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Want a mobile game that gives you full control over how you can setup, build or drive your car? Then you are at the right place. The Offroad Outlaws is the best game that can help you to enjoy to the fullest. It is one of the highest rated gaming apps that you can enjoy for free on your smartphone. It is one of the popular racing mobile games with some extra features to it making this game even more interesting for you. To know more about the game, read on as we have a complete review on this game.

This game is a multiplayer game where you will have to drive the trucks and cars through the dirt and mud. It gives you a complete off-road driving experience that you can enjoy. Don't let your driving skills go to a complete waste. Try to build the setup and gain complete control on driving your own rig. Amazing setups, some great challenges for you to complete and more can help you to gain a very interesting addiction towards this game. 

Regular updates that you will receive can bring some potential changes to the game while developing it for better. Though the game is completely free to download and play, there are some in-app purchases available that you can make to enhance the gaming experience. The Offroad Outlaws comes with some amazing features that you will surely love. With some of the features, you can have better interest on the game:

● Gain total control over setting up the chassis

● Control the rig smoothly by steering the wheel

● Many off-road routes with different level of challenges

● Play with a friend or other players with the multiplayer mode

● Perfect break from regular on-road driving

● Interesting setups available for your rig

You must be driving on the roads for real. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to drive through the rocks, boulders, mud and more on the off-road routes? This game comes with some amazing off-road routes that you can explore to try out your off-road driving experience. The gameplay is quite simple. All you have to know is how to play the game exactly. Once you know how you can play it, the game is quite easy and simple. Take a break for driving trails and explore the off-road maps with different challenges in different routes. 

Also, the interesting part is that you will be able to setup your rig just like the way you want it to be. You can change the chassis, swap the suspension, install or uninstall different setups and many more. With the help of these features, it will be really easy and simple for you. Talking about the graphics and gameplay of this game, it is quite good. The interface is simple and easy to use. So, you will not have any problem navigating through the options and explore the game. To know more about how you can play this game, read the next section.


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Offroad Outlaws
Offroad Outlaws
Offroad Outlaws
Offroad Outlaws
Offroad Outlaws
Offroad Outlaws

How to play

After the thorough and detailed  about the game, you must be fascinated by the concept. Of course, the game is interesting to get fascinated. Now that you are here, you must know more about how you can play this game in the best possible way. Though the game is quite easy to play, having a basic knowledge about the game can help you start off in a more efficient way. 

Don't worry as we are here to tell you about all the steps that you must follow to play the Offroad Outlaws mobile game. You need to make sure that you are following these steps thoroughly:

Step #1

First and foremost thing that you have to master is the control. When it is about off-road driving or racing, control plays the most important role. You will get full independence in choose the chassis setup and choose from damping, stiffness or travel etc. You can also make a choice regarding the suspension and the equipment essential for modern truck. 

Step #2

Once your rig is ready to drive, you can choose from the different maps that are given to you. You can choose to drive the rig through different routes that are available in the road map. You will face different challenges in different routes. Sometimes it can be too rocky and sometimes it can be flat sands of the desert too. Take a break from the usual trails and you can test the durability of the rig that you have built in different routes.

Step #3

You can enjoy multiple trails with your friends or someone else. It is always fun to drive when you have a competition alongside you. Challenging your friends to have a driving competition on different rocky routes of this game can be quite fun. You can choose the mode named �Capture-the-flag' to have a face-off with your friend. You can have this race through the rivers, mountains and rocky trails too. 

Step #4

With the help of the Map Editor, you can build your own map too. This is one of the best and most unique things that you can enjoy. You can customize the route based on whatever challenges you will like to face. Make it as interesting as you want. You can build the customized map and share it with your friends or game community too so that everyone can enjoy it. You can add different possibilities in the map to make it even more challenging and hard. 

Now that you are well aware of how to play this game, what are you waiting for? Try out this game once and you will surely love it.  It may take some time for you to get accustomed with all the controls. Once you get used to it, this game can be quite interesting and exciting for you. After you play the game, make sure to share your feedbacks, thoughts and reviews about the game in the comment section below. This can help the rookie gamers to understand and know more about the game which can be quite helpful for them.




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