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Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game

Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game
Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game
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It is an addictive sports game with 3D graphics that allow you to play tennis with people online and your friends. You may think the game has simple control when you play it for the first time. When you go to the higher levels and play with the masters, you will feel it is inaccurate. The game controls look simple but they are hard to master. The person with the power of fast decision-making can win this game. You need to decide the force and the direction when you hit it. You need to look for the ball as it comes to you. If you do not act fast, the opponent will make a score against you. In high-end gameplay, it is difficult to make one point against the opponent.

We love this Tennis Clash: multiplayer game because it has 3D graphics. It is different from most other tennis games. Other games do not look refreshing. This game will show you the real side of tennis with excellent physics and detailed graphics. You will never get bored of this game because it has ten characters that you can unlock. You will play the game more to unlock all these characters. It is hard to unlock the characters at the higher game levels. There are more than 56 game items. You can unlock these using the game cards. You can collect cards by winning the games. You will get cards from the gift bags. You can use them to unlock items. Unlocking all the items will take years. You can do it faster if you master the game controls. It is hard to master them because you need to think and act fast.

You can connect the game with your Facebook. You can invite your friends to play the game with you. If some of your friends are playing this game already, they will appear on the list. You can ask them to play with you online. You and your friends can enjoy the game of tennis whenever you want. The game has online arenas around the world. You can go to some of these arenas to play against the masters. Some arenas have low stakes. You can play the game when you are at a low level. Some arenas will only allow you to enter when you reach a higher level.

The game also has special tournaments to test the skills online. You can enter one of the tournaments to show your skills. There are thousands of people playing this game online. Some are fans of the game and made a community of thousands of gamers. You can post your victory when you win a tournament. You can get many fans on social media. Playing this game is one of the ways to become famous on social media platforms. The game is different because it allows you to select a character to play with. Most other games will give you a generic character as you have no choice in character selection. The game will give you many characters with special abilities.


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Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game
Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game
Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game
Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game
Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game

How to play

The game will present a colorful loading screen after you start it for the first time. The game will take you to the gameplay tutorial before showing the menu. You can press the screen to start the tutorial. You need to score 1000 points in the first game to win. The game will show you how to hit the ball by showing a hand on the screen. You can follow the hand movement to hit the ball. You will get a guideline to hit the ball. The game allows you to adjust the force and the direction of your hit. If you want to hit with more force you can slide your finger to the lower side of the screen. You can hit the ball with slow force when you do not slide the finger more to the lower side. You can hit the ball in any direction. It is possible when you slide your finger towards the left or right side. To hit the ball on the left side, you need to slide the finger to the right. You need to slide the finger towards the left side when you want the ball to go on the right side.

The game will allow you to practice the hits. You need to target the areas on the other side with more points. Areas near the net and on the far side of the court have 150 points. The center has 40 points. You can hit the ball to get 1000 points. You will get no points if the ball goes out of the court. This tutorial aims to train your senses to play the game as you hit four strong shots to clear the second game level. You can hit strong shots when you swipe your finger in the ball direction faster. 

You can play against your couch for the first time after your training. You need to get more points than your couch. Once you win the game, you will get 500 game coins. The game will also give you a bag gift. You can open it to win rewards. You can get coins and game items from this bag. You can collect gems in the game also. You can get them from the gift bags. You can also unlock different rackets in the game to play. Some of them allow you to hit accurately. Some have more force in them. You need to select wisely based on the game opponent. 

You can go to the main menu to play the game. The game will take you to a new screen where it will choose an opponent for you. You will get the same level opponent in the game. You can play with him till the game time ends. The person who makes more points will win the game. The game will give coins to the winner once you win the game. It will also ask for your name to keep in the record. You can also make a game account to save your progress.

You are welcome to share your game experience in the comment section below. It will help other people like this game.



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