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WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards

WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards
WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards
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WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards is a tight, fully-featured mobile card game featuring all of your favorite wrestling stars. Build a stable of elite wrestling talent, steal the show with ring entrances and unique animations, and use support cards featuring WWE staples like chairs to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Mobile card games combine the best features of CCGs and modern digital games. Just like with physical collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering, you can build up a collection of neat cards and make custom decks around your favorite themes. Since they're played on mobile devices, however, you don't have to keep track of complex rules or even look for opponents to play against. Instead, you can play against the computer or battle your friends from anywhere in the world, all while enjoying special animations for your cards that really bring the action to the next level.

WWE Super Card - Battle Cards is one of the best mobile card games on the market. This highly polished, well-supported mobile CCG is based around legendary WWE wrestlers like John Cena, Xavier Woods, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and Triple H. WWE Super Card allows you to use all of your favorite wrestlers from every era to do battle and even uses their rookie periods and unlucky streaks as a way to provide more alternate versions of cards at different rarities, making the game a great way to reminisce for wrestling fans and an amazing launchpad for casual enthusiasts to learn more about the sport.

WWE Super Card - Battle Cards has been around since 2014. As a freemium game, it's received constant support and updates during this time period, meaning it's practically overflowing with cards and game modes right now. With over 8 seasons of content, there are lots of tiers of play, a huge number of game modes, and features like tournaments, fusion cards, and events. This means that it's basically impossible to run out of things to do in this game, especially as a new player.

Like many other mobile games, WWE Super Card is free-to-play with microtransactions. While it's tempting to spend some real cash and get all of the cards you want right out of the gate, this is hardly necessary to enjoy the game. The game is quite rewarding with cards, especially at first, and you'll quickly progress through the game's tiers and render your snazzy new cards obsolete - at least until you hit the current season of content. Just like with other freemium games, it's best to take this one slow, accept that you won't have everything, and focus on having fun within a modest budget.

The basic gameplay of WWE Super Card is simple. Pick an event, choose your opponent, and match your favorite wrestlers against the wrestlers they field. Your goal is to match your stats up to each of your opponents' stars in a way that gives you some power reserved for their heavy hitters at the end. You don't always know which card your opponent picked, so there's a lot of guessing and strategy involved. Each event gives you a limited number of support cards, giving you the ability to take your foes down a peg with chairs, special events, and more. As each match plays out, the game gives you a great dose of authentic WWE flavor, from ring entrances to music and animations. 

Overall, the level of polish and content in WWE Super Card makes it a great CCG to get into, even if you're not a huge wrestling fan. It's got a big, active fanbase, and many modes to choose from, ensuring that you'll never run out of things to do.


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WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards
WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards
WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards
WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards

How to play

WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards is a collectible card game that allows you to purchase cards for real money. While it can be tempting to do this, it's a good idea to set a strict budget and to ensure that you know how the game's tiering system works. As you make a more powerful ranked deck, you'll have access to better cards, meaning that spending a lot of money early on in the game might not translate into lots of power weeks or months later. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't spend at all, but rather that you should do so strategically and patiently.

If you're trying to advance in WWE SuperCard as a free-to-play player, the best thing to do is to be patient and play efficiently. Spending a few minutes each day on login rewards, events, and team battlegrounds will net you a lot of rewards that you can use to build a better ranked deck. As mentioned above, your ranked deck plays a big role in gating the rest of your rewards, so this daily routine will ensure that you progress through the tiers quickly and efficiently.

Speaking of getting powerful cards, the fusion chamber is a great way to generate a steady supply of high-tier wrestlers for your stable. As you get stronger and stronger in-game, the fusion chamber will take longer and longer to make new wrestlers. This means that you should take a bit of time to research how it works and make sure that you've always got a fusion going. The less downtime on your chamber, the better your cards will be.

Making cards Pro is a great way to really boost their power level. Doing this correctly will have an even bigger boost. To get a Perfect Pro, pair two wrestlers who are max level and have the EXACT same stats. Getting this all set up can take some work, but it's totally worth it in the end. These Perfect Pros have higher base stats than normal Pro Wrestlers, making them ideal combatants in the ring of battle.

Teams are one of the best ways to earn cards as a newer player, so it's extra important that you join an active one. Poke around on social media to find a group that plays the game and leverage your teammates for modes like Team Ring Domination, Team Stomping Grounds, and Team Battleground. The rewards from these game modes are a perfect way to boost your stable.

Finally, don't be afraid to dust cards that you don't use. Turning cards into dust is important because it allows you to get Exclusive Draft Picks, which award you high-quality wrestlers. In addition, you can only hold 400 cards, so you'll run out of space eventually. Dusting bad cards periodically ensures you won't accidentally run into this limit when you're not paying attention.

Are you a WWE SuperCard - Battle Cards master? Who are your favorite wrestlers? Tell us about your deck, the best support cards, and any tips we missed in the comments below!




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