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Slithering All-Around

Being a Snake player never have been so addictive as before. Even in the “Nokia” days when the first cellphones arrived, the new changes make it addictive. Indeed, if you by any chance played the original Snake app, the core gameplay remains the same. 

Overall, you’re in control of one snake that travels inside a box where you cannot touch the borders. At the same time, when you eat fruit, the body increases its size and it becomes difficult to control. The game turns challenging when you have less room to maneuver and you need to reach the next meal.

Nowadays, things turn into something better and fun to play. This time around, your snake is trapped with other animals of the same kind. Moreover, if by any chance you touch another player with your head, you automatically lose the match. Therefore, you’re constantly in a battle where the biggest snake leads the board.

Snake IO

Unlike many video games out there, you can play Snake IO competitively right away. In other words, you don’t need to go through many tutorial hours or learn the multiple gameplay mechanics. Indeed, you only need to run the game and you’ll figure things out in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to this easily-to-learn focus from the developers, any type of player is always welcome. Indeed, the distinction between veterans and new players is minimal. Additionally, anyone can lose the round with a single mistake. Still, though, you can jump in right away and try for another session.

At the moment, you can find Snake IO in places like:

Website Version

Probably the least troublesome and “easy to access” version of the game. The only requirements are to open your favorite Internet browser and load the Snake IO website. Afterward, you’ll only need to press the “Play” button and begin your in-game playing session.

Above all, depending on your Internet speed and computer, the game might take a while to load. When everything is ready, you’ll get the chance to try your luck right away. Moreover, you can customize your experience by changing your account’s name or the snake’s skin.

Mobile Version

Even though it requires a few more steps, there’s nothing out of the ordinary. You’ll need to access the app store of your device and download the game. After a while, run the game from your preferred device and start playing.

For the Mobile Version, you’ll see unique features: 

No Ads Version: You can remove the pesky ads from your game for a small fee ($2). After the purchase, all of that nonsense will disappear.

In-Game Store: Obtain multiple snake skins from this part of the app in exchange for a fee. Depending on the skin, you’ll need to use your hard-earned money to unlock the goods.

Since Snake IO comes with flexible gameplay elements, anyone can play the game right away. Therefore, you can challenge your friends to surpass your best score. Keep practicing and aim for the top score in your match. Good Luck!


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How to play

Reach for the Top

Learning a new video game is always a great adventure. After you manage to load the game, you’ll soon discover the gameplay mechanics and the required skills. Therefore, after you master the basic knowledge of the game, the rest becomes easy.

Moreover, the competitiveness skyrockets when you find that Snake IO comes with multiplayer features. From the first game you try, you’ll soon find other players moving around and having fun.

In this article, we’ll give you general tips that will help you in this learning process if you want to try Snake IO.  

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll soon start playing like a pro:

Load the Game: Run your favorite Internet browser (or the app from your device). Gain access to the game by loading the website and wait for it to load. After a few seconds, you’ll get the chance to click on the “Play” button.

Learn the Controls: Depending on your gaming hardware (PC or Mobile), you’ll need to use the proper controller. If you’re loading the game with the assistance of your Internet browser, you can use the Mouse or Keyboard. In contrast, though, when you run Snake IO from your mobile device, you might use the touch screen.

Move Around the Map: Find how your snake moves when you press the controller. Remember that you need to avoid any collition with another snake or the stage’s edges. After a little while, you’ll learn how to maneuver and react when something comes closer.

Keep Feeding: Grabbing “food” is the only way to earn points or grow bigger in Snake IO. In other words, you’ll need to catch the colored dots that appear around the map. When someone loses, the entire body turns into food for the other players. 

Use Your Boost Wisely: There’s another button that lets you increase your speed and move around quickly. At the same time, you’ll lose some points and leave a trail of food behind you. Overall, use this skill if you see someone losing, leaving tons of food tokens for you to grab. Be wary if someone else tries the strategy and tries to move in front of you.

Let Your “Body” Do the Work: The best way to avoid any trouble is to make a 180-degree turn and travel on top of your snake’s body. When you grow more than enough, you can even capture other players and keep them in a tiny space.

Try again: After a couple of tries, you’ll learn how the game works and you’ll soon find it easier to move around. Therefore, you’ll find it easier to reach the top and remain in that place.

Now that you have all the knowledge to become a powerful player, the rest is up to you. Learn from your mistakes and keep that practice going. After a while, you’ll lead the high score and become almost invincible. Best of luck!



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