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Axolochi is a charming and adorable virtual pet simulation game where players take care of and nurture their very own Axolochi, a fictional creature inspired by the real-life Axolotl amphibians. In the game, players must provide food, love, and attention to their Axolochi, ensuring its happiness and growth. As players progress, they unlock new features, customize their Axolochi's appearance, and discover exciting surprises.

All characters and levels of the game:

Axolochi focuses primarily on the player's interaction with their pet Axolochi. There are various Axolochi breeds available, each with its unique colors and characteristics. Players can customize their Axolochi's appearance by changing its skin color, patterns, and accessories. While there are no traditional levels in the game, players can unlock new items and decorations for their Axolochi's habitat as they progress.

What attracts the user most to the game:

The main attraction of Axolochi is its adorable and endearing gameplay. The Axolochis are designed with cute and expressive animations that evoke a sense of attachment and care in players. The game offers a simple yet immersive experience, allowing players to relax and enjoy the process of nurturing their virtual pet. The ability to customize and personalize the Axolochi's appearance and habitat also adds to the game's appeal, as players can create a unique and special bond with their virtual companion.

Why it is popular:

Axolochi has gained popularity due to its charming visuals, relaxing gameplay, and appeal to both casual and younger audiences. The game's focus on nurturing and caring for a virtual pet resonates with players who enjoy the sense of responsibility and companionship. The low-stress nature of the game, coupled with the cute and vibrant graphics, provides an escape from the daily grind and offers a lighthearted experience.

When the game was released and how many versions are currently available:

Axolochi was released in January 2018 for mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Since its release, the game has received regular updates and bug fixes, enhancing the gameplay experience and adding new features. As of now, there are no additional versions of Axolochi available, but the developer continues to support and update the existing game.

The most difficult part of the game:

Axolochi is designed to be a casual and relaxing game, without many challenging elements. The difficulty level is generally low, and the focus is on nurturing and enjoying the virtual pet experience. However, some players may find it challenging to manage their resources effectively, ensuring their Axolochi's happiness and fulfilling its needs promptly. Keeping track of food, love, and attention can be demanding for players who strive for optimal care and growth of their virtual pet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game:


Adorable and visually appealing graphics

Relaxing gameplay experience

Ability to customize and personalize the Axolochi's appearance and habitat

Suitable for casual players and younger audiences

Regular updates and support from the developer


Lack of complex gameplay mechanics and challenges

May not appeal to players seeking more in-depth and strategic experiences

Limited variety in terms of characters and levels

Reliance on repetitive tasks to fulfill the Axolochi's needs

What other games have been developed by the same developer:

Unfortunately, without specific information about the developer of Axolochi, it is challenging to provide details about other games developed by the same developer. However, it is common for game developers to create a range of games, and it's possible that the developer has worked.


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How to play

Axolochi is a delightful virtual pet simulation game that offers a simple and enjoyable gameplay experience. To play the game effectively and care for your Axolochi companion, certain skills and strategies can be beneficial. Here's a guide on how to play Axolochi and the skills needed to take care of your virtual pet.

Nurturing and Care:

The primary objective of Axolochi is to provide nurturing and care to your virtual pet. This includes feeding your Axolochi by selecting and dragging food items onto its mouth. Make sure to keep an eye on its hunger meter and provide food promptly. Additionally, giving love and attention to your Axolochi by petting, tickling, or playing with it will keep its happiness meter high. Regularly checking and fulfilling these needs is essential to keep your Axolochi healthy and content.

Resource Management:

Axolochi requires efficient resource management. As you progress in the game, you'll earn shells, the in-game currency, which can be used to purchase various items and decorations for your Axolochi's habitat. It's important to prioritize your spending, choosing items that improve your Axolochi's well-being or increase its happiness. Consider saving shells for more valuable upgrades and decorations as you unlock them.

Patience and Timing:

Certain activities in Axolochi require patience and timing. For instance, when your Axolochi is tired, it needs to rest in its hammock. Observing its tiredness meter and placing it in the hammock at the right time will ensure it gets sufficient rest. Similarly, during bathing time, wait for your Axolochi to finish playing with bubbles before proceeding to clean it.

Customization and Personalization:

Axolochi allows you to customize and personalize your virtual pet's appearance and habitat. Experiment with different skin colors, patterns, and accessories to create a unique Axolochi companion. Take time to explore and arrange decorations in its habitat, creating a cozy and welcoming environment. Let your creativity shine as you design a space that reflects your Axolochi's personality.

Observation and Responsiveness:

Observation is key to understanding your Axolochi's needs. Pay attention to its hunger, happiness, and tiredness meters. Promptly addressing these needs will prevent your Axolochi from becoming unhappy or sick. Additionally, observe your Axolochi's reactions to different actions and interactions. It will display various expressions and behaviors, indicating its mood and preferences.

Emotional Bonding:

Developing an emotional bond with your Axolochi is an important aspect of the game. Spend quality time with your virtual pet, interacting with it regularly. Showing love and care will strengthen your bond, leading to a happier and healthier Axolochi. Regularly engaging in activities and interactions will deepen your connection and create a sense of companionship.

Time Management:

Axolochi operates in real-time, meaning its needs and activities progress even when you're not actively playing. Managing your time effectively is crucial to ensure your Axolochi's well-being. Check in regularly to attend to its needs, feed it, and play with it. Set reminders if needed to maintain a consistent care routine.

Patience and Enjoyment:

Lastly, Axolochi is a game designed for relaxation and enjoyment. Embrace the calm and soothing atmosphere the game offers. Approach it with patience and a willingness to appreciate the simple pleasures of caring for a virtual pet. The more you immerse yourself in the experience, the more rewarding it will be.




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