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You may think fishing is an easy job. You just have to swing the fishing rod over your head and throw the hooked line into the water. After that, you just have to sit back and relax while you wait for a fish to catch the bait. But Fishing Clash is a game where fishing is a bit complex but you will have extreme fun playing it. To know more about this unique and amazing game along with how to play it, you are at the right place. We are here to explain to you everything that you need to know about this game before you start playing it. 

Every day, you will get a special quest to catch a particular fish, and if you manage to do the task, you will get an expensive pack of cards. To catch the right fish you have to set the correct lure, otherwise, you will not be able to complete the task. To play the game, you have to check the daily task and learn the technique of catching the fish in the quest. After that, you have to choose the right bait. 

The equipped bait is at the bottom right side of the screen, tap on the same section to change it. If you have completed the quest, make sure to collect the pack of cards. This will help you set up different baits. 

This game has some interesting features that make it quite efficient as well as interesting among people. Because of these features, you can enjoy the game thoroughly. Some of the features that you need to focus on are:

● Participate in clan wars to get baits for the legendary fishes

● You have to determine four main things such as the bait, rod, bonuses, and the size of the fish. 

● You can catch fifty fish per day and you will get coins for it. 

Fishing Clash is a mobile game for both iOS and Android, and you will get a combination of fishing sports, street, and simulator games. When you open the game page, you can choose various locations for fishing. The menu is on the left side of the screen, you can manage your profile there; check your rank, and do other things. Also, you will get to check the badges you have earned. 

In the skin tab, you will get details on the designs of the cards. This section is for decorating the game with portraits, emoticons, skins, and frames. From the mail section, you will get news on the upcoming updates and events, you will also get invitations from other groups. 

You can also have game friends, and you can invite others to become your fishing companion. You can add the game with Facebook to find your friends who want to play with you. Make sure to use your talent in the best possible way in this game. The best part about this game is that it gets regular updates about the special events and seasons. Whether it is the New Year or any other famous festival, you will get some specialized updates that can be quite helpful for you.

Also, these updates can help you to get some special and unique every time. It keeps the interest intact. The game is available for free.  Talking about the updates, with each upgrade you will get new rods and other features which makes it an interesting game. The only thing that you need to know about it is how to play. To know how you can play this game in detail, read on. It will help you to understand thoroughly.


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Fishing Clash
Fishing Clash
Fishing Clash
Fishing Clash
Fishing Clash

How to play

After the complete Description of the game, you need to make sure that you are playing this game. It is an interesting game and all you need to know is how you can play this game. To make it interesting and better for you to understand, here are some of the interesting points that will help you in playing the game perfectly. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to play the Fishing Clash successfully:

Step #1

Regardless of the season, you can play this free simulation game. Visit the ocean, sea, lake, or the nearest river. You can play this game with 3D graphics, and it will give the feeling of a real fishing trip. You just have to hold the rod and catch the fish from the quest. 

Step # 2

You will get different locations and various fishes to catch with the fishing rod. When you are on a low level you can catch fish like catfish, bass, and carp. As you climb up the levels, you will get high-quality fish, and you have to set up the right baits for them. 

Step # 3

If you are interested in competition, then you will get various game modes, tournaments, and challenges as you level up. The competition will be tough when you get to the Battle Royale section. In this mode, you have to play with four to eight competitors and catch the highest pointed fish with the right lure. 

Step # 4

You will get various locations for fishing and it can be an ocean, lake or river of the world. As you level up, you will get the quest to catch even monster fishes of the sea. 

Step # 5

This is a combination of a fishing simulator game, so you will get better background and feel of real-life fishing. Just complete the quests and you can climb up the levels. 

These are the rules that you have to keep in mind when you are playing the game. The Fishing Clash is very easy to play the game with no complicated rules. Anyone can play this game for relaxation and fun. When a week is about to end, you will get an upgrade. The updates will offer new rods and baits mostly. You have to use that upgrade properly and play this game.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to get this game today and start playing it as soon as possible. Also, after you play this game, make sure to share your thoughts, feedback, and reviews about this game in the comment section below. This can help the new players to know more about this game. It can help them to start the game on the positive note. Let us build a Fishing Clash community here by helping each other.




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