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Coin Master is a fun game where you build your village, upgrade it, accumulate money, and attack others to steal their treasures. The game objective is to be the richest player of all, the Coin Master.

In Coin Master, you will have your own village. The first thing you have to do is build the buildings: there are 4-6 per village. As you earn money, you will upgrade them. Each construction has 3 upgrades, each more expensive than the previous one.

When you fully upgrade the village, it's time to move to a new, more advanced level. At this new level, you will have to upgrade the new buildings again, and so on until you reach the highest levels!

Don't worry, as there are more than 100 villages you can discover. Upgrading your town takes time, so you'll have fun for a while. As you can imagine, this game mechanic is quite addictive and fun. It's only natural that the game has been in the top positions of the app store for so long. 

There are three basic ways how to earn gold in the game to upgrade your buildings and move forward.

1) A slot machine that gives you different prizes, from gold to protection for your village. This protection prevents you from being attacked, which we will cover later.

The slot machine consumes energy. If you run out of it, you will have to wait a few hours to refill it or buy it in-game. Or you can also get extra energy in one of the slot machine spins.

2) Attacking other villages: The slot machine might give you the option to attack other players. You'll target their constructions and gather money from them. When they log back into the game, they'll have to spend coins repairing the damages you caused.

3) Stealing other people's treasures: This is the fun part! Each player has a treasure (gold) buried underground. When the slot machine gives you 3 pigs, you target the current Coin Master. 

You will enter their village and spot four crosses (X) on the map. You can dig in 3 of 4, and there are only coins in 3. It means that you will always have a share of the prize by statistics. As you advance in the game, you will unlock a pet that will help you steal.

Although the game objective is to become the richest, it's in your best interest to spend the money you win on improving your village. Then if someone attacks you, there won't be many coins to steal from you, and you won't lose as much.

There are also the protective shields we mentioned before. You can get them in the slot machine and accumulate them. When someone attacks you, they can't because you have the shield!

One of the reasons we love this game so much is that there's always a new goal to achieve. Although you have to wait for energy levels to replenish, you always have something in mind to do next. That makes the game addictive and smoothes its way to the top of the store.

This is your go-to app if you enjoy healthy, fun competition with others and farming-like games where you upgrade buildings and build an empire.


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Coin Master
Coin Master
Coin Master
Coin Master
Coin Master

How to play

Now that you know the game basics, gathered down below, you're ready to play!

Upgrade your buildings

Complete your village and get a new one

Attack others and steal gold

Become the richest of all!

But if you want to know more, here are some tips and further information on Coin Master. Let's discuss pets, cards, linking your account, and more.

1) Pets

We mentioned before that pets are your allies, and they will help you attack and rob other villages! Pets can greatly increase the number of coins you earn by attacking or stealing. But that's not the only mission they serve: some also defend your town from attacks.

Pets are unlocked from village 4 onwards. In the pets section, you will be able to feed them and give them experience potions to level them up. Make sure they don't fall asleep by feeding them, or you'll find yourself alone in the adventure.

These are the pets available:

Fox: Increases coins in village robberies.

Tiger: Increases coins when attacking villages.

Rhinoceros: Increases the defense against attacks on your village. 

2) Cards

Coin Master cards belong to a series of card collections that give players access to very special rewards. There is a wide variety of card collections. Each card collection is made up of 9 cards, each with a rank between 1 and 5 stars. The more stars, the rarer, and thus the more difficult to obtain.

These are some of the rewards you can get after completing a card collection in Coin Master:

500 runs

1.500 runs

5.000 runs

10.000 runs

Pet food dishes


One of the main methods to get cards in Coin Master is through chests.

By robbing villages: There are some occasions where when you dig in a hole a chest appears instead of coins.

Tournaments and special events: At the beginning of each special event Coin Master usually gives away a couple of chests with cards, pet snacks, rolls, and some other surprises.

Buying in the store.

A friend can send you a duplicate!

3) Link your Account to Facebook

You can link the game to your Facebook account. This way, you will share your achievements with friends and even make new ones (you can send a friend request to those you meet in the game if they also have a linked account).

This step is not mandatory, but there are three main advantages to it:

1. You can win free spins if you invite your friends.

2. You can create a community of friends on Facebook, where you will get to know the best ways to build your villages or even exchange cards, rolls, and more.

3. You can save your records to avoid losing your progress.

4) Do You Need to Pay In-Game?

There are in-game purchases like more energy, coins, chests, etc. You're the one who decides whether to spend money or not to accelerate the progress. But don't worry, it's not mandatory!

Coin Master is an addictive, fun game you probably won't be able to put down. If you are already a player, feel free to share your experience with the app so others can adventure in this game!




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