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Earn to Die 2
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Earn to Die 2 involves driving a car through a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, plowing straight through the hordes, obstacles, and even explosives to make your way across the country.

Earn to Die 2 is a sidescrolling 2d driving game made by Toffee Games. It's set in a zombie-infested wasteland in which your goal is to get from one end of a massive map to the other. Each of the game's levels puts you in a car that you need to drive across a variety of surfaces, including roads, cityscapes, tunnels, and more. Completing each level will unlock more content until you've finally reached your goal and crossed the whole country.

The cars in Earn to Die 2 are all upgradeable and customizable. Your wasteland wheels might start off as an old-fashioned boring police car, a buggy, or an ice cream van, but they wind up as fully armored monsters with giant tires and all sorts of accessories for defeating zombies. In order to upgrade your cars, you'll need to play through each level and focus on earning as many points as possible. Unless you're looking to spend money on microtransactions, this means you'll need to beat a level several times to upgrade a car and get the most out of your wheels.

Unlike in the previous game, Earn to Die 2 requires you to play specific cars on each level. This means that you'll have to upgrade all of the vehicles in the game to make it to the end, as upgrades are somewhat mandatory to beat each level. As a result, Earn to Die 2 is a fairly long game. You'll have to play through levels over and over again to get your car souped up enough to get close to the finish line.

One of the microtransaction opportunities in Earn to Die 2 is the ability to spend some cash before a level to upgrade your car's fuel. These upgrades aren't something you'll want to splurge on every time, but you may find that you need to get a small fuel boost in order to fully complete the game's harder levels. This gives the game a somewhat scummy feel since it's not really you against the world anymore. Instead, it's you against your accumulated currency as you try to squeak out enough mileage to get your car to your goal.

Earn to Die 2 knows what it's about - mowing down zombies and causing mayhem with a custom car. The game has a slowdown effect and displays the word "Awesome" on the screen whenever you destroy a lot of boxes, land from a really long jump, or otherwise cause a great deal of mayhem. The feeling of driving around at high speed and leaving a trail of carnage and dead zombies in your wake is great, and Earn to Die 2 has done a good job of providing lots of incentives and excuses to play through each level more than once, giving you lots of time to have fun and destroy zombies while you're at it.


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Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die 2
Earn to Die 2

How to play

Earn to Die 2 is controlled through four main buttons. You've got your accelerate button (or your gas pedal), your boost button, and two buttons to rotate your car. These buttons are extremely valuable for navigating the game's maps, as they'll help you traverse gaps and go off jumps while getting your car rotated correctly for the landing. Don't hit them too hard, however. Instead, use your finger to gently tap the rotation buttons for the minimum amount of time. Lingering on the sensitive rotation controls for too long can quickly flip your car and end your run.

The gas pedal, on the other hand, should usually be held down. In fact, you'll want to use your boost to keep your speed up even higher. Try to time your boost for uninterrupted uphill sections where you can overcome gravity, go fast, and catch a huge amount of air, and clear big sections of the level.

Most of the levels in Earn to Die 2 have more than one path that you can take. As you play through each level, pay attention to these alternate paths and think about what you'll need to do to take the other ones. Just like in most games, the paths that are harder to stay on tend to give you a better outcome than the paths that you fall onto by accident. It's especially important to pay attention to this if you're grinding a level over and over again for cash, as you'll want each run to be fast and efficient.

Your engine and transmission tend to be the most important stats on your car to upgrade. These stats will help you accelerate fast and have a high top speed, allowing you to mow through zombies with ease. Other stats, like guns and fuel, should come after these crucial upgrades. Remember that each level in Earn to Die 2 forces you to play a specific car, so you don't need to upgrade your car beyond the minimum point to beat each level. Once you get close, spend a bit of currency on special gas and plow through so you can get to the next car and start upgrading that instead.

That said, the minimum point to beat each level is pretty close to maxing out everything on your car. If you do decide to go all the way and get every upgrade for a vehicle, the car will get a special engine boost that will help it go just a little bit faster. This might not alleviate the need for a fuel boost altogether, but it will make the run a smidge easier. Don't be afraid to go the extra mile and fully max out your car for harder levels.

Finally, as you progress through the game, don't be afraid of slowing down a little bit for obstacles. Things like stacked boxes will slow you down in boost while hitting other obstacles too hard can damage your vehicle or even end your run. This means you'll want to slightly slow down for certain sections and think about how you approach each obstacle. Sometimes, you'll want to rotate your car differently or choose a different path.

Are you a fan of Earn to Die 2? What's your favorite car? Let us know how many in-game days you've played, your favorite levels, and if we missed any tips and tricks in the comments below!




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