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Prodigy Math Game
Prodigy Math Game
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It is an adventure-filled math game that helps you learn math while playing games with your friends and embarking on addictive quests. The game let you create a new character with a customizable look. You can take your character for quests, battles, and pet rescue in this game. Every level tests your math skills and helps you learn more. You will start the game from level one. You need to work hard and learn more math to reach the higher level as the game has more than 100 levels.

We love this game because it provides an interactive way to learn math. The game keeps students engaged in the game missions. They learn many concepts of math without feeling bored. It helps each student differently. If a kid is weak at math, the game will give easy tasks. The game will increase the difficulty level fast when the child is a fast learner. The developers have used teaching methods from the latest research. Most parents and teachers recommend this game to the kids because it aids the learning process of the school curriculum. This game takes guidelines from the latest curriculum in the top schools.

There is a pet rescue section to involve the kids in the learning process. Most kids like to keep pets. As they cannot care for them, parents do not allow them to have a pet. They can rescue a pet from the game by answering simple math questions. Kids can show these pets to their friends. Kids have to fight some bosses also. Bosses will present difficult math questions. It will challenge the kids to work on their math skills. The allows you to play with your friends. You can face the monsters together. The game will present questions to you and your friends to initiate the attacks. You can also explore an interactive world in the game and participate in seasonal festivals. Festivals can help you win rare game items.

You can get the game without paying any money. You can play the game also without paying any money. There is no cost for the home mode even at the advanced level. The school mode has limited items. You need to buy the premium prodigy math game package to play the full school version. Some parents complain that the game has fewer parts of math and more monsters. As the game developer focused on making this game fun, they added the sections accordingly.

Most parents claim that children of seven and above can understand the game concepts. Kids have to complete the levels by acquiring spells. Solving the math questions is the only way to get a spell in this game. You cannot play the game without logging in to the system. If you do not have an account, you can use a google account for direct game access. Once you allow access to your google account, the game will create details for you. You can go into the game to answer the math question to get battle rewards.


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Prodigy Math Game
Prodigy Math Game
Prodigy Math Game
Prodigy Math Game
Prodigy Math Game

How to play

This game has an attractive way to teach math as it hooks you to the game from the first battle. You will feel more connected with the game because you can customize your character. Games that can teach you math while playing are rare.

First View

The game is full of vibrant colors and characters. You will get an option to enter the school or the home. All the parts of the home are free to play. There are some limitations in the school section. The school has some locked zones and limited items.

Home section

This section is more diverse as you can get daily prizes. You can customize your character in this game with exclusive items. You can also play this mode free of cost. You can enter this section by giving class code or class details. It will take you to the character selection page.

School section

You need to enter the class code. The teachers should gather the class codes for the kids as it will be easy for kids. You can also choose "do not have a code" to give your details. You need to add your country and class detail to enter the game. You will go to the step of choosing a character after that.

Character selection

You need to choose the gender of your character first. You can customize your character by selecting the eye color, hairstyle, hair color, and skin color. Once your character is ready, you can click next. Each of these parameters has six options. It is possible to make your character resemble you also.

World selection

This game has different worlds to choose from a list of six. It is better to discuss it with your friends before selection. You can play in the same world with your friends.

Wizard Name

Your wizard will wake you in the game for the first day in the academy. You can name your wizard in the game. When you choose the first character, the game will give you a list of names. You can select one of these names.

First level

You will face another wizard on the first level. You can choose one from the list of four spells as the game will ask you to cast a spell. You have to answer a simple math question to cast the spell. The game may ask you to add some digits. It can also ask you the position of x in the list of zeros. You need to cast more spells from the list to drain the monster's energy. It may take more than three spells to beat it.

Higher levels

You will face more monsters on the higher levels. You can beat those monsters by upgrading your spells. When you go to the higher levels, you will get hard math questions from the game. You may have to use your mind and learn to beat high-level monsters.

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