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"Ready your blade, Go frenzy, and be a Fruit Ninja Champion."

Fruit Ninja 2 is the long-awaited successor to one of the App Store's and Google Play Store's most popular games in history. Of course, the original's objective was to simply slash fruit and escape the bombs (and avoid falling fruit), but this game now includes several modes of play, PvP modes, ranks, a plot, and more.

You can also earn various currencies, such as jewels, that you can use at the store. You may acquire additional characters to customize your appearance, weapons to boost your scoring bonuses, taunts to annoy your opponents, and more!

It's up to you to choose your character. 

Wardrobe changes: 

You can give your character multiple wardrobe changes that suit you best. Wardrobe changes do not affect gameplay. 

Express your style: 

Pass the levels, unlock the styles, and express your style as much as possible. 

Slash shiny strokes: 

Your blade selection does not affect your gameplay but help you to make shiny strokes across the board when slicing the fruits. 

Are you planning to participate in different events to get greater rewards?

But participation in special events requires you to use tickets. You can get event tickets by participating in other time-limited events. 

Most of the time, the rewards you get after completing a mission or winning a competition are loot boxes, power-ups, blades, costumes, and tickets. 

Completing seasonal missions is the greatest way to get free gems. These tasks reset at the end of each season, and each one has many star ratings, allowing you to repeat them for gems. Go ahead and complete them all if you want to earn a lot of money.

Furthermore, if you purchase the Premium Battle Pass, you will be able to gain a variety of additional benefits by leveling up the pass. You can also level it up to 70+ to obtain rare skins, blade shards, gold, gems, etc.

You might think how it is possible to get a high score when the gameplay is bound to be for 60 seconds. Fruit Ninja 2 gives you some frozen fruits to be sliced, and those fruits freeze the time, and you get the chance to slice as many fruits as you can. 

Upgrading your blades is critical to be more efficient in slicing fruits. However, upgrading blades can be costly. You might need purple upgrade crystals or gold coins. 

You can easily earn gold coins by simply playing the game as they are common rewards that you receive as your achievements. At the same time, you can get purple upgrade crystals by participating in events, finishing season pass quests, and diving into multiplayer mode. 

You can easily spend your rewards once you pass level 5 to upgrade your tools in the in-game shop. 

Not only this, Fruit Ninja 2 allows you to test your fruit-slicing skills by providing you opportunities to challenge other ninjas around the world. It is the best way to bring out the best player in you. 


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Fruit Ninja 2
Fruit Ninja 2
Fruit Ninja 2
Fruit Ninja 2
Fruit Ninja 2

How to play

The arcade mode that differs slightly from the classic game gives you 60 seconds to try to get high score and as many points as possible is the first mode available. To gain a combo bonus, slash three or more fruits in a row, and slash multiple combos to get the blitz bonus for even higher points.

On the other hand, classic requires you to play for as long as possible. You're done if you hit a bomb, and you're done if you miss three fruits.

A bomb is the fastest way to tank an arcade mode run; therefore, avoid them, even if it means missing out on a combination. Fruit will cease arriving for a while if you hit a bomb, destroying your attempts at big scores and combination blitzes.

When you receive power-ups, use them as often as possible because they recharge. Make sure you use them when they're supposed to be used - for example, don't use the Great Wave when there's a bomb on the screen because it increases the possibilities of striking it, and if you hit it while the wave is developing, the fruit won't be launched.

In this game, leveling up is primarily a slog, so pick your preferred game mode to play, or turn it off if you just want a change of pace. Make a point of completing the daily objectives quickly, as they grant a considerable amount of experience as a reward.

After reaching level 4, you'll be able to join a league. When you do, you'll be able to compete for gold and rank against other gamers. The more you win, the higher tier the leagues get, and the larger your awards become.

The store will be unlocked once you reach level 5. You can go here once every four hours to watch videos for experience points, spend gems on daily specials, and spend money on gems. In addition, free daily boxes containing upgrades, new characters, and new weapons are available.

Finally, when you reach level 7, you'll be allowed to access the garden. You can grow seedlings here and get prizes such as upgrades due to your efforts. Not only that, but you'll be able to finish seasonal tasks in this manner.

The rewards for nurturing the plants include jewels, coins, goods, and duplicate power-ups. It is a new way to farm your required goods. 

If you want to be the top Fruit Ninja Champion, you can get a high score. You can do this by: 

Always focus on bananas and ensure to slice them well. Be careful with bombs when banana power-up is active. Bombs instantly finish power-up. 

Try to use short strikes when you see a bomb on the screen. 

Do you find triggering combo bonuses difficult? Not anymore. 

Slice the fruits in one finger flick and get combo bonuses. 

Start over if you hit the bomb early or see no bananas after ten seconds. 




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