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Another Night, Another Try

Mixing scary gameplay elements with challenging stuff puts this video game on another level. On the one hand, you have that tension when you think something is getting close to killing you. At the same time, the more you play, the easier it comes to respond and counter-attack.

This article focuses on those primary elements that make Ultimate Custom Night fun for any player.

Ultimate Custom Night Features

● Easy-to-Learn Screen Controls: From the start, you’ll notice that you need to use your fingers to activate/deactivate any of the interactive parts of the office. Therefore, you’ll need to tap your screen quickly and react when you see or hear something getting closer. Depending on the device’s screen, you’ll need to move your fingers (or hand) around and push when something happens. Remember that you could lose the round quickly if you’re too slow. As a result, practice with low-level AI (Artificial Intelligence) until you familiarize yourself with the interactions.

● Pick Your Animatronics: With Ultimate Custom Night, you have the freedom to pick the antagonist that you’ll see over the night. In other words, you’re the architect of your experience as you might activate one animatronic or all of them. Additionally, you could change the AI level and make your entire night a complete nightmare. Depending on your choices, you’ll have threats that appear on one side or everywhere. 

● Select the Scene: Depending on the number of animatronics, their AI level, and the night duration, you’ll earn points. After you complete a threshold, you’ll unlock different “Offices” or skins that change the entire setting. Even though you’ll have the same gameplay mechanics, you might find it refreshing to see a different desk in front of you.

● Customize the Difficulty: Adding and removing numbers on the animatronic portraits makes a lot of difference when playing Ultimate Custom Night. Setting up a number changes how “aggressive” these robots will turn when the night starts. As a result, if you want to go into the “extreme,” you should set them in the 20s and look if you can withstand the pain. 

● Complete Challenges: In the game, you can pick a challenge that sets some animatronics to a certain level. Indeed, these are presets established by the developers that sometimes follow how some settings worked on previous games. Above all, if you find it hard to decide what robots you want and their AI, you should pick a Challenge instead. 

● Mobile Freedom: Like any other game in the app store, you have the option to play Ultimate Custom Night anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the Internet isn’t necessary since you have all the data after getting the game. In other words, you’ll save much of your mobile’s battery while playing on the go.

Since this is the seventh part of the franchise, you’ll see multiple elements from previous versions of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Moreover, thanks to your freedom in this version, you can play as you seem fit. 


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Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night

How to play

Making that Office Your Second Home

Even though it might look complicated initially, playing Ultimate Custom Night is always entertaining. 

To make this process even more enjoyable, we’ll give you crucial strategies that will help you avoid any impending danger.

Tips and Hints to Survive the Night

● Master the Controls: With Ultimate Custom Bight, you must react as quickly as possible. Sometimes you’ll have less than a couple of seconds to save yourself for an attack. Therefore, you need to move your fingers first and think later. The rest will become less tedious when you clearly understand how to react. 

● Use Headphones while Playing: Even though it becomes scarier to hear that jump scares closer to your ears, headphones are necessary. With this device, you won’t miss a thing while trying to survive the entire night. At the same time, you’ll avoid misunderstandings if someone else is close to you and you play this video game.

● Activate/Deactivate Quickly: Following the old “Five Nights at Freddy’s” gameplay mechanics, the developers increase the difficulty with a power bar. The power consumption will increase when you activate tons of in-game devices simultaneously. As a result, you could lose any progress if you run out of “fuel.” Above all, if you want to increase your winning chances, you should activate/deactivate items quickly and only catch glimpses from camera feeds. 

● Memorize the Automatronics Behavior: If you’re new to the franchise, it could be hard to understand and keep a record of everything. Still, you could make this learning process simpler by activating only one robot at a time. After a couple of runs, you’ll know how they attack, their noise, and how to react.

● Pick Some Challenges If Necessary: After looking at the menu screen and finding it hard to select any Animatronic, you should look for the presets instead. You’ll see different robots with their AI (Artificial Intelligence) set, depending on your selection. Indeed, some of those challenges might look too scary if you’re learning the game. As a result, pick one with less trouble and a low AI number.

● Keep Increasing Your Score: After a couple of gaming sessions, you might find yourself in a place where everything becomes less complicated. You should increase the difficulty and make the AI more complex when you reach this point. Simultaneously, you’ll see a more significant score when you manage to survive the entire night.

● Move Away from Any Distractions: You probably miss something important in the game when you lose attention for a second. Without a doubt, you could lose your progress if you’re not that careful. Each night lasts less than five minutes, meaning it is not difficult to disconnect yourself from the “outside” in that little while.

● Practice Makes Perfect: With each defeat, you’ll learn something new and avoid reproducing the same mistake. Don’t give up; you’ll get there soon enough.

Now is your turn, practice all of this knowledge in Ultimate Custom Night and survive your shift!




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