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Save the Doge
Save the Doge
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Are you looking for a game to play casually? Well, there are some amazing games that you can try. One of the most interesting ones that you can give a try is - X-HERO. It is currently ranked as the number 2 in the role-playing online game genre. This game is about protecting a dog from the attack of the bees. Are you ready to be the hero? It is a free game that is available on the App Store for iOS devices. So, you can get and start playing. To know more about this game and how you can play it, read on.

This game is, especially, designed for iPads and iPhones. The game is based on a story where a dog is attacked by the bees. You have to be the hero here and save the dog. How can you save? You can save simply by drawing some lines. You can draw some lines for protecting the dog from the bees. Let your imagination and creativity go wild in this game. You can draw different things to keep the dog protected from the bees. The bees in this game will try to reach the dog in order to bite. In case the bees are able to reach the dog, the game is over as the dog gets bitten up by the bees. You can draw anything that you want for protecting the dog. Once the dog is saved from the attack, you win the level! 

This game has different levels that you have to play one by one. Once you start playing, you will start loving it. It is a casual game that you can play for relaxation and to beat your boredom. Talking about the graphics quality, it is quite decent. The visuals are crisp and clear which is a good thing. The gameplay is smooth and easy. You can draw whatever you want smoothly without much hassle. Besides all these, there are some great features of this game that you need to know about. These are:

Save the dog with your creativity

Create your own combination of heroes

Fight a strategic battle

Explore some magical adventures

Get involved in the wars to save your realm

Play with millions of players online

Casual and easy gameplay

The best part of this game is that you can face some different instances in the magic arena. If you love to fight battles in role-playing games, then this is the best game to choose. You can enjoy every bit of the game in the mysterious maze. Discover different elements, explore the world and hunt galaxies. This game is a fun game to play with some exciting features. You just have to know how to play. Once you get to know that, X-HERO is the best game for your casual times. Want to know more about how you can play it/ read the next section to get a detailed guide about the same.


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Save the Doge
Save the Doge
Save the Doge
Save the Doge
Save the Doge
Save the Doge

How to play

It is quite obvious from the thorough and detailed description about the game that this is a fun and interesting game to play. Whether you want to showcase your creativity or you want to fight your way to the top, this is a game with everything that you need. It is one of the best role-playing fantasy games where you can unleash your creative side, make teams and fight against opponents. Are you worried about how you can play this game?

Do not worry as we are here to tell you about all the important steps you need to follow to play this game. Here is the complete step-by-step guide on how you can play X-HERO game:

Step #1: Draw lines to save dog

The first and foremost thing that you have to do in this game is you have to draw lines in order to save the dog. You can either cage the bees or the dog to protect the dog. But you can also get more creative in this. You can try out different ways to draw the lines in such a way that it can help you to protect the dog from the bees. You need to make sure that you are drawing lines to get the three stars in the game. With every line you draw the bar on the star increases. You need to understand that you have to reach the third star to get the best score.

Step #2: Create strategies for battle

You have to play this game if you are interested in some action packed battles. You can plan some successful strategies in order to be in the battle. Plan your defensive as well as offensive strategy with many heroes out there. You can develop your skills, upgrade all your equipment and make a strong team to defend your realm from the attackers and other opponents.

Step #3: Explore and enjoy the adventures

There are different instances that you can enjoy. The magic arena along with the marvelous adventure in this game is quite fun. You can either battle for the glory or you can even take over the global arena to explore all the mazes full of mysteries in order to find the hidden treasures in there. You can even start hunting the Galaxy and wander in space in order to conquer more. 

Step #4: Play with online players

The X-HERO game has some cross-server wars. You can play with many online players from different parts of the planet. You can determine how you want to lead the team and fight back to win the war. Save your world and you can get higher scores.

This is all about how to play X-HERO. This is a great game to play and you will enjoy it thoroughly. All you have to do is to get this game on your smartphone or your tablet from the App Store. Once you have got the app, you can start to play the game as directed above. After playing this game, make sure to come back and leave a comment down below sharing your experience about the game. This can be quite helpful for other players.




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