment box below along with other players' entries.



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