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Bad Spider Thief
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Bad Spider Thief is a fun action game with an interesting and unique plot. The best thing that you will like about this game is that each and every level is different from that of the previous one. It is not always the same thing and hence the game remains interesting even after you play the levels continuously. But don't steal when the police officer is looking at you!

This is a simulation game which is developed by YoloGame. It is a thrilling game where you have to use your brain as well as your shooting skills to steam various items and treasures in different levels. You have to be very careful while you play this game and use your memory, creativity, logic, skills to solve problems and intelligence for stealing the items or to escape from a certain situation efficiently.

There is a police officer in each level and if you are caught by him while you steal, then you will go to jail. This means you will fail that level. Once you fail, you will have to replay that level again to move to the next one. This game comes with amazing features that make this game even more interesting than ever.

It is quite simple to understand and easy to play

Has a humorous side to the game process

Comes with some brain-pushing and endless fun levels

Perfect exercise for your brain

Highly engaging and addictive 

Perfect game for pastime with riddles in it

Provides witty and funny game effects and sound

This game is all about the concept that the superheroes don't have to be always correct. Some can be mischievous and bad too. You can experience being a superhero yourself in the Bad Spider Thief game and be a fun and mischievous one. As it is quite an easy-to-play fun game, it is available for kids too. The age rating provided by the developer for this game is 4+ i.e. anyone aged 4 or more can play this game.

In the Bad Spider Thief game, you have to steal underwear, foods and other belongings as well as troll people on street for fun. All these must be done very carefully. You have to steal making sure that you are not getting caught by the police officer present in the game. Once you get caught in the eyes of the police officer, then it is a GAME OVER for you.

This is all about the description of the game. Wondering how you can play the game? Well, it is quite easy to play without any special skills needed. What you need here most is the creativity and a bit of intelligence. You can play this game quite easily. Read on to know more about how you can play this game below.


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Bad Spider Thief
Bad Spider Thief
Bad Spider Thief
Bad Spider Thief
Bad Spider Thief
Bad Spider Thief
Bad Spider Thief
Bad Spider Thief

How to play

Bad Spider Thief is a fun game that is very easy to play. Even kids can play this game easily and smoothly without any complications. First of all, you have to get this game first and once the game is installed you have to click on the game icon or menu option on the home screen. The game will load and start. You have to start playing from the first level. How to play the game? Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: This game is about stealing and cheating. What to steal? In each level of the game, you will be given a task to steal something. It can be a food item, or someone's underwear, or even any belongings. You have to see what that particular level requires of you.

Step 2: After you know what you have to steal, you will have to shoot the spider web and steal it. All you have to do is point Spider-Man's finger in the direction of the thing you want to steal. You can see a red line aligned with your hand to help point you to where you are actually shooting. Adjust that pointer, then tap the screen to shoot the spider web to steal the item. Once it points to the correct place, the item will disappear, which means you have successfully stolen it.

Step 3: Up to now, this game seems easy and one-sided. But that's not the case. There is a twist that makes this game exciting and fun. Each level has a police officer available in the game. He will keep a close eye on what is going on around him. When you steal something, make sure that you are not caught by the police office present to save yourself from the police

Step 4: When you start the game, you will notice that the policeman will have a red light in his eyes. This indicates his vision. You have to make sure that when you steal something, you should not land in that red colored area. If so, that means you were caught stealing. You will be arrested and taken to jail. This means you didn't pass that level and you will have to play again.

So, obviously, you have to steal or do whatever the level asks you to do. Once you have completed all the tasks required by the level without being caught by the police, your goal will be complete and you will pass the level. After that, you will be moved to the next level.

Remember that the difficulty of the game increases as the levels increase. It requires more intelligence and patience to find out what is required, complete the trivia, and save you from the police. But all in all, this game is really fun and quite addictive to play. Once you start playing Bad Spider Thief, you will find each passing level quite interesting. Start playing the game and then share your experience after playing in the comments section below. This can help people find out more about this game and they will enjoy it too.



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  • The Spider-Man is gonna be bad and he’s gonna be hating stuff all the police officers and all that



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