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Township is a popular simulation game that offers a unique mix of crop farming and town building. You can get it on any Android or iOS mobile gadget.

This game encourages the building of towns and farms. You can use your income to purchase new materials to improve your city by selling your harvested crops. You will learn and develop many things in this simulation game, including your multitasking skills, hard work, and responsibility.

Township is a free game app. But you need to connect it to the internet to play. Moreover, its free version is run by ads. On the other hand, if you want to play the game without the annoying ads, Township offers in-app purchases with a starting rate of 0.99 US Dollars.

Doing so will help you maximize your time building your town and harvesting and selling your crops. Aside from that, Township also allows you to trade with other islands. You can use your traded island to build cinemas, restaurants, shops, and other buildings that will add spice and additional flavor to your town.

It is also worth noting that Township also features a mine you can explore. The mine is filled with ancient artifacts and resources you can collect or sell. To make your town and farm look and feel livelier, you can also build your zoo by collecting different animal species across the globe.

Many things make Township one of the best simulation games available for Android and iOS. The game features varying decorations and buildings perfect for creating your desired city. Moreover, it also offers different seeds and crops you can plant and grow. You can process your harvested crops and turn them into new material to earn funds to use for your town improvements.

Each town you will build comes with mines filled with artifacts you can collect and explore. Moreover, you can also look for exotic goods in your traded islands that can be used to expand your farm and town.

Aside from running a zoo, Township also allows you to experience the virtual breeding of animals. This will enable you to create a new animal species you can display and domesticate on your farm.

Another thing that you will love about this simulation game is that it is filled with different famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty you can use as additional decorations for your city. Township also allows you to engage with your Game Center and Facebook friends that you can invite to build a larger town and farm.

It is worth noting that Township is a free simulation game. But other items you can find inside the game are for sale. This means that you need to invest real money to buy those items for the benefit of your community. On the other hand, you can disable this option by navigating its Restrictions Menu.


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How to play

The game starts in an essential town with some pre-plowed land you can use to plant seeds and grow crops. If you are new in the game and don't have enough funds to purchase other products, you can start planting wheat. But you can grow sugar cane, cotton, and other staples as your journey in the town go in.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given ten plots. You can have additional plots as your town's population grows. To grow your town, you need to have better management strategies to keep the high happiness level of your population.

One way to keep your citizens satisfied is by adding different types of buildings and new decorations or attractions to your community. Once you convince them to live in your town, you will start building new houses.

Aside from that, you can also process and sell your harvested crops, but you can also choose to sell them raw. For example, you can process your harvested wheat into flour and ship them to your bakery to convert into bread.

You can generate more income by processing your crops than by selling them raw. For example, you can earn more profits by selling eight loaves of bread instead of selling eight kilograms of wheat.

As your income increases, you can use it to purchase new decorations and attractions, which will help you to grow your town faster. Moreover, you can also use your fund to build new factories to help you expand your town size.

It is also worth noting that you1 need to pay the Township "no friends" tax according to the number of new buildings you have added to your town. You can build a factory designed to produce tools, equipment, and materials necessary to create new structures.

If you lack resources and your factory can't produce enough materials, including concrete slabs and girders, you can trade something with your friend. On the other hand, you can also use your money to buy these resources.

Even though these resources are available at a reasonable rate, it is best to purchase these materials during the game's early stages. It is also essential to have friends playing the game to avoid expensive propositions over time.

Township is undoubtedly one of the most solid simulation games that offer satisfying visuals, professionally-designed quests, and innovative tools and equipment. Although this game does not feature 3D effects, it has eye-friendly and bright gameplay that will give you a better gaming experience.

Township is a free game you can play alone or with friends. But we recommend you play it with your Facebook friends to have better engagement. After all, it is more enjoyable to play with someone than to play alone.

Township is a simulation game designed to give you a hands-on experience in farming and town building. It is packed with innovative features that will provide you with an outstanding gaming experience. You can expand your town by building new houses and inviting new people to hop into your community. You can do this by adding new attractions and decorations to your village.

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