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Stuck in space, there are alien Impostors hiding among you; can you work together to weed out the traitors before it’s too late?

First released in 2018 for the iOS and Android platforms, Among Us is a multiplayer social survival game that blends elements of sci-fi horror into the mix. Recommended to be played between 4 – 15 players, you are an astronaut banding together with Crewmates to accomplish mission-critical tasks in order to survive.

However, that is the least of your worries; hidden amongst all of you are aliens that seek to kill everyone before being found out. Disguised as your own friends, all players need to stay vigilant and wary of each other, all the while completing tasks on the spaceship as well.

In Among Us, every player will randomly be designated as either a Crewmate or an Impostor, and both parties have different objectives to achieve in order to win. As a Crewmate, you need to assist in completing tasks aboard the spaceship until every objective is completed. For Impostors, your only aim is to kill everyone on board, and there may be more than one Impostor on the team.

Keep your wits about you. Trust no one. Soon enough, you’ll find out that not everyone is who they seem to be.

Primarily launched for mobile devices (iOS, Android), Among Us has since been ported to every other major video game platform to date, with PC, PlayStation (PS4, PS5), Xbox (One, Series X/ S), and Nintendo Switch getting their own versions as well.

A significant feature of the game is its ability to be played cross-platform no matter which gaming device you are playing it on! This allows you to play with many of your friends all over the world regardless of your current gaming setup. In terms of visual style, Among Us adopts a cartoonish design to its in-game environments and player-characters. That doesn’t mean that there is no blood, though, as death scenes are still brutal albeit in a loony nature.

The way to win rounds in Among Us is fairly simple, and here is how you do that:

As human Crewmates, you need to co-ordinate with other players to complete various tasks throughout each round.

To counter the Impostors, you can call for an Emergency Meeting (or reporting a dead body) to discuss potential Impostors within the group, each voting to eject a suspected Crewmate before the most voted player gets thrown into space.

The Crewmates win by either: 

Successfully completing all the objectives 

Safely ejecting the correct Impostors from the spaceship

As the alien Impostor, your primary objective is to kill the majority of Crewmates on the ship.

To do this, you have different capabilities and tools at your disposal, each being:

Ability to hide inside ventilation shafts or tunnels

Sabotage the ship’s systems by a variety of ways to disrupt Crewmates’ tasks or redirect their attention elsewhere

You can eliminate other players in two (2) different ways:

Kill a lone player on the spot (‘Kill’ button goes into cooldown depending on host’s settings)

Manipulate other players into voting for another innocent Crewmate to be ejected into space during an Emergency Meeting

Depending on given circumstances, Impostors win a round when:

The number of Crewmates left is the same as the Impostors (meaning insta-death for the Crewmates because they cannot fight back)

The spaceship is successfully sabotaged which leads to it being irreparable/ destroyed (certain Sabotages can instantly lead to victory)

Bear in mind, these are the general criteria for you to win rounds in the game, but player hosts are able to change winning credentials and other gameplay settings accordingly. You can also customize your avatar as well, and here are the different things that you can change about them:

The most distinguishable characteristic that differentiates every player in the game is the colour of your spacesuit. There are around eighteen (18) distinct colours to choose from, including special ones such as Cyan, Lime, Maroon, Tan and Coral.

You can also change your overall appearance by wearing different forms of outfits/ skins that literally lets you don rare clothing/ accessories on top of your existing spacesuit.Examples of skins include Policeman Officer, Spartan Armour, Doctor, and many others.

As literal as it sounds, Hats are accessories that you place on top of your character’s head, making you look either badass or goofy depending on your preference.Aquatic Apparatus, Blondie, Cap-tain, and The Last Wipe (toilet paper) are just a few Hats that you can opt for inside the game.

Visors are generally cosmetics that you place onto your character’s face, with some not actually changing the visor itself.You get options like Ghostly Moustache, Santa’s Beard, Shades, and Double Monocles amongst the many choices provided before starting a round.

If you’re insecure about trusting your allies following you, you can have Pets to accompany you instead, though they do absolutely nothing but smile while the Impostor slices you into pieces.Pet variants in the game include – but not limited to - Headslug, Doggy, Mini Crewmate, Ro-Bot, and Clank.

You can also set up your own private session as well before entering online multiplayer, but this is just a way for you to get a feel of the game prior to the real thing.


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Among Us
Among Us
Among Us
Among Us
Among Us

How to play

The core gameplay mechanic of Among Us is genuinely simple and easy to learn. Nevertheless, the challenging part of winning in the game is all about gaining the trust of every other player during a round, and human players are always unpredictable and manipulative, which makes it all the more exciting!

You could end up trusting the wrong people, voting innocent Crewmates into outer space which helps the Impostor towards their win. If you refuse to cooperate in completing tasks – avoiding yourself from being caught alone in an empty room – the other Crewmates might become suspicious of you and consider you as the Impostor instead!

There are a plethora of different situations that you can get yourself into in Among Us, but understanding your roles in the game can help you out significantly. At its current state, here are the many roles that each player might be assigned to, randomly:



Normal players

Able to do every basic tasks and interactions


Special Crewmate

Gains ability to travel/ hide in ventilation shafts and tunnels


Special Crewmate

Gains ability to use the Vitals monitor to read all players’ heartbeat, anywhere on the map



The opposing players

Unable to complete tasks BUT are given the same list in order to Gains exclusive abilities of ‘Kill’, ‘Sabotage’ and ‘Vent’ which are all self-explanatory


Special Impostor

Gains extra abilities of ‘Shift’ and ‘Unshift’ which allows you to become other Crewmates and vice versa (limited by cooldown)



Players that have been killed by Impostors (Crewmates)/ ejected out via votes (both)

Ghosts become silent spectators of the current round

Have access to General Chat (only usable by other Ghosts during an active round)

Cannot interact or join discussions with remaining Crewmates and Impostors

Unlimited movement and view of the map

Ability to continue completing tasks/ objectives to help their respective team (both for Crewmate and Impostor)

Guardian Angel

Special Ghost (Crewmates only)

Exclusive ‘Protect’ ability that shields a chosen Crewmate from being killed by an Impostor for a brief period

These roles can be turned on/ off by the host at the in-game lobby before creating a session.

These bonus ‘classes’ create new dimensions for you to enjoy Among Us, and add a lot more re-playability and randomness throughout the game, keeping things fresh every time!

At the moment, there are only four (4) unique maps that you might find yourself in, each being:

The first map introduced within the game, The Skeld is the most commonly played area that many players are already familiar with.

The Skeld is a spaceship that accommodates many important rooms which function to keep the inhabitants and spacecraft running, with key ones such as the O2 (oxygen room), Electrical, and Reactor being a few examples.

After surviving the Impostors on The Skeld, MIRA HQ is the next map that you find yourself in upon safely returning to Earth.MIRA HQ is located atop a tall skyscraper and the ejection scene when a Crewmate is voted out changes into that of players being thrown off the building from the skies.There are a few changes that have been made to this map to suit its relevance as a building floor (unlike The Skeld which is a spaceship), and the Launchpad, Decontamination, and Greenhouse are amongst those that are exclusive here.

The third map is Polus which is basically an unexplored snowy planet that you have just arrived on to investigate.Besides common areas like the MedBay and Admin, Polus features different rooms as well, like the Dropship, Boiler Room and Specimen Room.Here, Crewmates who are voted out will be thrown into the hot, molten lava of Polus’ core.

The largest map in Among Us so far, The Airship is exactly as it sounds – a large aircraft that is home to many Crewmates boarding it.As a flying residential carrier, The Aircraft certainly has rooms befitting its purpose, such as the Hall of Portraits, Records and Cockpit.Almost similar to MIRA HQ, the scene of Crewmates being ejected off shows players falling down to their deaths from high altitudes.

There are rumours of new maps being added into the game too, so keep a close tab on the game or try it out for yourself today!

If you’ve enjoyed Among Us, remember to comment and share your in-game experiences for other people to learn about them too.As always, stay with us at <> for other in-depth previews of massive video games out now, every day!



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  • Fun and somewhat challenging and educational.

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  • I think this game is amazing!


  • Good I love it


  • Game 1 It's a wonderful game I would love if you would play it this is how it goes... Imposter RED and PINK Purple and Blue finish their first task Brown is killed by RED Lime says Blue did it BLUE WAS NOT THE IMPOSTER Purple and Green finish all their task PINK and BLUE double kill Black and Lime Purple says PINK did it PINK WAS VOTED OUT AS A IMPOSTER Yellow caught BLUE vent but BLUE made everyone think her YELLOW WAS VOTED OUT NOT IMPOSTER BLUE WAS VOTED OUT IMPOSTER

    Murder mystery?


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