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The game of coloring has become a worldwide pastime. Some people color as a means of relaxation and stress relief, while others use it to improve their mind and body. If you are looking for the best color matching game, Coloring Match might be for you.

There are many coloring match game applications ,but not all of them could give you an exciting experience other than Coloring Match.

Coloring Match is a game-app game developed by SuperSonic Studios LTD and currently has a 4.5-star rating in Google Play and App Store. This only shows how fun and enjoyable this game is. The good thing about this game app is that it is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. However, playing the game will require you to connect first to the internet.

The app is designed to bring fun to gamers while they uncover their color matching skills. It comes with tons of exciting features, themed rooms, and 3D objects you can print for free. Coloring Match is an ideal game for those who love colors. This can be your favorite game during your leisure time.

The game's primary goal is to create the exact color of the object flashed on the screen. You will mix two or more different colors to find the same shade as the object.

Coloring Match has simple game mechanics. The game will provide you with two 3D objects: one is colored, and the other one is plain. The game will require you to make a new shade to paint the blank 3D object using the available palette and ensure that the color matches to get a high score.

This game is a lot funnier and more enjoyable because you can display your painted objects in your home or sell them at an auction. The game is packed with various themed rooms. Each room consists of more than 200 3D objects you can paint whenever you want.

Some of the theme rooms available in the game and the objects you can paint with are the following:

Cosmetic: Make-up accessories, such as lipstick, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, etc.

Vegetables: Some common veggies like cucumber, tomato, watermelon, beans, and more.

Aquarium: Everything you can find in an aquarium-like shark, jellyfish, octopus, etc.

Furniture: Common home furniture items, such as kettle, table, bed, and chair.

Sports: Balls are designed for different games, like soccer, bowling, and tennis.

Electronics: Drone, arcade, Instax, and console.

Greenhouse: Different varieties of flowers and trees, such as Christmas trees, astrantia, and eucalyptus.

Cubes: Cubes in different sizes, colors, and designs.

Garage: Different car brands and models, such as Nissan, Ford, Audi, Dodge, and BMW.

Kitchen: Desserts and foods like cupcakes, donuts, pancakes, and waffles.

Garden: Fruits and veggies are primarily available in commercial gardens, like cheery, orange, eggplant, banana, and apple.

Most of you may think that Coloring Match is an easy-peasy game. The truth is that it is an excellent game to exercise your brain and your color matching skills. Like other color matching games on Android and iOS, this one is run by advertisements. But, you can limit the number of ads playing in between your games by availing yourself of the no ads in-app purchases.

The game allows you to learn more about colors and color mixtures. This is a good alternative to practice your color matching skills without using actual paint. Moreover, this game has an available hint button you can use if you are a bit frustrated with your color mixture.


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Color Match

How to play

Now that you know what Coloring Match is, the next thing you should do is understand how to play the game. One of the best things many players love about this app is its easy-to-follow and straightforward game mechanics.

This section will help you better understand how Coloring Match works and how to play it.

Once you have the app on your phone, open it and tap the play button. An object will flash at least two colors that you can use to mix and match. The app has a cute little brush that you will use to accent your palette, brushing over the available blank squares.

For example, if your object is a green apple, you will probably need to mix the yellow and sky-blue shades. You can try matching the color by dragging the square canvas to the object. And you will get either one, two, or three stars. Moreover, you can also choose whether to continue or complete the game.

If you continue, you will try to improve the color mixture on your canvas. On the other hand, if you choose to complete it, you will be presented with a plain 3D object and a spray. You can use the spray to coat the object using the color you have mixed earlier.

After that, you can either bring it to the auction or display it in your room. But what we can recommend to you is to sell it in an auction to use your fund in purchasing other objects and more comprehensive color palettes. After the auction has been completed, you will be prompted to another set of objects and colors you will work on.

As you can see, you only need to follow simple instructions to play the game: mix colors, match them to the object and bring them to the auction or your home.

 Final Thoughts

Coloring Match is undoubtedly one of the best and most appealing online color matching games to play on your phone. It comes with lots of exciting gameplays, themed rooms, and objects to paint to maximize your game experience. Another thing that makes this app more appealing to gamers is its auction feature.

You can sell your final product at an auction to earn some coins to use in additional objects and unlock different themed rooms. On the other hand, you can also display your colored object in your room to add to the aesthetic value of your home.

If you have played this game before, please share your game experience in the comment section below.



  • Awesome game love it my 3rd favorite youtuber played it and loved it like i do 😻😻😻

    Grace Wright

  • good game


  • Its amazing i always play this but its just the adds


  • That you can match the colors that's what I do

    morgan kilson

  • Cool I like it

    Kylee Parris


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