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An Island full of armed assassins, only one will conquer the chicken dinner.

Concerning the popularity of PUBG, it is a fast-paced action game. And PUBG Mobile has been proven to be more successful than other games in the gaming industry. It's readily the topic of conversation at most gatherings, and even little updates generate news headlines. Because the game is so popular, there's a good chance your smartphone has PUBG installed, and you've either played in the last hour or are planning a group match in the coming hours.PUBG is about survival while fighting and camping on different lands with some of your friends or players from different regions. Parachute in the massive free-for-all battleground.

You can dress up your character with outfits that you'll receive by completing the missions. You can also purchase exclusive outfits by utilizing Royale Pass that can be bought against the real currency. 

To make your experience more fun, you can play in the squad with four friends. Playing as a team is more challenging and thrilling. You can even share your resources and revive your friend if down.  

It's up to you to pick a fight. Suppose someone fires you from a distance. Fight back if you are equipped with enough firepower and have your teammates by your side

You can play PUBG solo, duo, or squad in different game modes, i.e., classic or arcade.  

While fighting for your survival, you might encounter many players known for different traits, like a Loot Hunter who is reckless greed, and you can usually find him in the area where there is bling.

Diamonds and coins are the essential assets you would ever want to have. You can get free diamonds by completing tasks or missions such as staying in a training session for a minimum of 10 minutes to get a reward of 30x diamonds.

In PUBG Mobile, the diamond currency can restrict specific things. For example, suppose you wish to draw premium crates. In that case, you can use this diamond currency to ban regular things, increasing your odds of winning legendary and mythic items when you withdraw the premium box. You can also ban legendary things you already own to obtain a new one.  

You can also earn money while playing a game. You might not believe it, but one of the effective ways to make money while playing PUBG is to go Live. When you are Live, individuals watching your stream are your assets who bring you real cash. 

If you think that you can win tournaments, winning tournaments is another way of making money. You can also participate in big events like PUBG Global Invitational, PUBG Online, PGL Invitationals, Global Loot League, etc. Each event offers a different set of rewards to the players. If your performance is efficient, you can also be among the best players. 

You can play both solos or in a team. It is up to you. 


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How to play

When you decide to play PUBG Mobile, the first that you might get confused about is whether to start the game in the first-person perspective or the third-person perspective. 

The First-person perspective (FFP) is to play the game from your character's perspective to understand it better. FFP allows you to play like a traditional shooter. In comparison, the Third Person's Perspective (TPP) shows your entire character model in the game. TPP is more exciting because it allows you to gather more information around the corners and behind the covers because of the camera angle. 

Once you've logged in, you'll load into spawn island and wait for the game to start and the plane to take you away. On your map, the aircraft has a visible flight path that you can observe as it goes across the island. 

Jump off the aircraft and parachute to the land once you've decided where you want to land.If you stay in the plane, you'll be dropped off at the map's edge and descend with everyone else who didn't leap. That's usually everyone who's unconnected, which means you can massacre them all and get quick kills.

Before fighting, you'll want to collect items once you're on the ground. Loot is items such as weapons, gear, and first aid supplies when scattered across the map. You can often find those loot items in buildings.

Once you land, the first thing that you must do is pick up ammunition and weapons to protect yourself and equip your backpack to carry as much loot as you can. You can also loot to pick up healing items that include bandages, first aid kits, and medkits. Healing items help in restoring your health, usually after a brief delay. 

The amount of damage depends on the type of weapon you use. You can also scroll through the auto fire, burst fire, or single fire when you shoot your guns. 

As you begin to loot and engage in fights, remember that the blue circles that appear throughout the game are the play zone. If you are in danger and can be killed, you can look for the next safe zone on the map. 

Motorcycles, automobiles, buggies, jeeps, vans, and boats appear on the map and can be used to speed up your progress. Vehicles, on the other hand, produce more noise and can be damaged, resulting in an explosion zone.

Airdrops will be dropped throughout the game. These crates contain unique weapons and equipment to reward those that pursue them on the map.

A red zone can be found in minor portions of the map. The map region gets blasted after an initial warning time, and if you are without cover, you may be taken out from above.

If you see a player die in the game, all of the dead player's loot would be left in a crate; you can walk towards it and carry whatever loot you need. 

When shooting at long distances, you may also need to lead your shots if a player is running away at an angle.

Share your PUBG Mobile gaming experience with us in the comment section below. Your feedback can motivate a player to play again. 



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  • This game is so cool I love it so much I have played it before it was amazing game like I have to give it like five stars for being the best game of his life like Bruh look at this game like it’s so good game good guns in the game do you like all that stuff so yeah I love it.



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