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Want to play some golf but don't have an access to any physical golf course? Well, you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing golf with the help of Golf Clash. It is a mobile game which comes with different beautiful courses and each of them are unique from one another. You can play on these courses against the players from around the world in real-time. To know about this game and how to play it, read on. 

Don't let your golf playing instinct go to waste! Swing your golf club and win some matches in real-time with this mobile game from the comfort of your home. This is a mobile multiplayer golf game which is quite popular among people. You can play different games here or you can even take part in the golf tournaments. These are quite interesting and exciting. The game comes with both one-versus-one games as well as you can challenge the Facebook friends to face you on the golf course. 

The points that you collect from the matches and tournaments can be used for different purposes. You can upgrade your clubs with that and it will help you to enhance your gameplay. Upgrading the golf club will increase your abilities. You can also unlock some of the tours as you start mastering the golf skills. This game will also provide you with some quests that you will have to fulfill to go ahead in the game. This game comes with some great features, such as:

● Comes with a 1 versus 1 real-time gameplay 

● Comes with revolutionary shot systems for playing golf

● Many golf course options to choose from

● Updated new courses every month

● Raise the stakes and progress more in this game

● Earn promotion in the league matches that happen every week

● Upgrade new clubs as well as balls to enhance your power and accuracy 

● Comes with chatting system with your opponent during the game

● Make golf clans to work together for earning rewards and sharing replays

The Golf Clash is not just a simple golf mobile game. It can provide you a real-time experience with the best in class animation and graphics. It can help you to enjoy game to the fullest. The best part of this game is that you can explore different golf courses that are unique in nature. Also, every week you will get to enjoy some league matches that you can take part in. On winning, you will get some great rewards that can be quite beneficial for you to move ahead in the game. 

Talking about the golf playing experience, the revolutionary shot system is really unique and advanced. Though this system is very easy to learn, it can take some time for you to master the shots completely. But once you do and you upgrade the clubs or balls, you can ace in every match or tournament you play. The rules are same like that of the real game with some added conditions that are explained below. To know more about how to play this game, read on.


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Golf Clash
Golf Clash
Golf Clash
Golf Clash
Golf Clash

How to play

After the complete description about this game, it is time for you to know how you can play the game. Playing Golf Clash is quite easy and simple. If you know how the golf is played in real or you are aware of the rules of the golf, then it will get easier for you to learn this game. It is a simple and easy to use mobile game that doesn't have much complex rules or conditions. So, play this game and show your efficacy in golfing.

Playing this mobile game for the first time? Don't worry as here are some of the steps that you have to follow to play this game in the best possible way:

Step #1

Once you Owning the game, you will be able to start playing it. First, you have to choose a golf club that you want to play with and a golf course. At first, the golf courses will be easy and simple. But as you start to move ahead in the game, the courses will be much more difficult and it will start getting harder. You can explore different places and courses in this game.

Step #2

You can play a one vs. one match in the golf where you can play against a complete stranger or you can even choose a Facebook friend. You can challenge any of your friends to play the match with you. Besides that, you can even take part in the league matches or the tournaments that have many golf matches. You have to win to get the rewards. 

Step #3

Master the revolutionary shot system which can help you to get better in the game. You can control the power and direction of the shot that you are taking. By practicing the shots, you can easily ensure that you are getting used to the different tactics of the game. When you master the shots, it will be easier for you to win more matches than ever. Though it can take some time to master the shots, you can do it by playing on a regular basis. 

Step #4

As you win more awards, you can unlock more golf courses and you can also upgrade the golf clubs and balls. With the upgrades, you can get more accuracy in the shots. You can enhance the power and accuracy of the direction while you take the shot. Hence, it is very important for you to upgrade the clubs and balls as you level up in the game.

Playing Golf Clash can be quite interesting and fun. You will love it every bit of the game and you can master the shots properly so that you can go ahead in the game. The main motive is to win more and more matches to unlock various upgrades that are waiting for you. Once you play the game, make sure to share your experiences and thoughts about the game in the comment section below. This can help others to know more about the game and they can also take keen interest in playing the game.




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