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Five Nights At Freddy's 3

Five Nights At Freddy's 3
Five Nights At Freddy's 3
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 "Childhood Nightmares should remain in the past."

The interesting legend that circulated after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza shop got shut down and kept everyone on their toes. After its closure, the events were nothing short of a compelling rumor and everyone's favorite childhood memory. But the real owners of this pizza place wanted to open up this legend again to make the experience as comfortable as possible for sponsors. The pizza shop gets reopened.

Now, they are trying everything to make all this legend come to the surface for other people. All this is not to let any history become dead and gone. Indeed, a great discovery is going to be made. 

Once you start the game, a message appears telling you about your tasks as an employee. You have to wait for the shop to be closed before performing whatever has been instructed. The dark and lonely environment of the whole game will have you running for your life. Dead characters roam around the restaurant to look for any human beings they can hunt. Running away is not an option. You must have to save your life by fighting with those creatures to get to higher levels.


You must trap Stringstops and avoid jumpscares from animatronics to get to the right place. Killing the purple guy and freeing children's souls is the actual task.


After finishing up every level, you will get achievements that will help you further in the game. Nightmare Mode and Aggressive Nightmare are the hardest achievements to earn.

The one playing the game is the newly hired guy at the mysterious and eerie restaurant. The system should be all set with three important things, the camera, audio, and the vents. Sealing off the vents and avoiding jumpscares from the animatronics is something that will make you progress through the game. The cameras will help you see you inside the rooms and the audio will help you trap the Straingtraps. The player will also see some animatronics that will not exist but will try to mess up the situation to distract the player from the task. 

The attraction doesn't open up for 5 more days, and it's kind of strange that you had to be there at night. You have to work from midnight until sunrise, and during this period, you will come across several strange things. By clicking on the cameras, you will see what's happening in the rooms. Looking for an animatronic room, you will hear children's laughter once you play the audio; this will lure the Stringtrap to go to that room, but you have to be quick enough to close the vent before he gets out. 

You will get jumpscares, sometimes the camera or audio will fail you, and at times you will not have a direction of things, but you have to keep an eye for all the possible animatronics to get to the end. The game will be over once all the kids are free!


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Five Nights At Freddy's 3
Five Nights At Freddy's 3
Five Nights At Freddy's 3
Five Nights At Freddy's 3
Five Nights At Freddy's 3

How to play

This game starts with your Night 1 in the Pizza shop. Night 1 is relatively easy to pass, and before you know it, you will be on Night 2. The reason for your easy survival on the 1st night is because the Stringtraps do not come out during that night, and you get a big chance to get familiar with the area in the game.

Night 2 is where the real gameplay starts. This is the night where you have to fight back with animatronics like Stringtraps to get to the next level(aka another night). Now, it is where you must know the techniques and tricks to fight them off. You are going to keep them away from you by distracting them from the cameras by using the audio. The cameras have to be 7,8, or 9. If he is in camera 8, you have to play audio in that camera, and if he is in camera 9, the audio has to be played in camera 9. The Stringtraps will come back to wherever they will hear the audio from. 

Another thing to remember is to seal the vent where Stringtrap is. The camera cannot be functional during this. You must walk cautiously to close the vents using the buttons in the game. After successfully trapping Stringtrap, you will have your achievement.

Night 3 will be the same but a bit harder. You have to move quickly to trap the Stringtrap by closing the vent. Suppose he follows the same pattern and is in the camera 7,8 and 9, then well and good. But if it isn't the case, you have to find him and close him up. You also have to fight shadow animatronics, so they don't let you waver while trapping the Stringtrap. After that, you will get your achievement.

As the levels go up, the game gets harder. The game pattern will remain the same, but things will be harder than on previous nights. But if you remain steadfast in your game, you can easily end night 4 with another achievement. 

Night 5 may take you a couple of tries to complete. After you successfully trap the Stringtrap in the vent, you will get hold of the crying child and lock the purple guy into a suit. After the achievement is unlocked, the ending will start.

Now, the game's true ending will start once the bad ending is over. This is where you have to show all your potential. It will also progress through 6 nights. On these nights, you have to fight off animatronics and lock the Stringtraps. Night 6 will be the final night, and you have to be extra cautious. Your achievements will help you walk through this game like a pro. 

The hardest achievements you have to get at the end of the game are Nightmare Mode and Aggressive Nightmare. They are tough to get, and it will take a lot of time to end the night 6. 

Everything will go back to normal after the game is over.



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