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Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
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Subway Surfers is an action-packed arcade game to speed up your action time by picking boosters and dodging trains and hurdles. Jake and Tricky are two game characters who like to paint on the trains. A grumpy inspector finds them and chases them. You need to help them escape the inspector and the dog by running fast and dodging the hurdles. The game has vibrant colors and high-definition graphics. The game will take you on a new journey from the start because the starting hurdles are easy.

You will start every time with slow gameplay as the game will become fast as you play. You will get many hurdles along the way. The aim is to collect more coins and make a high score. You will keep building your score as you spend more time running on the rail tracks. The game will take you to the start every time you fall from an obstacle. The inspector will catch you if the train hits you or you are stuck in a location where there is no way to run. If you hit the side of a train or stumble from an obstacle, the inspector will come near you. You can run from him again at this point. If you stumble or hit the side two times at one time, the inspector will catch you. You will start from the beginning after he gets to you.

We love this game because you can play it with friends. You can compete for the high scores. People play this game for hours as they want to beat their friend's scores. People also share their progress on social media. You can get hundreds of fans on social media if you are an excellent player in this game. The game allows you to purchase powerups with the coins. When you power up your jetpack, it will let you fly for more time. You can collect hundreds of coins using the jetpack. Super sneakers allow you to jump higher. You can jump above the trains with these sneakers. You can also use the coins to upgrade the super sneakers. When you upgrade them, sneakers will last for more time.

The game has a coin magnet also. It is excellent when you want to collect more coins without taking more risks. Upgrading this powerup will allow you to collect more coins as a magnet will last longer. The score multiplier is the best powerup to boost your score. You can double your score when you use this powerup. Upgrading this powerup will multiply your score many times.

You will never get bored with this game, because they upgrade the game regularly. There are many seasons with different styles. You may get Japanese style game after you get it.When the game introduces a new city, they will ask you to upgrade. They will change the character clothing, train designs, and color combinations for different cities. It is a perfect game for people who love vibrant colors. You can also train your brain to act fast because the game requires fast decisions. A slow person cannot achieve high scores in this game.


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Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

How to play

When you view the game screen for the first time, it will show you a menu. There is an option to start the game by tapping any location on the screen. There is a shop menu at the bottom of the game. You can use the coins to upgrade powerups and buy items from the shop. When you tap to start the game, your character will run as the inspector chases him. The inspector will disappear if you run for a few seconds.

The game will give you instructions to play by showing arrows on the screen. There are four moves in the game. When you move downward, the character will slip to avoid the hurdle above. You can move upward to jump. The character will can move left or right to avoid the trains also. You can get many powerups in the game. Supersnekers, jetpacks, magnets, and score boosters are present at many places in the game. You can also get keys to revive the character from the game.

You can also collect keys or buy them from the store. The keys will let you revive your character once the inspector catches him. When a train hit your character, a timer will appear on your mobile screen. If you use the key, your game will continue from the same place. You can revive your character one time with one key. When you want to revive your character again on the same try, you need two keys. Every time you revive the character on the same try, you need to double the number of keys.

You can also choose a board in the game. The game allows you to use a board when you feel the game is hard. The board will appear when you double-tap the screen. Some boards have special abilities. If you choose the hot red board, it will increase your speed in the game. A low rider board will keep the character in the lower position as it will avoid all obstacles that require a downward move. The Lumberjack board will allow you to double jump without the super sneakers. The monster board also allows you to speed up. Combining the monster board with the sneakers will help you jump longer distances.

You may have to spend 30000 coins for the monster board. The hot red board is expensive as you have to use 280000 coins to unlock it. When you upgrade the powerups for the first time, you need to use fewer coins. Every higher upgrade requires more coins. The number of coins you need to upgrade the powerups doubles every time. The jet pack is the best power booster because it will allow you to fly. If you are flying with the jetpacks, you will get a long line of coins. Most people claim that you will get the best time in the game when you get the magnet and the jetpack together. It will allow you to collect hundreds of coins in no time.

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  • Great game I love it


  • It is fun

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  • I like because it is cool.


  • good games


  • good it is really fun to play love all the characters.

    giuliana spencer

  • hi i like your game so much



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