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The mech arena game is one of the fast and paced PvP mech shooters that have very competitive mayhem for users. This app has many mechs and weapons, making it unique with endless combinations. This mobile app allows you to compete with players in the global arena and also fight with your friends in the game. It is also designed with different modes that will enable you to progress steadily, beginning from the live territory of 5v5 point clashes. You can then switch to the 5v5 Deathmatch mode after successfully mastering the first control 5v5 point clash mode. 

From the 5v5 deathmatches mode, you can consider switching up to the personal 2v2 deathmatches mode. In this app, the maps and modes play different land outs and tactics. This competitive robot game is quick and freely available for android users. This game also allows you to fight across more than twenty gorgeous maps. Therefore, you can control the bridge at the facility of Mesa Verde at all costs by using the wide range provided to duke the facility. When playing the game, the whole world will be like your own arena as you will enjoy every game strategy with its map. 

The mech arena game allows you to track your mechs by selecting your preferred mech from a dozen mechs. Every mech has its unique play style and ability, and hence you will have a variety of playstyles that will provide you with a more incredible experience. This also makes the game be of great fun and enjoyable. For this reason, you may not think of getting fatigued when playing this game, especially if you love playing robot fighter games on your phone. Among the other robot fighter games available for android users, the mech Arena is the most preferred, with impressive google reviews from users of the app. The outstanding features available in the app make it amazing, and hence has gained popularity today. 

The mech arena game provides you with different events and tournaments to compete in that will increase your gameplay and gain more experience. The game has weekly events that you can complete or choose the competitive matches for bragging, gear and looting. You will be successfully moved to the top when you show a more incredible experience. When you find this game interesting, you are welcome to share your game experience in the comments area so that more players can like the game.


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Mech Arena
Mech Arena
Mech Arena
Mech Arena
Mech Arena

How to play

The mech arena robot game is always highly dependent on tactics. Therefore, to play the game perfectly, you must be more tactical despite being aggressive. In addition, to play for a long time without fail, you will have to focus more on the game. This will also enable you to be intelligent and safe in the entire game and progress to more exciting game modes. Here are some of the guides on how you can successfully play the Mech Arena game perfectly like a professional to survive the longest time of your gameplay.

Ensure you play your chassis role accordingly

The available chassis in the game, including support, tank, scout and attacker, have unique roles that distinguish them. Therefore, when you choose one of these chassis, you must follow its role accordingly when playing the entire game. For instance, a tank is a playstyle in the game whose role is playing on the defensive. For this reason, it will absorb bullets and shield your allies. Therefore, you will be on the frontline protecting your team when you choose to be a tanker.

In the case of support playstyle, you will be expected to support your team by using all your abilities to assist the team. There you will be required to stay back, most preferably staying behind your team. On the other hand, when you are an attacker, you will be expected to use all your attacking abilities to attack your enemies vigorously. In addition, you will also have to be more offensive throughout the game when pushing toward your enemies. Finally, the scout playstyle role is being more passive. Therefore, as a scout, you will have to be able to locate the enemies and then inform your teammates. In this case, you must avoid the fight and watch the battle from a distance. 

Effective use of weapons

When playing this game, you will use three firing buttons, with one firing right, the other firing left and the last firing both at once. To be more effective in firing, avoid too much ammo as it has a longer reload time. For this reason, use one weapon and always ensure they are loaded well and ready. 

Stand behind a wall and fire with one weapon

Standing behind a wall while firing is more effective in making the enemy see less of your position. In addition, ensure you use one peeking-out weapon when firing. 

Attack your enemies from behind

When you attack your opponent from behind, you will stand a chance to kill more of them because they will be less expecting you. Try to sneak up as much as possible on the opponents and fire them as a way to avoid distance firing. In case of distance firing, try to fire in short bursts as much as possible to improve your accuracy and reduce the recoil force. 

Avoid playing on your own in a fight

This game is about teamwork in the play. For this reason, all the available chassis have their roles complementing one another. Therefore, all the players must be present in the team to be more effective during the game. However, when you decide to play on your own, you may find yourself vulnerable and, therefore, not a recommended idea. 


The Mech arena is one of the robot shutdown games that is easiest and most interesting to play online. The game has fantastic features that will make you enjoy the game to the fullest without feeling fatigued. Following the guide in the write-up will enable you to play this awesome robot fight game quickly and safely. For this reason, you will be able to survive in the game for the longest time, attacking and successfully defeating your enemies and progress positively until the end of the game.




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