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Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
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It is a strategy-based game where you can fight strategic battles with people online and team up to increase your rewards. You can join millions of other people online and build your village. This game lets you make a small village with a level one town hall. You can grow your armies and resources to level up the town hall and increase the character's abilities.

Supercell is a game designer company. They are experts in the mobile gaming industry as they specialize in designing the best strategy games. They designed this game and many others. There are many ways to win the game as you can work on your defense by building defensive buildings. You can also level up your walls to prevent an enemy attack. You can also make an offensive force by increasing the number of fighters in your village. If you have resources, you can upgrade the soldiers to attack the other's villages. If you win, you will get part of the resources of the others.

You can install the game on your mobile with a single click. Millions of people play this game every day. It is a brain challenging game as it recommends people of ten years and above play this game. The game has millions of positive reviews on the Playstore. The statistics are the same for the other platforms. You need more than 200 MBS to download the Clash of Clans.

We love this game because it is full of surprises. When you go online to play with others, there is no way to know who will come against you. The game will let you skip the battle if you believe that you cannot defeat the opponent. You may also get a surprise message that your village is under attack. This game will keep you engaged all the time as no one knows when someone may attack. If you have not built a strong defense, you need to open the game and lead the battle.

You can also make clans with other villages. Clash of Clans lets you fight with other clans. If you have a strong team with you, you have a high chance of winning the game. People can work together in clans to make battle strategies. Some villages can work on the defense to fight against the attacking clans. Other villages can work on offensive measures to win battles. When both villages collaborate, there is a high chance of winning the game.

It is a free game as you do not need to pay anything to start. It is possible to level up your town hall and other buildings without using money. You can use the resources from the game. If you want to increase the speed of progress, you can spend some money in the game store to buy gems. The gems will let you buy anything in the game. You can also collect gems when you complete challenge levels and increase town hall levels.


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Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans

How to play

This game is for people who love battle-based strategy games. There are millions of ways you can implement your strategy. You can create a new strategy when you change one aspect. Hoarding resources can work for strong villages. If you are weak, people will take all your resources after winning a battle.


It is easy to install this game on your mobile and tablet devices. You can go to the Play Store or iOS app store to install this app with a single click. You need to have more than 200 MBs free on the device to download it. You can play the game without paying anything or making an account. The game lets you play as a guest. You will not be able to save the progress in the guest mode.

First impression

The game will start with a tutorial. The game will allow you to take some simple steps to move forward. You will fight one battle against the goblins to win it. After you have won, Clash of Clans will let you repair the village and build huts for the builders. You need to install the chambers to store elixir and gold.

Making troops

You can make troops after you have built training buildings. You can ask the game to make many troops. It will take some time to train them. As you move towards the high-level fighters, training time will increase drastically. You may have to wait for days to make an army. There is a way to reduce the training time. If you use gems, you can get the troops instantly.

Fighting goblins

You can start by fighting the goblins as this quest will help you gain resources to build your village. The game will not let you go to the advanced level without clearing the easy levels. As you win a battle, the next stages unlock. It also creates a suspense factor in the game as you cannot see the next level. People go to the upper levels because they want to know what is hidden in the goblin village.

Online battles

When you upgrade your town hall, the game will let you battle other people online. When you click the online battle mode, the game will start a random search. You can fight with the village or skip to find a more suitable opponent. When you find the perfect stage for battle, you can send your troops. Once the soldiers are in the village, you cannot skip. It is crucial to look for hidden towers that protect the villages.

Winning strategy

You can win most battles in this game if you work on defense and offense. You can upgrade your town hall to get high-level walls as walls will protect your village from all the invasions. Your defense towers should be strong to increase damage per second. You also need to train more troops to go to other's villages and win the fight. The game has introduced a revenge strategy. If you attack someone, they can take revenge. It is better to think before you send your soldiers.

You are welcome to share the game experience in the comment area below. It will help more people like you to play this game!




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