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Parking Jam 3D
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Parking Jam 3D is a simple but enjoyable puzzle board game where you empty parking lots filled with tons of disorganized, jammed cars. Think sliding block puzzle games, except you're dealing with parked cars as your puzzle blocks! With Parking Jam 3D, you can learn how to take out the vehicles smoothly and feel the satisfaction of emptying the parking lot successfully.

So, are you ready to take puzzle-solving skills to the test with this unique puzzle game? 

Parking Jam 3D is a unique puzzle board game that also serves as a vehicle parking simulation game. 

Alleviate your stress with this simple but addictive puzzle board game Whether you need a fun puzzle game to play during your free time or are looking for a creative puzzle game, Parking Jam 3D is here to wonderfully satisfy you. After all, this game is all about getting cars out of the parking area. And even if you bump into other vehicles during the jam, there's no need to file a claim or pay for any repairs.

 this game is an excellent choice if you ever need to de-stress while you sharpen your thinking skills. But don't let its playful designs and bright color schemes fool you. Besides, the game gets more complex as the levels increase!

Solve chaotic parking jams by skillfully unblocking them 

Parking jam 3D consists of different levels and maps filled with varying parking jam situations. To solve these chaotic parking jams, you will have to skillfully unblock them by taking out the cars one by one. As previously stated, the levels get more challenging as you go up. So, make sure to prepare your critical thinking skills as you play this refreshing puzzle game.

As you take out the parked cars one by one, you will also have to be mindful of other parked cars and passersby in the parking area. And whatever you do, don't ever hit the powerful granny with your cars. Besides, you don't want to anger her at all, or you'll lose the game!

Obtain money to buy skins, cars, and scenes You can earn money in the game by successfully finishing various levels and collecting rent from your rental buildings. And after completing a particular number of levels and getting sufficient coins, you can unlock a wide variety of skins, cars, and scenes for a much more enjoyable game experience.

With various skins, cars, and scenes to choose from, you can greatly customize your puzzle game experience to your liking. In Parking Jam 3D, you can go ahead and pick from cool car designs to eccentric vehicle skins. With over 250 levels to accomplish and various properties you can build, you'll surely earn tons of money for these fantastic in-game items!


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Parking Jam 3D
Parking Jam 3D
Parking Jam 3D
Parking Jam 3D
Parking Jam 3D

How to play

Again, Parking Jam 3D works similarly to the sliding block puzzle game. Do you want to know how you can become a professional Parking Jam 3D player?

You need to carefully slide cars to solve parking jams

To solve the parking congestion in the game's bustling parking spaces, you need to get the cars out by sliding them one by one. Although you will bump into different cars and obstacles, you still need to take them out carefully to have a smooth unparking experience.

Of course, as the levels increase, you will have to take out more clogged cars. And as you reach higher, more difficult levels, you'll also have to deal with more complex blocked parking situations. The key here is to figure out which car to slide first so you can smoothly unblock the overloaded cars. Once you've played this puzzle board game, get ready to rack your brains!

Avoid hitting grandmas when you get the cars out

In addition to avoiding cars crashing into each other, you'll also want to avoid hitting other passersby with your car in the parking lot. In some levels, you'll eventually encounter the powerful and cranky Nanny. Despite her small stature and age, she is a rather powerful presence.

If you ever hit the grandmother while pulling out of the parking lot, she will get angry and flip the car out of rage. When this happens, you lose the level and your progress! Therefore, you need to avoid hitting the grandmother while dealing with the blocked car. Otherwise, the beast inside her will appear and she will angrily throw away the cars that hit her.

Design your puzzle board with different cars, skins and scenes 

Are the casual car designs and other game elements boring you a bit? You can always change it up by selecting unlockable in-game items. As mentioned above, you can buy different cars, skins and scenes to design your puzzle board as you wish. While you can purchase these items with in-game money, other in-game collectibles will be unlocked after completing a specified number of levels.

Complete levels in the game and build rental buildings to collect money 

One of the main ways to collect money in Parking Jam 3D is to complete several levels in the game. There are many levels to play and you can indeed collect enough money to buy your favorite collectibles in the game. Fortunately, completing levels is not the only way to earn money in this game.

There are also many rental buildings that you can build to generate passive income and earn more money to unlock in-game items in Parking Jam 3D. All you have to do is buy these buildings and upgrade them until they are fully upgraded. Fully upgraded rental facilities will generate more money, so you definitely want to build these buildings as soon as possible.

All in all, Parking Jam 3D is a great puzzle board game with a unique concept. You can choose to play this game to pass the time, or turn your critical thinking skills up a notch. Whatever your choice, Parking Jam 3D is guaranteed to provide an enjoyable puzzle solving experience for everyone with puzzle experience.

Anyway, are you already a player of this addictive and unique puzzle game? Please share some tips so that new players can become non-parking experts in Parking Jam 3D!



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