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Cultist Simulator: Challenge Your Wits and Patience to New Heights

What happens if a game has no tutorials on how to play by the developers themselves? It goes two ways: either the players leave them, or the players choose to figure things out by themselves and ultimately enjoy playing the game. For Cultist Simulator, it's the latter. Many people enjoy playing Cult Simulator even though the developers did not put tutorials on it. They say it adds to the fun of playing the game.

That premise is suitable because Cult Simulator is a video game that allows you to solve mysteries by exploring ancient ruins, encountering Lovecraftian horrors, and summoning dark gods to achieve your goals. You can easily become anyone you want to be in Cult Simulator. You will surely enjoy solving the puzzles and cracking codes in the 1920s-style gameplay.

If you want to play Cult Simulator but don't know where to start, let us help you with this simple, easy-to-understand guide. By the end of this article, you will have a general feel of how to play Cult Simulator. Still, we won't give you too much because, as the developers have mentioned before, figuring things out is a part of the game.

About Cultist Simulator

Cultist Simulator is a "roguelike deck-building game" set in the 1920s. The objective of Cultist Simulator is to achieve your goals by exploring ancient ruins, encountering Lovecraftian horrors, and summoning dark gods. You can become anyone you want to be in Cult Simulator, which allows for many replay values.

It was first released as a classic computer game. As people move from computers to smartphones and tablets for gaming, Cultist Simulator has also jumped ship and is currently enjoying the popularity of up to 200,000 accounts and players from all corners of the world.

Part of the game is to find out how the game works because the developers believe that there is more fun in figuring out how the game works than anything else. Cultist Simulator has a story-driven campaign mode and an open-ended sandbox mode that you can use to create your own stories.

It also has a narrative described as immersive and intense, which many people would love. This is because Cultist Simulator gives you the ability to live out your fantasies of being in a Cult.

If you want a game that can keep you thinking for hours without getting bored, Cultist Simulator is your game. The developers deciding to ditch the tutorials for this game is an absolute genius move because it adds to the game's uniqueness.


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Cultist Simulator
Cultist Simulator
Cultist Simulator
Cultist Simulator
Cultist Simulator

How to play

The Cultist Simulator can be played by anyone as long as they understand how the game works. The first step is to understand the objective of Cultist Simulator, which is to achieve your goals by exploring ancient ruins, encountering Lovecraftian horrors, and summoning dark gods.

The second step is to become anyone you want to be in Cultist Simulator. You can choose your character's name, appearance, and back story. There are many different ways to create your character, so take your time choosing the perfect one for you.

The third step is exploring ancient ruins, encountering Lovecraftian horrors, and summoning dark gods. You can do this by using the in-game tools to help you navigate your way through the game. There are also many different items that you can find in Cultist Simulator that can help you in your quest.

So basically, these are the basic things you need to do, and we pretty much spoiled the game for some people. But hey, not everyone has the patience of a preschool teacher, so here are some things you need to know in playing Cultist Simulator.

First of all, what your cards have on the deck can help you navigate throughout the game. You must understand which card can do what, which is half the time you spend playing the game. However, this is not going to waste since once you know which cards are helpful and effective in each stage, you can use them in the later parts of Cultist Simulator.

Take a moment to read the description on each card because some of them will give you an idea of what to do next or which actions are more effective in the Cultist Simulator.

You must also look for more followers in the gameplay who can help you further your goals. The more, the merrier, they say, and this is especially true in Cultist Simulator. More followers mean more resources, which you can use to explore ancient ruins, encounter Lovecraftian horrors, and summon dark gods.

Second, another big part of Cultist Simulator is learning to manage your resources. This includes both your physical and mental health and your money and time. If you want to progress further in the game, you need to learn how to properly manage your resources so you can last long enough to achieve your goals.

And lastly, Cultist Simulator is all about making choices. Every choice you make in the game will affect the outcome of your story. Choose wisely and carefully, as some choices may lead to your downfall.

We intentionally chose not to give you many tips since it would take away all the fun that the developers had intended for you to have when you decided to play this game. We hope that with these key bits of information, you will be able to navigate the game and enjoy playing it in the process.

What Makes Cultist Simulator Worth Playing?

There are plenty of addictive games out there that you can completely immerse yourself into. In such games, you'd find yourself always wanting to continue, as if never willing to end it. Cultist Simulator is exactly one of these.

Its choice-based gameplay is its first interesting feature, allowing players to decide the route and the story's outcome themselves. Here, you have to navigate between making the right choices, prompting a considerable size of strategy and wits that can reap you the most advantages. Wrong missteps can ultimately lead to failure, which makes this game thrilling as it is.

As you grapple with the hope of achieving ascension, you need to conveniently find your way through back-alley dealings, and even cosmic entities that are mostly unfathomable. But most of all, what's great about Cultist Simulator is its clocks, and how it utilizes time to make escalations and tell the narrative of the game. These are essentially microcosms of another turn in strategy-based games, prompting you to manage many at once as if spinning more than one plate.

All in all, its live-or-die theme is something truly enticing for players who want to experience an immersive game. Cultist Simulator challenges players to hold their disparate organizations even as it's faced with one complication after the other. Its expansive universe makes it something worth trying for players who are seeking for adventure, adrenaline, and strategy in one game.

Indeed, Cultist Simulator is a treat for those looking for a unique and challenging experience. With its deep and complex gameplay and its many different ways to play, Cultist Simulator is sure to keep you hooked for hours on end. Make sure you stock up on your patience and willingness to learn throughout the game, and we hope this article can help you sink into the waters.




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