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Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Bubble Witch 3 Saga
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Pop colorful bubbles in Bubble Witch 3 Saga  to rescue creatures in the magical world while you are trying to save the Queen of Fairies.

The story starts with Wilbur the Cat kidnapping the Queen of Fairies, and leaves footprints behind as he runs away. Stella quickly goes to the queen's rescue, first she has to save the owls trapped in the bubbles! Shoot bubbles upwards, aiming for a group with the same color. Once your bubble matches the ones above, the bubbles will pop. If there is an owl in the bubble, the owl will fly away. The circle in the bottom center holds 2 bubbles usually, you can swap them by tapping the middle of the circle. The number in the circle is the amount of bubbles you have to, and you need to win the level before your bubbles run out. 

Every cat paw print is a level, and there are about 10 levels before you get a chance to face off with Wilbur once. The first few levels help you warm up your aiming skills while teaching you the rules. Your friend, Nero the Cat appears to guide you through the guides, and also to tell you how to deal with interesting bubbles. There is also a ruler guide to help you aim. Bubbles also bounce off walls, so if you are aiming for higher rows, the aiming guide is helpful to show you where to shoot. 

After a few levels, Nero gives you his orb power. When you shoot bubbles, it goes into his hat. Once the orb fills up, it will move to your Bubble Shooter. You can keep the orb for next use by tapping the center of your shooter like normal. If the bubble color is not what you need, you can aim it at Nero's hat to fill the orb quicker. You have 5 lives, which refills every 30 minutes when you lose one. You can gain more lives by asking friends, or buying them using gold bars. 

Once you manage a few more levels, there are new side quests. Wilbur will destroy your house and the fairy will offer to rebuild it while you try to continue to save the queen. Initially there are 3 types of game play you might encounter: Release the Owls, Clear All the Bubbles and Lead the Ghosts Upwards (Chapter 2). Get Stardusts to upgrade your home and surroundings by gaining more stars in each level. Upgrading your humble home 5 times and special Star Cats will appear. There are 4 Star Cats in Bubble Witch 3 Saga : Eri, Lyra, Leo and Puck. These cats have special abilities to help you advance in levels easier, so make sure to win plenty of stars in a level to gain more Stardusts.


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Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Bubble Witch 3 Saga

How to play

Since this is a shooter game, you aim using your wand and shoot upwards towards the bubbles that are stuck to each other. When you hit them, with the same colored bubble, they will pop. The bubbles that are stuck around but in a different color will fall off. Once you clear enough rows, the level will move to show more bubbles until you see a white line on the top. The white squiggle line on the very top is the finish line. It is where you have to lead the ghost to. In Release the Owl level, clearing all the bubbles on the white line will also win the game, even if you do not pop the owl's bubble. 

Owls are released when you match the color of the owl's bubbles or when Nero's orb blows up a cluster. For Clear the Board levels, you have to clear all the bubbles. You do that quickly by aiming higher to clear the top rows so the rest of the bubbles will fall off. Since bubbles are limited in each level, you have to plan your moves accordingly. In Lead the Ghost Upwards, the baby ghost will float to the highest point. Don't worry, it will fade when you are trying to aim. You do not have to clear the entire row on this level, you just have to clear a path for the ghost to float back to its family.

However, if you pop a group of bubbles above the owl bubble and it drops, the bubbled owl will simply float back upwards to stick to random rows. In Release the Owls level, your task is to let all the owls go by matching bubbles of the same color. When you have to defeat Wilbur, the only way to do damage to him is by releasing the fairies that are trapped in bubbles. Look for little round lights inside bubbles, and aim the corresponding color to pop them. If the bubbles drop without popping, the fairies do not go free to hit Wilbur. There are also a limited number of bubbles for you to play with. Nero's Orb will do a cluster pop and this will release fairies inside. 

Currently, there are 6 types of boosters called spells in Bubble Witch 3 Saga , the first one that appears is the Stereo Bolt. This booster will remove a horizontal line of 5 bubbles regardless of it being a normal bubble or a blocker bubble. This booster is useful to remove bubbles that do not burst, such as the black bubble or the spider web bubble. A Sparkling Blast clears around 8 bubbles in the cluster. While it is not as big an explosion as Nero's orb, it does not need you to fill Nero's hat. Magic Beam will shoot a beam to create a tunnel, which is a useful spell in Lead the Ghost levels. The 5 Bubble spell will add extra 5 bubbles into your shooter, helpful if you know you are almost there and you need more. However, the bubbles will be in random colors.

Once you are at level 73, you will learn the Shooting Star spell, which removes bubbles of the same color when you activate. Rainbow Rush is the only spell you learn that can remove blocker bubbles, this you will learn in level 93. When you first learn the booster spell, it is unlimited. After that, Nero will give you 3 boosters free. If you need more, you will need to buy them using gold bars. Join special events to win gold bars, or buy them with cold hard cash. Boosters are not necessary to win the game, just plenty of practice and patience. 

There is plenty to do in Bubble Witch 3 Saga , aside from saving the Queen of Fairies. The game offers special events frequently to help you gain gold bars. Another good way to get them without paying is to upgrade your home. When you upgrade 3 items, you will be rewarded with a chest that gives you boosters and sometimes unlimited lives for a time. You are welcome to share your game experience in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!




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