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Clash Royale
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The company that made this game has five games on the online portals. Each of these games has millions of downloads. Clash Royale is one of the best games of the Supercell. They are also famous for Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars. The game has been downloaded more than a hundred million times on the Play store. The situation is the same in the Apple store also. There are many reasons we love this game. It is an action-packed strategy game. Most strategy games can lead to boredom because there is no fun. This game is easy to master at the start and challenges you when you go to higher levels. Many people do not spend money to increase their rank as they love to play the game. We also like this game because we know it is possible to win from an advanced player if you use the perfect strategy. Even if someone else outsmarts your strategy, you will learn something new. It is a strategy game with many ways to win. You can try thousands of variations of the strategy to win the game. As the game requires a strategic mind, the company gave it a 7+ rating. It means that the game is not suitable for children under seven years. The game also has 34 million reviews on the Playstore. The customer review star rating of this game is 4.3. It indicates that people play this game for a long time. It is also evident that there are few negative reviews. If you want to the game, you need to have an android version of 4.1 or above. The designers update the game regularly. They have updated it many times without any issues since the game was released in 2016. 3.2803.4 is the latest version of the game. The designers have released it in 2022. You need to have more than 138 MBs on your mobile to get this game. The game is free to install. There is no need to pay anything at the start as you game get the game on your mobile with a single click. You can also start the game without making an account. You may lose all your progress if you continue like this. There is no option to backup the game when you are playing as a guest. Once you have made the account, all your progress is linked to your email id. You can get back to your game even after you have uninstalled it if you have access to your email address. You can buy the things in the game with gold and other commodities. If you want to get a headstart, you can also spend some money in the store to get all the cards for the advanced levels. As you will battle with other players on the internet, it is better to polish your skills. There are many reasons we like this game. 


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Clash Royale
Clash Royale
Clash Royale
Clash Royale
Clash Royale

How to play

You need advanced technical and analytical skills to win battles in this game as you have to focus on the gaming strategy. It is hard to win this game without a perfect strategy. We will guide you about the game from the point of installation so you can play the game perfectly from the start.


When you search the Clash Royale on the Playstore or iOS app store, the game will appear on the top. There is no need to search the game in the list as the Playstore algorithm will take you to the authentic game. You need to click install now to start the installation process. You may need more than 150Mbs to start the download.

Starting the game

When you start the game, it will let you play a demo level. You will have some preinstalled cards to add to the game. You can play by pressing on the cards on sending them to specific locations on the battlefield. When you win the battle, it will take you to the main menu. You will also get a chest with some rewards. The chest has 18 gold coins and three cards.

Level upgrade

When you have gold, you can upgrade your characters in the game. You will find an icon at the bottom of the game menu to find the characters. At the start, you can only upgrade the first few characters you unlocked. It will take five gold coins to take the character to upgrade. You may have to upgrade many times to take it to next level. Most characters upgrade three types of powers. Your character will increase damage, damage per second, and health points from the upgrade.

First level

You can go to the first level after upgrading the characters. You can press the cross sword button at the bottom to go to the next battle. The game will let you use your cards to fight against the other army. Your buildings are blue and the enemy buildings are red in this stage. Your army has to cross the bridge to get to the enemies. You cannot deploy your armies across the bridge till you have damaged all the enemy installations from that place. Every building covers some area and prevents the deployment of enemy troops.

Online multiplayer gaming

You can play the clash royale online with random people or your friends. You can go to the multiplayer game mode and let it match you online for the battle. If you win many games, you may get a chance to play against the players at a high level. You can also play it with your friends. It is possible with the party mode.


No one can deny that clash royale is an excellent strategy game with action and battle. You can play it online and with your friends. It is hard to promote to the higher levels because every upper level needs double points. Please share your clash royale experience in the comment section below so that more people will like this game.



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