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Do you love to play baseball games? Then this is the right game for you. The Baseball Boy!, is a mobile game where you can play baseball like a pro. The app is developed by Voodoo and it's a challenging yet simple game where your goal is to hit the ball with full force. It's a fun-filled home run game, where you have to upgrade yourself to hit the ball at a great distance and unlock powerful bats. To know more about this unique and amazing game along with how to play it, you are at the right place. We are here to explain to you everything that you need to know about this game before you start playing it.

The Baseball Boy! is a derby-style home run game for Android and iPhone. To play the game you have to swing the baseball bat to hit the ball and throw it at a great distance to make the score. Although it's free to get the game, you have to buy the upgrades using the money when you hit the balls. This enhances the power, offline earnings, the bounciness of the ball, and its speed. When you start to earn offline, it will increase the money you gain when you are not playing it. The different attributes of this game will help you hit the ball farther, and assist in the bounces once it hits the ground, which will allow you to earn more money. 

This game has some interesting features that make it quite efficient as well as interesting among people. Because of these features, you can enjoy the game thoroughly. Some of the features that you need to focus on are:

● Enhance and enjoy your baseball skills

● Unlock different bats for levels

● Upgrade the stats of the baseball bats to improve your performance

● It's a straightforward game

While playing Baseball Boy! You need to focus on the stats of your character. In this game, the stats are divided into two sections, accuracy and strength. You can improve the stats by leveling up only. You can upgrade your profile, the moment you complete the targets. To fulfill the targets, you have to learn the right ways to play the game. You will get four types of upgrades for this game, offline, bounce, speed, and strength upgrade. Strength is the main upgrade, and the offline one will help you earn more money. 

Undoubtedly, you can upgrade all attributes when you have a lot of money in the game. To earn double or more, you have to opt for watching the ads; it will increase your wealth. However, if you want to win the game fair and square, then you need to turn off the internet connection and use your skills to become the true winner. The best part about this game is that it gets regular updates about the special events and seasons. Whether it is the New Year or any other famous festival, you will get some specialized updates that can be quite helpful for you.

Also, these updates can help you to get some special and unique every time. It keeps the interest intact. The game is available for free.  Talking about this game, it is a complete value for your time, you will have more fun and you can play anytime. The only thing that you need to know about it is how to play. To know how you can play this game in detail, read on. It will help you to understand thoroughly.


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Baseball Boy
Baseball Boy
Baseball Boy
Baseball Boy
Baseball Boy

How to play

After the complete Description of the game, you need to make sure that you are playing this game. It is an interesting game and all you need to know is how you can play this game. To make it interesting and better for you to understand, here are some of the interesting points that will help you in playing the game perfectly. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to play the Baseball Boy! successfully:

Step #1:

Baseball is a simple game, and you will find it easy with Baseball Boy! Click on the screen to swing the bat in full force, and look for the arrow across the game display. You won't have to take note of the time when you click to play the game. 

Step #2:

Once you hit the ball with your bat, wait to see the location the ball lands. If you have hit the ball at a great distance, you will earn more money. After the ball lands, you can collect the cash, or you can opt to watch the ad to make the amount double. 

Step #3:

Next, click on the four attributes located at the bottom of the game screen to upgrade them using the money you have earned. After some time, you will get free upgrades when you start to watch the ads. 

Step #4:

When you hit the ball farther, you will unlock new bats. It will help you strike the full swings efficiently. With the completion of each level, you have to upgrade the bats. 

Step #5:

You will get lots of ads in this game, and you must not avoid watching them. When you watch the ads, you will get double payments. This way you can increase your offline earnings and can buy more upgrades. 

These are the rules that you have to keep in mind when you are playing the game. The Baseball Boy! is a very easy play the game with no complicated rules. Anyone can play this game for relaxation and fun. 

When a week is about to end, you will get the upgrades for the speed, bounce, strength, and offline game. These upgrades are essential if you want to complete the quests and level up in the game. You have to use that upgrade properly and play this game.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to get this game today and start playing it as soon as possible. Also, after you play this game, make sure to share your thoughts, feedback, and reviews about this game in the comment section below. This can help the new players to know more about this game. It can help them to start the game on the positive note. Let us build a Baseball Boy! game community here by helping each other.



  • i love this game i used to play it when i was little



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