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CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
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Love playing car racing games or drift games? Then you must have already heard about the popular drift-game named CarX Drift Racing. The good news is that it has come up with a more advanced and evolve sequel of this game - CarX Drift Racing 2. At present, it is one of the top 50 best car racing games available for your mobile. It is a complete free to get and play game. But you can make some in-app purchases in order to enhance your gameplay. To know more about this game and how you can play it, read on.

Don't play any car racing game, when you can enjoy the tandem drifting with lots of customizing options with this mobile game. This sequel comes with some amazing options for you to customize your gameplay enhancing your experience. You can take part in the club races too. All new improved graphics and physics of this game can bring the fun and joy for you. It is surely one of the best drift and race mobile games available in the market. There are many players all around the world who is playing this game already. 

What make this game an amazing option for you and a popular one around the world are its features. These features are designed in such a way that they can help you to enhance your game plan. Some of the significant features of this game are:

● Comes with online rooms

● Earn rewards and achieve ranks

● Customize and auto-tune with visual graphics

● Tune your cars like the way you want

● Realistic car racing graphics

● Compete against the real racers

● Multiplayer game with access to premium vehicles

● Create a club of your own

Talking about the graphics, you can be assured that you will enjoy it thoroughly. The superb graphics can offer you a more realistic feel to the game which you will love. The cars, tracks and race feel quite real. Once you know exactly how to play this game, it will be quite easy for you to start the game. We have discussed about how you can play this game below in the next section.

The best thing about this racing game is that you have a choice to create a club of your own or you can even join a club that you want to. You can team up with other club members to prove who the best one is in the car drifting. You can also interact with the club members and other players of this game directly through the app. This makes it easier for you to communicate freely.

You will also get coins as your daily reward in this game. You can earn more experience and coins by racing and winning them. You can also increase the fuel tank by about 5 points. Overall the game is quite interesting, fun and addicting. You will never know when the time passes while you are playing this game. Hence, it is a perfect game for you if want to kill your boredom while you are sitting alone or waiting for something/someone.


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CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2
CarX Drift Racing 2

How to play

From the above description about CarX Drift Racing 2 game, it is quite clear that the game is really amazing and fun. If you too are interested after knowing about this game, then you must take it to the next step. The next step is to get the mobile game and start playing it. But before that, you need to know some of the basics about how you can play this game effectively. 

Here are some of the steps that you need to follow to play this game:

Step #1: Race & Earn

This is a racing game where you have to simply race with other racers and earn coins. You can race against any players around the world or you can even race against your friends. Choice is yours! You can earn valuable rewards if you achieve different missions or tasks that are given to you in this game. You can even watch other players by using a drone camera.

Step #2: Tuning for improved performance

The best part of this game is that you can tune in the car just like the way you want to. You can replace the lights, change the mirrors and bumpers. You will be able create some amazing changes to the car to make it look a car of your dreams. Besides the aesthetics, you can even change or customized the engine, gear box, turbine pressure and brakes to enhance the performance and make it better and more efficient. With more customization and improvisation, you will be able to upgrade the performance of the car too.

Step #3: Race against real players or friends

Once you have upgraded your car in CarX Drift Racing 2, you need to check the performance too. For that, you can race against the friends or players that are available from different parts of the world. This can help you to improve your racing and drifting skills. You can also take part in the competitions that are held occasionally for winning better and bigger rewards.

Step #4: Create clubs or join it

To make sure that you are not alone in this game, you can create a club of your own. Racers can join your club as club members. You can also choose to join a club that is already available. You can interact with the racers and club members there and discuss the game

Doesn't this sound amazing? Well, you need to try out this game at least once and you will love it. Now that you already know how to play, get the game and start. Play this game and compete against other players or racers around the world. You can also invite friends to play with you. Once you play this game, make sure to come and leave your feedbacks or tips regarding CarX Drift Racing 2 in the comment section below. This can help the new players to know more about his game and they will also like to try it out.




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