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A classic match-3 game, Fishdom has had years of constant updates and polish. As a result, it's one of the best and most fun match-3 games on the mobile market! As you play, you'll be able to earn in-game currency to build a beautiful aquarium full of incredible fish, each with its own personality.

Fishdom is a mobile match-3 game first released in 2008. Since 2019, it's followed a "freemium" model, meaning the game itself is free to download. In order to make money for the developer, some of the in-game currencies are sold for real money in an in-game shop. At first, Fishdom is incredibly easy to play without spending money, but as you progress further into the game, you may find that your playtime each day is limited unless you spend a bit of cash.

Almost all of the gameplay in Fishdom follows a basic match-3 template. When you start a new round, a large grid is populated by various symbols. To play the game, you switch the location of two of these symbols to try to get 3 or more of the same symbol to appear adjacent to each other in the same row or column. Once this happens, all of the matching tiles disappear, moving the rest of the grid. 

At the start of the round, several symbols are surrounded by golden borders. The goal of each level is to clear all of these golden bordered symbols off of the grid. As you play through the level, a number of special tiles will spawn in, giving you the ability to use dynamite to clear a large section of the board and take advantage of other powerups.

Fishdom is advertised heavily with ads depicting a more generalized puzzle game. Every once in a while, you're given the opportunity to play a mini-game involving one of these more general puzzles. One example involves a fish moving through a tube. Every so often, you are prompted to choose one of several objects to allow the fish to get past an obstacle. Another example involves a fish caught in a complex web of interlocking tunnels and levers. You get to pull on various levers to allow the fish to escape safely. While these minigames are fun and engaging, they don't happen very frequently. Expect to play quite a few rounds of match-3 in between these minigames, and expect them to disappear once you get high enough level in Fishdom.

Part of the appeal of FIshdom is the ability to create a detailed, customized fish tank. As you clear match-3 levels and minigames, you get various in-game currencies that you can use in a special shop. You can use these currencies to purchase fish, decorations, and even entire themes that you can apply to your in-game aquarium. Each fish is lovingly crafted and has its own personality, meaning you'll enjoy watching them swim around in the little world you built and interacting with each other. 

The detailed aquarium building mode and the well-crafted match-3 gameplay make Fishdom a great game to spend a few minutes on each day. While the freemium model punishes playing for hours on end once you hit high levels, the game is much more fun if you play it in shorter spurts. This way, you'll get to appreciate your aquarium when you log in. Since you make steady progress, you'll always have new fish and decorations to look forward to the next day.


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How to play

Like most match-3 games, taking a bit of time to think ahead before you make moves can really help your experience in Fishdom. Before you move a tile, take a moment to consider what the board will look like afterward. In many cases, the most obvious move is not the correct move. Without thinking ahead, you'll often miss better moves that can make levels much, much easier. Timed game modes may stretch this advice, but the practice you have in thinking ahead on normal game modes will help you both identify moves more quickly and allow you to select better moves than more impulsive players.

The key to success in Fishdom is to match your boosters, powerups, playtime, and events. In other words, you'll have to carefully manage all of your resources. When you get boosters, make sure that you use them on levels that matter while you have time to play. This often means playing on the weekends for an extended period of time, participating in teams and leagues, and trying to fight for the top of the leaderboards. While accomplishing all of this is hard at first, utilizing the basic concept is definitely something you can do right out of the gate.

The easiest thing to implement first is some self-discipline with powerups. Having powerups available for when you really need them will help you get a lot more out of your playtime in Fishdom. If you can, try to clear every level without powerups, using them only as a last resort. Not only does this ensure that you have powerups stockpiled for difficult levels, it also ensures that you'll have them on levels that are more important to you. By stockpiling powerups, you'll be able to make every minute of playtime count for the most.

Another solid trick is to take breaks. Not only does this ensure that the game's freemium system works in your favor, not against you, it also helps your brain take the time to rest and reflect on your gameplay so far. People don't often learn tasks in one sitting. Instead, by taking some time away from a task, their brains have time to organize the information that they received and even synthesize new information from other sources. This means that intentionally planning to only play Fishdom for a short time on most days will help prevent frustration, help you improve faster, and ensure that you don't waste boosters or powerups when you don't really need them.

Whenever you log in each day, examine your stock of boosters, powerups, currencies, and the available events. If you're patient, you'll find that every week or so there's a solid lineup of factors that can allow you to make an incredible amount of currency and level up fast. Look for things like timed unlimited life plus difficult timed levels, allowing you to repeatedly play the level without diamonds. By sticking with the hard level for the duration of your unlimited life, you'll beat it and get lots of rewards.

Do you play Fishdom? What are you favorite fish? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear all of your favorite tips and tricks, your favorite minigames, and more!



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