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Do you love to play football or simply love kicking around the footballs? Then you will surely love this game. Crazy Kick! is a shoot and score game designed for your mobile phones. This game is quite simple to play and you will love to play this game in your casual time. It is relaxing as well as quite interesting. Want to know more about this game? Read on to get a complete overview of this mobile game. 

Don't let your football skills go to waste as you can enjoy shooting the ball right into the goal in this game. You have to be fast and overtake your opponent to move swiftly with the ball. You need to shoot the ball and enjoy the real experience of playing football. The gameplay is quite simple. It is like dribble, then pass and then kick. This game can provide you with a real experience of playing football. You can control each and every movement and enjoy playing it thoroughly. 

It can be quite fun to kick around the ball and then score accordingly. Though the game is free to play, you can make some in-app purchases. Also, you can encounter some ads while playing this game. But overall the experience is quite fun where you have to control the soccer ball directly. The main mission of playing this game is to score some goals. While the gameplay is quite simple and easy, you have to make sure that you have a superb control over the ball. You can control the ball by simply sliding your finger on the mobile screen. Some of the best features of this game are:

● Free to play with simple and easy gameplay

● Controlling the ball is quite easy to do

● Comes with very attractive graphics 

● Face some players from the rival team while shooting the ball

● Fast-paced and interesting rounds

Crazy Kick! has got the perfect title as you need to kick the ball around by dodging the rivals. The situations that you will face in this game are quite interesting and it can help you to have a fun and exciting time. The only drawback to this game is that it misses the multiplayer elements. But the most important thing is that you can experiment on some of the riskiest moves in this game. If you carry out that move perfectly, then it will reward you with some extra points. This will help you to increase your final score for the game as well. 

Once you get the hold of this game, it is quite interesting and addicting. But you have to know exactly how to play the game perfectly in order to successfully climb up the levels. There is no doubt that the levels will get harder as it increases. You need to ensure that you are playing the game in the best way possible to keep scoring high to reach the next level. Want to know more about how you can play this game? Read the next section.


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Crazy Kick
Crazy Kick
Crazy Kick
Crazy Kick
Crazy Kick

How to play

Now that you have read the description of the game, it is quite obvious that you are intrigued by it. You must try this game once and you will surely love every bit of it. Since the game starts as soon as you tap on the �Play', you will hardly get time to understand how you can start. Hence, it is better to have a complete knowledge and better idea about the game and how you can play it. 

Don't worry as we are here to provide you with step by step instructions on how you can play Crazy Kick!  successfully. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

Step #1:

Once you get the game, tap on the icon to open it. You will get a play option and tap on that. Your game will start. You will notice a football in the game and a goalpost too where you have to kick the ball for scoring the game. So, the main thing is kick, pass and score.

Step #2:

There will be a lot of hindrances in the game. These can be your rivals or any object that you have to avoid for keeping the ball with you. You can pass it on and then score the point once the ball reaches to the goal. This is the main thing that you have to keep in mind. Reaching the goal is not easy. You will face different challenges and you have to dodge all those challenges to keep moving.

Step #3:

The scores for goal can vary from one shot to another. The better and the riskier the shot is, better the score will be. You can score a perfect 100 as well. But for that you have to be very lucky or you have to master the shots and passes perfectly. But as you level up, this can get harder for you to score. Hence, this game is also a lot of about patience. 

Step #4: 

You have to score 5 goals in order to reach the next level. Once you score 5 consecutive goals, you will be able to move to the next level. Each level comes with a different gameplay and surroundings. You will get to see different objects as your hindrance too in different levels. You have to score the goals in order to move to the next level. In case you fail to do that, you will have to replay the level again. 

So, the gameplay is quite easy and simple. All you have to do is to follow the above instructions and play the game perfectly. You may struggle to kick the ball around and score your point in the beginning, but it gets quite easier once you master the skills of kicking the football. What are you waiting for then? Get the game and start playing it today. Once you do, make sure to share your thoughts and reviews about the Crazy Kick! game in the comment section below. Let the rookie players to know more about this game too and let them try their best.




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