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If you are looking for a racing game that will keep you on your toes, then you must choose Rebel Racing. It's a driving game in 3D, developed by Hutch Games. This racing game is filled with realistic features, including real-looking cars, the best graphics, and many more. You will also get different game modes. The best part of this game is, that it's very easy to play. You will get a selection of awesome and fast cars that you can up upgrade to have better performances. It's an exciting and fun game when it comes to racing, but winning the levels isn't that easy. You have to take note of the accelerating and winning that is automated, so you have to be a skilled driver in this game. You have to engage in drifting, turning, and using nitro. To win the levels you have to know How to play this game, and for that let's look at these tips and tricks we have gathered for you in this article. 

Rebel Racing is a racing game in 3D, here you can get behind the wheel of an awesome car, and complete the tracks on the West Coast. Your goal in the game is to become the fastest car racer in the USA. 

The controls in this game are simple, you will get rotation buttons on the right side of the screen, and after the game loads, you will get a turbo tab. You can use the turbo once in the race, so you have to be careful about using it. It will also determine your defeat or victory in the game. 

When you start the game you will have one car in your garage and you have to race on various tracks. But once you start to win the levels, you can upgrade the car, and make it a super vehicle. After this, you can take part in more tournaments and you can win amazing cars too. In this game, you will get beautiful graphics, and you can manage the controls using the touch screen of your mobile. 

Rebel Racing is will teach you new things about car racing and you will get new experiences throughout the gameplay. It has some best features that make this a learning yet addictive game of 3D car driving. Let's check out the main features below: 

● You will experience epic moments

● Race in a realistic environment with real-looking cars

● You will get advanced graphics

● Become the best driver in the USA

● You can create fully customized cars

● Be the owner of custom classics and supercars

Rebel Racing is a car racing game and you have to move right and left to handle the vehicle on the tracks. Once you start to win the levels, you can pick up the speed in the tournament. To keep the speed right, you have to stay on track and play a clean game. You have to score some extra points, so you can earn more cash at the end of the game. 

Cash is very important in this car racing game, and you need this to upgrade your car. You will get various races, and when you win the levels you will win cash. However, the cash amount will not be high, you may have to purchase it with real money. 

Rebel Racing is also free so, you can easily get it and experience real car driving situations on HD. You will get new updates like bug fixes, optimizations, and many more. To play this game perfectly, you must have the correct ideas, you can follow the below gameplay steps. 


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Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing
Rebel Racing

How to play

Once you go through the Description of this 3D car racing game, you must know the gaming structure. This is a driving game, and you need some tips that will help you race the vehicles properly and stay on the right track. To understand the game, you have to follow the techniques. 

Check out the step-by-step rules to play and have the best fun with the Rebel Racing game.

Step #1

At first, you will have to choose a car from your garage, and then tap on race. You will have to use the right and left buttons the control your car. While you race, you will get a button labeled "Nitrogen oxide," if you press it, you will get acceleration for a short time. The brake and gas will work automatically. 

Step #2

You have to save more to buy a new car, and for this, you will need more cash. When you start to win the levels you will win more money. Until you get to upgrade the vehicle, you have to go for limited races, because winning the tough games will be hard with the old car. You need to build a powerful car with the upgrades, and you need cash for it. 

Step #3

Braking and accelerating are automatic in this game, so you need to turn on the nitrogen and turn your wheels only. It may seem easy, but you have to learn to drive your car and upgrade the car after some races. Once you upgrade the vehicle you can take part in tougher races. To win the levels you have to stay on track. Also, you need to achieve some driving skills to win the levels. 

Step #4

Accidents and collisions aren't right in the real world, but when you are playing a game, it will not be unethical thing. The only reason you have to avoid accidents, it's because it will slow down your speed. However, in this game collisions aren't entirely a bad thing, as they can give you some advantages. When you get hit with something, it will bring you back on the track, and it will not allow other cars to overtake you. You can check the cars behind you using a button. 

Step #5

You can start racing on a virtual and realistic-looking track. If you log in to the game you will get a reward. You will get two chances for rewards, a test drive, and a double payout. You must claim your prizes before you leave the game for the day. Even if you are not playing you can log in to get the gifts. 

Rebel Racing is a game for car racing game lovers. You will get no complex rules in this game, it's just simple racing the vehicles, while you have to stay on the track and win the levels to win more cash. You will get new updates that will allow you to play this 3D game on your Apple and Android mobile. In addition, you will get more updates like bug fixes, better features, and many more. 

So, without wasting much time playing other dull games, if you are a fan of car racing, you can play this 3D game on your mobile. You can enjoy the thrill of driving your car and gaining more cash. Also, remember that if you love playing this game, you can always share your comments, reviews, and feedback in the comment section on this page. Your reviews will influence other car driving game lovers to play this game, and they can also share their opinions and reviews. Let us create a game community for the Rebel Racing 3D game and assist others.




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