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465 Survival Challenge is a strategy and action-packed survival game modeled after the iconic Netflix Show, "Squid Game."

Since the popular show was released on Netflix, many people have been raining compliments and appreciation for the show's utter genius. Its unique motif and theme were considered a first for Korean television and even in mainstream entertainment, with games hinged on children's games which are supposed to be innocent in the first place. For weeks, Squid Game has been a top and trending Twitter topic, mainly due to how reeling and enticing the challenges presented in the game itself layered with a promising plot.

Squid Game revolves around the story of how rich people initiated a hobby where desperate people in search of cash are landed in a �playing club.' Here, the people only have two choices: win or die. To win, you'll have to fight your way from challenge to challenge - each stage getting significantly more arduous than the previous one.

The concept of the Squid game is basically what the 465 Survival Challenge is modeled after. If you're a fan of the show, you will deeply appreciate its close resemblance to the game since it presents the same challenges for the player to go through.

In 465 Survival Challenge, you are tasked with controlling player 465. The game's main point is for player 465 to successfully finish each stage of the game and reign victor among all the other participants while evading death. Similar to the popular Netflix show, it includes the games of Red Light, Green Light, Tug of War, Glass Bridge Walk, Sugar Candy splitting, and more. These challenges make you feel as if you were playing in person at the arena, with the gameplay as thrilling and accurate as it is.

The main point that garnered the show's most attention may be the irony of children's games being used in a brutal playing arena. 465 Survival Challenge effectively mirrors this since you have to win innocent children's games which may look simple at first glance - but would otherwise result in catastrophic deaths if you fail. This kind of irony and twist makes the film get its deserved acclaim and success.

Naturally, the show's idea sparked games such as 465 Survival Challenge. While there are still emerging games along the way that models the same theme, it can be quite challenging to pull the same features off.

465 Survival Challenge gains leverage compared to other survival games because it's a seamless, easy-to-handle game that nonetheless requires considerable use of wits, strategy, and agility. As the player who's meant to survive, you have to utilize every possible way to evade death and failure and ultimately win the cash pot waiting for you at the end.

More importantly, 465 Survival Challenge gives the Squid Game fans or audience a chance to try the game for themselves through a neatly-packed and well-thought mobile game that is a faithful recreation of the film. Its pixel features may make it seem like a very easy game to win. However, actually playing the game yourself proves to be an entirely different experience.

You can also play with your friends through multiplayer mode if you want a more thrilling game experience.


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456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge
456 Survival Challenge

How to play

People who are already familiar with the plot of the Squid Game will find it seamless to understand the game's instructions and gameplay. This is because 465 Survival Challenge also uses the same instructions and mechanics as stipulated in the challenges laid out in the movie.

For context, 465 Survival Challenge starts with you being the player 465. You find yourself thrown into an arena along with 456 other participants - participants you will eventually have to beat no matter the cost. Consequently, this large group of players will face dramatic and nerve-wracking stages with life and death on the line.

As the main player, your main goal is to emerge as the lone survivor of the game and win the huge prize money waiting to be claimed by whoever emerges the victor.

Despite the numerous challenges waiting for you ahead, 465 Survival Challenge is impressive with its features, gameplay, and interface. This makes the game a worthy recommendation for anyone who seeks the thrill of action and strategy seamlessly packed into one mobile game.

First, it has an accurate detail simulation that mimics the details in the Squid Game movie. That feature alone proves to be commendable enough since it makes the overall gameplay feel more immersive, evoking a competitive spirit in the player. Secondly, while the characters are presented in pixel form, the movement and fps are reasonable and smooth, making the game a breeze to play through. Moreover, the physics simulation is also great.

When playing this challenge-based survival game, you will have to face and win the main levels, similar to the classic children's games shown in the movie. These are the following:

1. Red Light, Green Light 

In the Red Light Green Light challenge, all 465 players have the same goal of running toward the finish line before the 1-minute clock ticks to zero. The catch is: a sinister, yellow-clothed girl doll will sing now and then - a cue for the green light which prompts players to run ahead. During this period, you'll have to move firmly and quickly as much as possible. Remember that you're competing with 464 other people, so running slow will only dampen your chances.

However, you will also have to stop simultaneously when the doll stops singing - a cue for the red light. Here, you have to refrain from doing any kind of movement, or you will be eliminated or shot to death.

Players who fail to reach the finish line after the given time limit will die. On the other hand, the remaining players proceed to the next stage.

2. Dalgona splitting challenge

Dalgona is a popular Korean sugar candy often eaten as a dessert. In this challenge, the players have their respective sugar candy pieces. You will have to touch the pieces of the sugar candy and follow the pre-cut lines until you successfully form the designated shape. Of course, you have to do this without breaking it or doing it later than the allotted time. If you win, you proceed to the next round. If you fail, you receive death and elimination as punishment.

3. Tug of War 

In the tug of war challenge, you will be playing against a group of people. The remaining teams from the previous challenge are divided into respective groups and are paired randomly with a team they're up against.

You will have to swipe the screen continuously, so the tug of war game wins in your favor and earn you a spot on the next stage.

4. Walking on a Glass Bridge

The glass bridge may be the most difficult stage in the mini-challenge series of this Android game. This stage will ultimately determine the loser or the winner.

During this challenge, the remaining players will have to form a line where they will have to pass through a long, glass bridge. This bridge has two sides, each being divided into small glass squares. One of these squares is tempered glass, a safe zone for the player, while the other is �normal glass.' The challenge is you never know which is which.

You will have to memorize the locations of the safe tempered glass squares within a limited time to win. A single misstep will force you to be eliminated or die.

456 Survival Challenge will still have plenty more interesting and mind-boggling games in its mini-series. Feel free to show off your skills in strategy and action by playing this unique game. You can also share your experiences with the game by commenting below, so more people can like the 465 Survival Challenge! 



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