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Magic Tiles Review: Is "Magic Tiles 3" worth playing?

Stretch out your fingers, fellas, because you're about to play the most challenging rhythm of notes in piano! Magic tiles are now coms on their 3rd edition! With lots of new features and a brand-new selection of music: pop, hip-hop, RNB, EDM, classical, jazz, instrumental, etc.

Join the fun, and exciting journey as the rhythm of popular tunes Touch your spirit!

This post will take a closer look at the third edition of the Magic Tiles series, including its Game features, rules, and even the downside. We hope you will have gained some insight into whether or not you should obtain this game after this post.

About Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 is published by Amanotes, the world's largest musical game developer. They currently have over one billion downloads in the play store. Amanotes established its brand as one of the leading game developers that produce a line of popular mobile games, one of which is the Magic Tiles series.

Music lovers may fully enjoy Magic Tiles 3 because of its wide collection of songs and music covering multiple genres. Amanotes aim is to traverse every player to the world of music using only their mobile devices. They believe that every one of us can play music!"

The "Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game" is a mobile game created by Amanotes, a firm located in Vietnam. The application mimics performing musical instruments by players tapping their mobile screens in sync with the song melodies.

Launched in 2017 for Android and later on to iOS, Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game contains multiple musical styles, a huge range of tunes, regular events with awards, a versus mode wherein players may battle one another, and much more.

The game has a massive number of stages and has a fantastic soundtrack. To win the game, participants must listen to the music playing in the background and follow the song's beat. The gameplay is straightforward; avoid clicking on the white or empty block. However, the game's tempo increases throughout time, demanding the player's response time and reaction skills.


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Magic Tiles 3

How to play

It's identical to those other piano apps in that you only need to touch the black squares and dodge the white tiles to complete the game.

Tap only the black tiles swiftly since they will speed up as you win more points. As you play piano in rhythm to various tunes, tap around. If you press the incorrect brick or miss a piece, the battle is ended, and your top result is entered into the leaderboards. In this online version of the famous app, compete with your friends to determine who is the greatest.

Gamers have to possess a strong sense of musical rhythm, as well as they also have to be able to do things in a coordinated way with the tunes. They must move their fingers accordingly that matches the note of the song. This game does have some positive benefits for people who play it. They can improve their capabilities to respond quickly, finger agility, and eye plus hand coordination by playing it.

Is the game good?

Even though most of us enjoy playing this game, it's impossible to deny that Magic Tiles 3 has some minor issues and flaws that need to be fixed.

People who play this game can watch ads to carry on playing every time they press the wrong tile. However, once you lose the game, the app will most of the time, make you watch an ad. this is no problem since the ads usually last for 10 to 15 seconds. When the ad is over, it will transfer you to a new site where you can purchase the whole game. Is there anything else I should know? Yes! The "Done" button at the top of the page doesn't work. So the only way to keep playing is to shut down the whole game and start over from the beginning. This isn't a big deal for some, but I'd like to know if anyone else has the same problem.

Game Features

Here are some of the new and most recent things added to the game.

Attractive, up-to-date, and a wide variety of types of music to please everyone's taste! They have more than 1000 tunes for you to accomplish.

Finely-designed online format: You can interact with many people from all over the globe. You also can fight with your friends or allies in a created custom lobby. You can invite them to join you.

The prizes for the weekly team event are too good to resist.

A Band mode is where you can perform with other tools and instruments, like ukulele, electric guitar, and piano, among others.

When you tap the black tiles, you get a real sense of music.

Many kinds of music with fantastic instrumentals that are very popular are often updated.

There are many different types of music installed inside the system: pop, EDM, classical, country, Latin, KPOP, and more.

Band Mode

By selecting the band option, participants may play additional instruments. As a result, this model is capable of producing a dynamic rhythm. This piano action incorporates a variety of musical instruments, such as acoustic instruments, but most notably the piano! It is among the most beloved piano applications due to the high-quality piano pieces and excellent game structure. The combat mode lets players compete against others who share their interests from all around the globe and is one of the reasons Magic Tiles 3 is such a fantastic piano online out there.


At the moment, this game allows players to log in using the avatars of a third-party application, significantly lowering the entry barrier for newbies. When gamers face off against other genuine human people, they may communicate discreetly, add them as buddies, and engage in additional exchanges.


The game is a lot of fun to play. There are so many kinds of music in the world you live in that you can try. Some of the best piano tunes and game interactions are waiting for you to play. Besides, many different ways to play can suit your requirements.

You can become a real piano player right now! The quickest and easiest way to learn and practice the piano is from a complete novice to a master.

Your feedback on the game is appreciated in the comment section below, and it will help spread the word about how much you enjoyed it.



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