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Crossy Road
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Are you ready to know the answer to the golden joke: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Crossy Road is a chill and time-killer type of game where you simply need to cross the roads with your chicken. The co-founder of this game that garnered over 10M downloads is Matt Hall, a simple video game developer who wanted to create a game that would make a dull day much better.

Ever since the game was created last 2014, it has made drastic changes in virtual games. Because who would've thought that pixelated games would still be trending in the generation where high-quality graphics matter, among others? This very simple yet challenging game entertains over 200 million players all around the world.

The Goal of The Game

The goal of the Crossy Road game is to maneuver a character as far as possible across an unending course of stationary and moving obstacles without dying. The game is played on a smartphone device. By default, your player is a chicken that must traverse a succession of significant streets, waterways, and active railway lines.

However, there are plenty of certain other characters to choose from, and based on which figure you choose, the world around you changes as well, with the obstacles changing. For instance, when you play as an Explorer, the setting is space, and also, the dangers are asteroids, which you must avoid.

The Theme of The Game

It is possible to classify the Crossy Road game as a simple adventure, specifically a move-to-survive game, because it shares a similar principle to certain other well-known video games such as Pacman, Frogger, and Freeway. While other games in the labyrinth genre use a closed environment, Crossy Road offers an open environment in which all you have to do is move and dodge the obstacles.

It is an enjoyable and entertaining time-killer game that will brighten up your otherwise dreary days. Perfect for vacations and holidays, or even for those times when you just want to unwind and relax a little bit more often.

The Main Mechanics of the Game

The mechanics of this Crossy Road game are really straightforward. All that is to do is avoid and survive through all of the obstacles you may encounter. It's important to understand that this game has several types of failure. There are many ways to die, including drowning in the water streams, being captured by the sneaky hawk, or being hit by cars, trains, and other vehicles.

If you play with different characters, the settings and obstacles will alter, as should be expected. The principle of the challenges, on the other hand, is essentially the same. Just make sure that you are alive for the longest amount of time that you can.

Main Features of the Game

1. Over 150 Pop Art Options for Retro-Inspired Characters

2. Endless Hop Towards Train Tracks, Cross Roads, and Streams

3. Innovative Yet Simple Game

4. Free to Play


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Crossy Road
Crossy Road
Crossy Road
Crossy Road
Crossy Road

How to play

Knowing how to play Crossy Road is more than just knowing how to operate the controls. Even though it appears to be a simple game, you will still require some abilities and familiarity with the game. Perhaps playing Crossy Roads for approximately 30 minutes can be sufficient to become familiar with the environment and develop your own methods in the face of difficulties. Nonetheless, may these guidelines be of assistance in navigating your thorny path.

Tip 1: Know the Basics

As we have already given a comprehensive view of the game, all you have to do to get started in Crossy Road is to know the basics. For the most part, just learn how to control your chicken. For instance, tapping the screen will automatically move your character forward; Swiping left will make your character go left; Swiping right will make your character go right; Lastly, swiping down will make the character go down. Upon knowing this and the mechanics, you'll be in control of the game.

Tip 2: Take the Hints

How to play Crossy Road depends on the surroundings that are not just there just for display and appearance. It may also give you certain hints that you need to take a look at to survive longer. For instance, if you see a red light when you are at the train track, the next one that will come is a bell sound. From that on, you'll know that a train is coming. Don't stay in a certain position for long as a sly hawk is always on the look for you. However, when you see a blue signal light, you should stop for a while because it's the same warning as the train track, but it's a police vehicle that will pass by.

Tip 3: Earn Coins

There are specific ways for you to earn some coins in Crossy road, may it be from getting a free gift, watching an advertisement, or getting the coins ad you play. The important part is that you should know how you can use this coin for a better gaming experience. For instance, you can use the coin to get a brand new character from a gumball machine. The game does not make it hard for a player to get a character. In fact, you can immediately get up to 10 characters just by playing for a day.

Tip 4: Take Advantage of Screen Recording to Assess Your Gameplay

Of course, if you really want to be a pro with your chicken, you'll want to record your sessions on your screen. You'll find it near the bottom right of your home screen, if you look closely. As a result, once you begin recording from the beginning of your game to the end of the game, you will have the luxury of evaluating it thoroughly. When it comes to any sort of player, this works like magic because reviewing your games will offer you an indication of how you are progressing, including even your smallest faults.

If you have recently installed or are currently playing Crossy Roads, you can give some insights about the game. Simply convey your reflections in the comment section and let other players know your ideas!




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