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Minecraft is a game that’s unlike any other. That’s not to say there aren’t other games like minecraft out there, but it is in a league of its own. If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s rather simple. When you load it up and create a new world, you’re thrown into a procedurally generated 3D openworld experience. At first glance, it might feel like an older game because of its blocky look, but don’t be fooled by first appearances. Under the surface, Minecraft is an infinitely deep game with many layers, like an onion or a parfait. 

It is also possibly one of the most popular games ever made, you don’t have to take my word for it though. There have been over 200 Billion views of Minecraft content on Youtube and if that’s not enough proof, I don’t know what is. 

The reason I love the game as much as I do is quite simple really. Below the simple mechanic of breaking blocks to place them somewhere else lies an incredibly rich experience where you can create to your heart's content. Do you want to build ridiculously efficient farms that produce more of one resource than you’ll ever need? Do it. Do you want to create a circuit that shoots TNT at your friends bases? You can do it, but I would probably not if I were you. There are even computers that have been built using the mechanics of the games, working computers.

Oh is that still not enough for you? Two words, Modded Minecraft. We don’t have enough words in this article to get too deep into this but with mods like RLCraft, Vault Hunters, Sky Factory, Infinity Evolved etc., The sky really is the limit. 

Minecraft is a game that fosters creativity. It helps people of all ages keep their minds active and is a place where people can learn critical life skills like problem solving, working under pressure, social interactions, logical reasoning and so much more. Being able to stay in touch with friends from all over the world in a time where contact is often hard to come by is a real blessing, and Minecraft is able to provide that without any hassle.

The game is available to play for almost all ages and is one of the best games to get both kids and adults interested in the gaming world. The simplicity of the game allows for this, but its depth is what keeps people playing for thousands of hours. 

Which brings me to one of the biggest drawbacks, time. You can sink thousands of hours into the game, and in the real world that can mean…well, nothing. You are progressing digitally, spending hours in front of a screen and not ‘achieving’ anything. Which is perfectly okay, unless it becomes unhealthy. Too much of a good thing can sometimes really be no good at all. Health concerns from sitting for long periods of time, becoming socially recluse, developing a need to play, etc.. These are all general things to avoid and with any game can be really detrimental if you find yourself caught up by them. 

Another one of the drawbacks is that the game does look a little odd to those not used to it. A game of mostly squares is not everyones cup of tea and Minecraft is often referred to as a kids game just because of the way it looks. 

If you're looking for a game where you can let your creative juices flow while spending some quality time with friends, Minecraft is certainly the game for you. Once you're gotten to know the basics, why don't you challenge yourself a little as well, search for some youtube content. I hear Hermitcraft is great. Or just go check out Curseforge for all the newest mods and modpacks!


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How to play

Why is it so popular, you may be wondering. Part of the fun is the simplicity, you start from nothing but very quickly start learning how to gather blocks and build simple structures

One of the confusing things to new players is gamemodes. There are four of them to choose from and in each you can do different things. I’m going to come straight out and say it though, there is no best mode to play the game other than the one you prefer, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. 

Arguably though, the “main” game mode is Survival. In survival mode, you need to use your skills to accumulate resources and fend off multiple types of enemies or ‘mobs’ while doing so. They can be not so friendly and are often the cause of a little frustration. Creepers, we’re looking at you…

Another popular game mode is Creative. In this mode you get access to every block in the game and can zoom around effortlessly in any direction using Creative Flight. You are also able to instantly break any block with your magical fists, no need for any tools. 

The next mode is Spectator where you can fly around just as you can in creative mode, but with the twist of being able to fly through blocks. In Spectator mode you’re also not able to break or place any blocks, but you can spy on your friends by opening their chests and other storage containers. 

The last mode is Adventure mode, in this mode you get to explore creations from other Minecrafters. Most blocks are not able to be broken in this mode, and special tools need to be provided if the map creator wants this to be possible. It’s a mode that is great for mini-games and story-telling and is often overlooked by some players. 

Let's focus on survival when talking about actually playing the game though, just for ease sake. The objective is really simple, there is no objective. How you play the game is totally up to you. While this might sound daunting, don’t let it scare you off. Most new worlds require you to do the same thing when you first start out, punch a tree. Once you do this, you need the tools you make from that tree to make other tools so that you can get even better tools. All of this is so that you can collect any block you want to in the game as they are all unique in some way.  

Okay fine, there is an “end” of the game so to speak where you have to slay a wonderfully friendly dragon in a totally different dimension, but you can play the game for hundreds of hours and never need to do this if you prefer not to. 



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