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Touted as "the best car simulator of 2014" by the developers, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a venerable mobile classic that's been much improved over the years. You can unlock your favorite cars and drive around a small city to your heart's content, going off killer jumps, drifting around corners, and completing missions.

First released in 2014, Extreme Car Driving Simulator has acquired many fans over the years. This classic game has been the subject of many improvements, adding cars, modes, graphics, login rewards, and more. This means that even if you've played this game before, it might be worth checking it out again to see all the new additions.

The fundamental idea behind Extreme Car Driving Simulator is driving. The game is all about getting into a cool car and zooming around the small world at breakneck speed. You can barrel down a runway in front of a plane, go around loops, jump into a lake, or drift down city streets to your heart's content. 

Unfortunately, the physics in Extreme Car Driving Simulator are still a bit of a mess. The game works mostly okay as long as you drive slowly in a straight line. The problem only starts when you attempt the sort of extreme car driving you might think a game called Extreme Car Driving Simulator would welcome. Going quickly off of jumps, slamming into walls at high speeds, and interacting with planes and other objects on the map can often have unexpected (and hilarious) effects.

The good news is that this isn't the sort of game where these glitches are a bad thing. Instead, it's a poorly constructed sandbox where poor construction is part of the charm. Rather than getting a realistic Gran Turismo-like experience, you get a zany, cartoonish world where your car can drive across water, glitch out of the map, and even fly. With the right mindset, exploring this world can be incredibly fun.

The graphics on Extreme Car Driving Simulator are an interesting example of how tech has scaled over the past several years. In many ways, the game resembles a game from the PlayStation 1 era. Everything except your car has incredibly flat backgrounds, blocky textures (when the textures aren't solid colors), and terrible lighting. On the other hand, the cars you drive have high-definition 3D models, detailed textures, and are lit with a fancy reflection engine that looks quite good. The game's terrible lighting engine works against it pretty hard in this respect, as you'll often be in an area lit with omnidirectional light and nothing interesting to reflect, but the cars themselves do look quite good in the right circumstances on a modern device.

There are a handful of collectibles and directed modes that you can enjoy while playing Extreme Car Driving simulator. These will give you things to do and can help stretch your playtime out, but they're definitely not the selling point of the game. Instead, you'll probably have more fun just roaming around and doing crazy stunts, trying to bug out the game's physics, and otherwise ignoring these directed modes. If you want to unlock cars or you're competing with your friends to set records on these modes, you might want to grind out some rewards, but otherwise, you probably don't want to get hung up on collecting coins or doing missions.


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Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Extreme Car Driving Simulator

How to play

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a game that's all about freedom and fun. Over the years, players have discovered a number of glitches that you can use to get your car to do all sorts of crazy things.

The first glitch involves the bowl-like thing on the map. Driving in circles in the bowl will give your car odd boosts of speed on each rotation, enabling you to go far faster than you could on level ground. You can use this in a number of ways - to go fast, to drive far, or to build up enough speed to go off of a big jump. With some planning and practice, you can even jump right out of the map, which can allow you to set ludicrous speed records or drive your distance goal in just a few minutes.

The second glitch involves mashing the "reset" button. Pressing reset doesn't kill your momentum. Instead, it just puts your car at a somewhat fixed height above the map. Pressing this button repeatedly enables your car to effectively fly, which is great for jumping over obstacles, collecting pesky coins, or just pretending you're in a plane. You can use this trick in specific ways to do useful things. One application involves mashing reset 4 times to get to the garage roof in about an eighth of a second. You can also use this trick in parking garages and other structures.

If you don't like the game at night, simply exit to the menu and re-enter driving mode to make it daytime again. The game's clock isn't synced to anything, so each day starts when you enter the game. This can allow you to drive around in bright light at all times.

Should you find yourself in a hurry to collect coins, be sure to abuse the reset glitch while also being mindful of your speed. It's tempting to zoom around as fast as you can at all times in Extreme Car Driving Simulator. This isn't always the best idea. Slowing down a little bit can help give you the right jump angle to get some of the more difficult coins. With some practice, you'll be able to get everything in no time.

Finally, be sure to mess around with "drift mode," which turns off the traction control on your car. This alternate driving mode gives you access to higher top speeds and will cause your car to turn in an unconventional, uncontrolled way. It's great for spinning out around corners, getting your car sideways, and setting new land speed records in the world of Extreme Car Driving Simulator. It won't make you ten times as fast or anything, but it will give you different handling and a subtle speed boost that's lots of fun.

Are you an Extreme Car Driving Simulator pro? What are your favorite cars? Did we miss any tips or tricks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!




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