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Fallout Shelter
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Build a thriving Vault community against the desolate, apocalyptic dangers of the Wasteland.

Following the previous successes of the Fallout franchise, Fallout Shelter is a surprise standalone video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios for handheld devices before being ported to other major platforms as well.

Take on a new perspective of building your very own Vault, courtesy of Vault-Tech Industries. As the Overseer, it is your duty to manage the Vault’s security, prosperity and resources by building a high-tech, state-of-the-art underground shelter that can last for decades.

Things will start slow at the beginning as you only have a handful of Dwellers for you to utilize their skills to build a sustainable home, away from the menaces that now roam the outside world. 

In time, you will be able to recruit more survivors inside the colony, be it by random chance or exploring the Wasteland once your settlers are better armed and equipped. The survivors can even develop relationships with each other, but be wary of your resources as you tackle their happiness at the same time.

Not all is fun and games as the head of the Vault, juggling your priorities between supplies, morale, and possible threats that can come from both outside and inside the Vault. In fact, your Vault rooms can even be hit with critical events like internal fires or attacks by mutated pests if you’re not careful.

Multiple different rooms will be available for you to build and upgrade as your Vault’s dwelling grows. You will need Power Generators to maintain electrical supply throughout the facility, a Diner to provide meals for the people, Water Treatment to ensure clean water for consumption, and many others as well.

Arm and send some of your best, hardened individuals out into the Wasteland to scavenge for invaluable supplies too, accepting different Quests that reward you with important assets like elite Dwellers, lucrative Caps (in-game money), legendary weapons, and so much more!

The only way to ensure your Vault’s continued safety is by persistently growing your fortified shelter, accepting new faces into the community while upgrading all available facilities to accommodate the growing number of people.

Like all other Fallout games, you are free to customize every settler inside your Vault – barring their distinct S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats – and arrange your rooms (Power Generator, Diner, etc.) however you want.

RNG elements also return, with many in-game events randomized to make sure no playthrough is the same. You may get visits by the Mysterious Stranger as well, once in a while!

There will be many mouths to feed, enemies to deter, resources to manage, and unscripted instances such as radiation leaks to handle. Do you have what it takes to be a Vault Overseer?


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Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter

How to play

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play mobile simulation game that puts you in charge of a post-apocalyptic Vault. As the Overseer, you are responsible to build a functioning home for your ever-growing band of settlers, hiding underground away from the nuclear Wasteland outside.

The game’s mechanics are simple and straightforward; maintain a positive balance between all resources to ensure happiness amongst every Vault dweller. Primary resources include electricity/ power, water, and food. If any of these fall below a minimum threshold, your community will suffer different consequences, affecting morale.

Another important resource that is not directly explained but plays a crucial part of your Vault’s growth is the number of Dwellers that you currently have. Each individual has their own S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats that correspond to multiple roles within the community, as explained below:

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attributes

● Strength (S)

● Affects the speed of power production from Power Generators and Nuclear Reactors

● Improves the crafting speed of certain weapons

● Increases chances of opening locked containers during Wasteland exploration

● Perception (P)

● Improves the speed of water production from the Water Treatment and Water Purifier

● Boosts certain weapon crafting speeds

● Improves critical hits during Quests

● Increases chances of finding better quality items

● Endurance (E)

● Adds bonus HP upon levelling up

● Increases crafting speed for certain weapons

● Improves speed of food and water production of the Nuka-Cola Bottler

● Charisma (C)

● Improves chances of attracting new survivors by way of the Radio Studio

● Quickens the time to make babies from the Living Quarters

● Increases chances to encounter civilized NPCs during Wasteland exploration

● Intelligence (I)

● Boosts the effectiveness of Medbays and Science Labs

● Increases crafting speed for specific weapons and outfits

● Improves chances of finding Stimpacks and RadAways during exploration

● Helps to succeed in specific encounters with injured survivors

● Agility (A)

● Speeds up food production from the Diner and Garden

● Increases weapon firing rate during combat

● Improves chances of fleeing from a fight without receiving injuries

● Luck (L)

● Adds a chance to receive Caps from a production yield

● Receive bonus Caps after a successful Rush attempt

● Improves chances of succeeding a Rush attempt

● Increases chances of finding higher-tier items during Wasteland exploration

● Increases amount of Caps found from explorations

● Critical hit meter fills up faster during combat

Your Vault will need multiple functioning rooms to create all the necessary resources that your home requires. There are many different types in the game, and here are just a few of them that you get very early on:

Shelter Rooms

● Living Quarters

● Increases the maximum number of Dwellers that the Vault is capable of supporting

● Place for characters to mingle and procreate

● Power Generator

● Creates electricity/ power for all other rooms to function

● NPCs with high Strength stats are required to maintain the Power Generator

● Diner

● Cooks food for the community

● Characters with high Agility are recommended to work here, to quicken food production

● Limits the maximum number of food count

● Water Treatment

● Produces clean water for the people to drink from

● Workers with high Perception will speed up the water filtering process

● Affects the maximum limit for clean water consumption in the Vault

● Storage Room

● Expands the maximum number of items, weapons and other equipment to be stored

● Fits a character with high Endurance stat, making the person happier while working there

● Many more

Each designated room can be levelled up three (3) times, capping at Level 3. Each upgrade expands the capabilities of the respective rooms, producing more output as a result. Furthermore, three (3) same rooms can also be merged into one (1) by placing them side-by-side, accommodating more workers at once while producing even more output too.

Generally, every Vault has a limit of twenty-five (25) floors, and each floor is capable of housing up to eight (8) rooms only. This means that you will need to carefully structure the overall layout of your Vault if you wish to maximize the space provided to keep up with the required daily upkeep of resources.

If you’re craving for an incredible community-building simulator that works on both mobile and consoles, get Fallout Shelter for free today! Make sure to comment and tell us about your experiences of being an Overseer too. Everyone would love to hear about it!




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