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This is the perfect game for young makeup artists to test their eyelash combing skills and have fun along the way. We have gathered detailed information about this game to give you a comprehensive review. You can get a detailed description and ways to play the game in this article.

This is a fun filled game made by Crazy Labs LTD. The company is known for making simulation games. Their games are always on the top of the Play Store and Apple App Store. All the games of this game creator have been downloaded more than 1 billion. This game allows you to deal with your customers and make their eyes fresh. You can join this game for free. You can enjoy all the features of the game because they do not charge you to buy premium brushes. You have to unlock them by watching the ads. You can also name your character in the game.

Each customer has different requirements for their lashes. You may need to use various brushes and lashes to complete the task. The designers made this game to be fun. There are no particularly difficult levels in the game. You need to put your aesthetic skills to the test. You can handle this game very well if you understand the needs of your clients. This game is also suitable for children, because the game has an age requirement of 3 years and above. If you want your kids not to disturb your makeup items, you can let them play this game.

The game has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the Play store. iOS store statistics are the same. Eyelash Salon has over three thousand reviews on all these platforms. You may need 91MB of space on your phone to install the game. If you have a stable internet connection, the game will take a few minutes to install. After the installation is complete, the game will be 151MBs in size.

There is no need to add any information at the beginning of the game as you can start the game immediately. Most other simulation-type games require you to create an account first. These games try to collect your data to send in-game purchase offers. There is no such need in Lash Salon, because everything in the game is free.

It is better to use the Internet when playing this game. The game may ask you to view ads in order to unlock new items. This game has received a four-star rating in the game store. Most players like all aspects of this game. Everyone agrees that they enjoy playing this game because there are many interesting elements. There were some negative reviews because of the amount of ads. Whenever you unlock a new item, the game shows ads. You may have to use new brushes more often to give the customer a better look. It can force you to view ads every time you play the game.


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Lash Salon
Lash Salon
Lash Salon
Lash Salon
Lash Salon
Lash Salon

How to play

It is a fun-packed simulation game for makeup lovers. You can fulfill your dream to become an eyelash artist from this game because the game will allow you to meet the customer's demands. We will give you a step-by-step process to play the game.

It is easy to install the game as it does not have extensive hardware requirements. You can go to the play store or apple AppStore to install the game. The game will install with a single click when you have more than 90 MBs of free space on your mobile or tablet.

When you start the game for the first time, the screen will show Day 1 at the top. It will also show that you have zero coins. When you click the screen, it will take you to play the first level. You have to straighten out the fuzzy lashes at first. It will unlock a brush to apply the eyeliner. When you complete both tasks, it will give you 300 coins and access to the next level. You can double the coins if you watch the ad's video.

When you complete the first two tasks, the game will give you access to the mascara. Every level will help you unlock more items. You can get cleaning spray at the next level. Decorations, tweezers, eye shadows, lash extensions, eye contacts, lash lifting, and lip gloss are the items to unlock on other levels.The game also allows you to unlock different rooms. You can unlock the meeting room after you complete the second level. As you reach different levels, your salon will also expand.

Before going to the next stage, a lady will appear on the screen with the bad condition of the lashes. You can view the ad video to get a chance. If you complete the special level, you can get 500 coins at the start to unlock many items.

You can enter the second level after you complete or skip the special level. You have to color the lashes of a lady at this stage. It is better to move the brush in an 8-shaped pattern to complete the task faster. You can choose the color at this level. You will also get 200 coins when you complete the task.Tasks are divided according to the days. You can complete two tasks on the first day. The game will give you a 250 coins tip when the first day is complete. You can use these coins to buy special items from the store.

There is an option to shop for new items. You can access the shop by clicking the store button on the right side of the screen in the game. You will only get an option to unlock the items with ads at the first level. When you reach upper levels, the game will allow you to unlock items with coins.

You are welcome to share your game experience in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!



  • it is so fun it makes me feel like when i am older i can run a store for lashes.

    rose heart

  • it is cool


  • what do i think of this game is fun


  • it is fun


  • I think that it is good to try

    Kiara Mekis

  • I. Want. This. Game



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